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Weather Modification?
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The day after posts initiating this thread the contrails were gone from Yakima, WA and the temperatures were back to their normal range and no clouds of any kind were visible. A day later the permanent contrails were back and the day after that back with a vengeance.
Yesterday, I took my daughter on the bike trail along the Naches River where from the center of the valley I could see vast expanses of sky. Throughout the day I observed many contrails in the sky, and from #:00 p.m. to six p.m. I was able to make quantitative observations, counting 12 to 16 separate contrails always in the sky at one time--new ones replacing those that had 'spindrifted' into permanent cirrus cloud or moved off to the north-east. I counted 16 contrails at one time (not counting many long clouds with distinct edges that I am sure began as contrails.) As these spread out (like Venetian blinds being closed and blended (spindrift), the familiar white sheeting of Cirrus cloud slowly took shape. The rate and density of contrailing over Yakima continued all day and into the night as far as I could tell from my periodic quick samplings before and after my intensive observation period. (Anyone who wants to see this can give me a call, I am in the book--free to any journalist or weather/climate expert who takes me up on it.)
While this has been going on over the skies of Eastern Washington record-breaking temperatures have been obtaining across California, Nevada and Arizona. Las Vegas recorded temperatures of 107 deg. F. one degree over the previous record.
Yakima, Washington - Here the temperature has been unseasonably cool and here cirrus clouds are being seeded/created by a large fleet of stratospheric jet plans owned by some group with an enormous budget.
San Francisco, where there is currently a record heat wave topping 93 degrees, passing the record set in 1886 of 86 degrees. Normal temperature for May: 58 degrees F. Max. Normal high for July: 72 deg. F. Highest ever 106 deg.
Sacramento, the inland capital of California is also experiencing record heat, topping 109 deg. F.
In California the heat wave has overloaded the state's power grid, prompting utility regulators to declare an emergency Monday. Business are shutting down and the Sierra's are experiencing summer-like melts.
Back in the 1960's weather books describe how clouds were being manufactured by seeding the air with silver iodide crystals.
It is also well know that Cirrus clouds, while themselves very cold at 40,000 feet, are correlated (as precursors-- --functionally related as a controlling variable?--of warm weather.
Again I remind readers that Yakima cumulus clouds are normally all we get at this time of year, clouds formed as they moist air from the coast, forced upward by the Cascades condenses and then float over the desert country that is Eastern Washington.
It is clear that the contrails are being made on a massive scale; that the project and the agencies are secret; that the media is not interested in even considering the question (although I understand the internet has been reporting curious 'crisscrossing' contrail activity for years--I have observed this phenomenon for more than two years.
Here are recent disasters involving Hurricanes, Typhoons, Blizzards, other storms with the number of deaths involved in parenthesis (I make no claims about the origins of these disasters, but I offer other minds the opportunity to see if they can discriminate any pattern or anomaly in this information:
