Mass Chemtrail Spraying
Over Oregon And N. CA -
Many Report Illness
Chemtrails Again And Again And Again ...

From Deborah
Hi Jeff
The sky is absolutely thick with the chemclouds this afternoon. I feel so frustrated and angry. My throat has that rough, irritated feel. I also have a headache but it could be from tension. I told you last week that I had a bloody nose and they were spraying.
I am going to call the television station tonight and try to talk with the weatherman. Just to see if there is a reaction.
Hi Jeff,
I just called Channel 8 News. I talked with 'Jim' at the front desk. I asked for the weatherman, but he was not in. I told Jim about the chemtrails. He had never heard of them. I gave him a brief rundown and then your web page for links to chemtrail stories. He said he would pass the information along. Yeah, right. We'll see.
Hi Jeff,
I just went outside to bring the dogs in. They are flying night missions!!! There are three huge chemtrails to the east. They are putting them down in the areas that have begun to clear out. What is now night blue and clear now won't be in a few hours.
(Note - Several independent confirmations of this came in. Even as darkness settled in, the huge white plumes, from horizon to horizon, were being laid down by N-S flying aircraft. --ed).
(name on file)
I am slow to anger but this is getting to be ridiculous.
Thursday, June 2, two days ago, azure blue skies in the morning...not a blemish of a cloud. A fabulously beautiful morning.
Then came one large jet, around 11am, among the many flying back and forth overhead, coming from the North (Seattle?), and heading South laying down the heavy, white stream behind it. I watched for several minutes as it slowly made its way high overhead down into Northern California and out of sight...leaving its white trail behind it all the way. One big, white plume in an utterly clear blue sky. An hour later, it had turned into a very wide, wispy 'cloud'...but it wasn't a 'cloud.' All the other aircraft were leaving NOTHING behind them.
The spraying then intensified...more and more trails began being laid overhead, and by mid-afternoon, there were now dozens of white lines marking the sky. By about 5 pm, the sky above was nearly completely covered with spray 'cloud' overcast with new trails being left above and through the hazey clouds.
I visited a local tractor dealer and told the salesman to look up. At first he didn't get it, but then he said, "What the heck?? Those aren't contrails." Etc.
Yesterday, Friday, 6-2, same busy overheard air traffic, same blue skies, SAME weather conditions, but not a single trail from a single plane. It was a 'No-Spray' day. Scores (hundreds?) of planes flying North to South and South to North as usual, but not a mark from one of them.
I phoned and left a message for the tractor salesman. "Please tell him it is a 'No-Spray Day' and to go take a look outside." A couple hours later, the man phoned back to say thanks and that he was going to write his Congressman and a Senator immediately.
Today, Saturday, 6-3, same beautiful blue skies and clear weather conditions...and HEAVY spraying all day long right into the darkness. Several different people reported they had been having 'severe allergies' and coughs and eye and sinus trouble for the past couple days. They didn't know what was causing it. Our family has had crusty eyes in the mornings for three days now. There is some discomfort in breathing...a bronchial congestion/constriction. My throat feels raw, irritated and rough...sort of metallic and burning. I feel like I have been poisoned by something. If you've ever sprayed insecticide in your house or yard and breathed it, you'll have an idea of what I am describing.
I pointed out the streaks to my several people again, today. I noticed today spraying is being done over to the West, toward the Pacific ocean which is about a two hour drive. As far as one can see there are long N-S white trails...spreading into thin 'clouds,' and by the time they drift to the East over us they look like 'wispy clouds' and thin overcast...but they aren't 'clouds.'
As you may have seen on the net or in person, when these planes lay out a stream of spray, you'll see 'nodules' forming along the bottom of the spray line. That is apparently the heavier, thicker part of the chemtrail falling faster. As this material falls and hits some lateral wind shear, it is feathered out into clouds, sometimes looking like a garden rake pulling at it. And if the upper winds are capricious, some very unusual and un-cloudlike streaking and patterns occur.
An hour ago, we looked to the west and through one portion of one wispy spray 'cloud' we could see the 'rainbow' effect sometimes reported: clear and intense RED and BLUE and WHITE colors as the suns brightness passed through it. Not a 'rainbow' like you are familiar with but broad, flat color panels-like areas. Not just the hint of color either... major color.
Ten minutes later, the 'cloud' had further dissipated but did NOT evaporate, and the sun angle had changed and the 'rainbow' was gone.
We then saw another one of the many (hundreds?) jetliners flying the regular corridor above, this one northward, and I noted to myself, 'There's one that is not spraying.' Just then, at that very moment, the spraying was turned ON. It looked exactly like an enormous skywriting stream, thick, white, and heavy.
Then, after a few seconds, it shut OFF. And then, after a second or two more, the plane emitted a series of short dots and puffs. Is this the technique used to try to sometimes create smaller 'clouds' and minimize the miles-long straight trails that are so obvious? Or, was the spray equipment malfunctioning...or running out of chemicals? How can other pilots in the area not see these things? Answer: of course they do, they are flying right through them.