1992 Aug. 24-26 H. Andrew, southern Fla., La (14) 1993 Mar. 13-14 Blizzard eastern U.S. (200) 1993 June Monsoon, Bangladesh (2000) 1994, Nov. 8-18 Storm Gordon, Caribbean, Fla. (830) 1995 Sept. 4-6 H. Luis, Caribbean (14) 1995 Sept. 13-22 H. Marilyn, Virgin Is,. Carrib. (13) 1995 Oct. 2-4 H. Opal, S. Mexico, Fla., Ala. (59) 1995 Nov. 2-3 T. Angela, Philippines (600+) 1996 Jan 7-8 Blizzard, northeastern U.S. (100) 1996 July 8-13 H. Bertha, Carib., eastern U.S. (15) 1996, Aug. 22 Blizzard, Himalayas, N. India 1996 Aug. 29 -Sept. 6 H. Francis, Carib., NC, Vir., WV. (28) 1996 Sept. 9 - 10 H. Hortense, Caribbean 1996 Sept. 9 Typhoon Sally, South China (114) 1996 Nov. 6 Cyclone, Andhra Pradesh, India (1,000+) 996 Nov. 24-25 Ice Storms, Tex. and MO (26) 1996 Dec. 25 Tropical Storm, E Malaysia (100+) 1997 May 19 Cyclone, Bangladesh 1997 May 26 Rain storm, Phillipines (29) 1997 July 2 Storms, southeastern MI (16) 1997 Aug. 18 Typhoon, Taiwan (24) 1997 Sept. 27 Cyclone, S. Bangladesh 1997 Oct. 8-10 H. Pauline, SW Mexico (230) 1997 Oct. 13 Cyclone, Tongi, Bangladesh (15+) 1998 Feb. 4-6 Blizzard, KY, WV (10+) 1998 June 9 Cyclone, Gujarat, India (1,320) 1998 Aug. Monsoon, Bangladesh (326) 1998 Sept. 21-23 H. Georges, Caribbean, Fla. Keys, U.S. Gulf Coast 1998 Oct. 27-29 H. Mitch, Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala, El Salvador (10,866 +)
1999 Sept. 4-17 H. Floyd, Bahamas, eastern seaboard, U.S. (69+)
And this partial listing of serious floods caused by heavy rains or sudden thaws (deaths in parenthesis)
1993 July-Aug. Midwest U.S. (48) 1994 July GA, Al (32) 1995 July Hunan Province, China (1,200) 1995 Aug 19 SW Morocco (136) 1995 Dec. 25 KwaZulu Natal, South Africa (166) 1996 Jan. Northeastern U.S. (15+) 1996 Feb. 17 Biak Is., Indonesia (105) 1996 April Afghanistan (100+) 1996 June-July S. China (950+) 1996 Aug. 7 Pyrenees Mts. , Spain (71) 1997 Mar. Ohio River Valley (35) 1997, July Poland, Czech Republic (98) 1997, Israel, Egypt, Jordan (19) 1997 Nov. Spanish-Portugese border (31+) 1997 Nov. Bardera, Somalia (1,300+) 1998 Jan. Kenya (86) 1998 Feb. California to Tijuana Mexico (30+) 1998 Mar. SW Pakistan (300+) 1998 July-Aug. China (4,150) 1998 July 17 Papua New Guinea (3,000) 1998 Aug. 24 S. Texas, Mexico (16) 1999 Aug. 1-4 S. Korea, Phillipines, Vietnam, Thailand (188+) 1999 Sept.-Oct. NE Mexico (350+)
I find no systematic records of droughts in the U.S., but the almanac does record that at least 800 people died in a heat wave in the Midwest and Northeast, July 12 -17.
In 1966 Lyden, F.J. and Shipman, G.A. published their 'Public Policy Issues' raised by weather modification; possible alternative strategies for government action' in Sewell, W.R.D., ed., Human Dimensions of Weather Modification, University of Chicago, Dept. of Geography, Research Paper # 105, pp. 289-303:
Is weather modification a public function, analogous to military protection, postal service, or highway construction? Or is it a private, non-governmental function? If the latter, is it a private function vested with a public interest, as had been determined to be the case, for example, in rail or air transportation? ... Or is weather modification an ordinary,lawful business, subject only to reasonable regulation, as in the manufacture and sale of clothing? This view raises questions about property rights, i.e., who owns the clouds?
I am convinced that the answers to these questions have been answered, answered without the consultation of the public.
As British scientist W. J Maunder commented in his book, The Value of the Weather (London: Methuen & Co. Ltd, 1970)
"At least in the United States weather modification as a public function does not simplify matters, for a considerable amount of private capital has already been invested in cloud seeding enterprises, and any proposal of a governmental monopoly would undoubtedly meet with strong opposition from such investors. Even if these objections could be over- come, additional questions arise, such as should the programme be a Federal governmental operation, or one administered by t the states with co-ordination, and perhaps partial financing, by the Federal government."
I think, Maunder's question has been answered since 1992. I believe that the transnationals affiliated with the PLA's short-term-climate control organization have taken over the responsibility on a "don't ask, don't tell" basis.
Come to Yakima and see for yourself that it is being done. Then ask why this obvious fact is getting the same debunking. And no I am not writing a book, or speaking on radio, or in any way trying to exploit a new ="urban legend." I am scared and angry and disappointed in the rest of you for your lack of outrage and, yes, of curiosity.
Dick Eastman Yakima U.S.A. Every man is responsible to every other man.


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