Normal contrails of hot water vapor, if they form at all, will last only minutes...not for 6 and 8 hours. This is so blatant as to be absurd. One guess is that some of these are normal commercial planes being used to spray us...and the flight crews haven't a clue their craft are doing it.
I then went to and saw the picture at the left top of the page of the large jetliner with only two engines at the TAIL of the aircraft...but with a solid white chemtrail stream coming right off the entire rear of the main forward wing of the plane...far in FRONT of the engines.
Whatever 'they' are doing is criminal. I've been feeling symptoms for three days now: some difficulty breathing, crusty eyes in the morning, blood when noses are blown, coughs, and so on. There is a chemical taste in my throat that is NOT normal. By any measure, this is an outrage. I wonder how many thousands have had to go to a doctor, miss work, or even go to an emergency room over the past year or so, while this spraying of America has been going on.
It would seem that it is not a 'test' but a deployment of something.
I am angry as hell that Congressional hearings have not begun. Yes, there is some talk but so far, our 'leaders' are doing NOTHING, except selling us out to China, etc. Please post this letter so that others who have reported this in the past will know we in the Northwest are being poisoned again.
From Sardar Khalsa
We are being hit very hard with Chemtrails here in Portland. What I am asking all of you to do is to contact all national and local media and demand that they look into this spraying. Don't take no for an answer. Swamp these news outlets with chemtrail news stories until they do something about this. If they know that lots of people are aware that this is going on they may feel forced to cover the story. Remember that your life and you children's lives are at stake and we deserve an explanation for this attack on America and the world. Your voice does matter! Also call local airbases and demand to know why they are spraying. The goons behind this don't want the whole world knowing what they are doing. Another good tactic is if you are in a public place and notice these chemtrails make a scene by yelling for people to look at the spraying going on. You will be surprised how many people will look up. Once they see this they will be aware and looking all the time. It works! Please help stop this attack on the innocent people. We will not be test subjects for the NWO.
From Sardar Khalsa
Here are chemtrails just behind Mt. Hood. Whats funny is when you contact the news agency that puts these cams up they say they don't see the trails.
link to photo
(Note - we checked this live cam shot and there were indeed chemtrails in the sky)
From Jim
(Southern Oregon)
Starnge, I've been sneezing and stuffy the last two days. At first, I figured it was the season, not living up here before. What do you know?
Whats is being sprayed? Any clues?
From Jerry L. Gardner 6-5-00
Hi Jeff,
I view your site on a regular basis and have been very concerned about the "chemtrail" issue. Having just read one of your readers Emails, I was impressed by a particular observation they made concerning some of the chemtrails. Having been in the flying game, and having observed contrails for years in various parts of the world, and in various atmospheric conditions, (I've even been fortunate enough to have seen the "flying cross" on three different occasions), I just wanted to point out a similar condition as shown in the following statement:
'Name On File' Writer says:
"Then, after a few seconds, it shut OFF. And then, after a second or two more, the plane emitted a series of short dots and puffs. Is this the technique used to try to sometimes create smaller 'clouds' and minimize the miles-long straight trails that are so obvious? Or, was the spray equipment malfunctioning...or running out of chemicals? How can other pilots in the area not see these things? Answer: of course they do, they are flying right through them."
I live near Charlotte International Airport, so it isn't unusual for me to see many inbound and outbound flights, as well as traffic passing over, heading for other major airports.
Saturday, June 3, I was outside working in my yard when I observed an aircraft at altitude, approximately thirty-thousand feet, (not descending or climbing). The strange thing about this is, the "contrails" were intermittent, they appeared as a dotted line, something like Morse code. I have never seen this before. Shortly after this aircraft passed (southwest to northeast), another jet at approximately the same altitude passed in the same direction creating the same pattern of trail(s). This may be absolutely normal, as I can't imagine anything being sprayed at that altitude, although we have dumped fuel (JP) at high altitude.
I do not wish to cause further paranoia concerning the issue of chemtrails, but, I know that contrails are caused by the heat of jet engines exhaust striking the very cold air at high altitude. Given the two degree per thousand foot lapse rate in temp change above sea level, standard day conditions, it would probably be about twenty degrees at thirty-thousand feet on this particular day (06/03/00), plenty cold enough for an unbroken contrail.
Having flown as flight engineer and being familiar with air density as a part of lift/airspeed, etc. I have never encountered changes in air mass at such close intervals. In other words, it seems to me that in order for a contrail to appear and disappear in a matter of a few thousand feet, the air would have to be extremely warm and extremely cold alternately, and at the established altitude. Of course, there could be other answers that I am unaware of, I simply wanted to relate to the writers observations. This is simply an observation, not an accusation, as I have NO facts.
Jerry L. Gardner


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