Mass Media Hyposcrisy
Over Gun Control Regarding
Columbine Shootings
From Ian Williams Goddard

The same major media that bemoan the loss of life when civilians go on shooting sprees (and then run programming advancing "gun control" as a solution), not only don't care when the military machine-guns civilians to death--as they did in Waco--but support ( the cover up of such mass murder. It seems that murder committed by civilians is infinitely more horrible and dangerous than murder committed by the Government.
The bias and spin of the major media clearly exposes a blatant effort to disarm civilians and arm the military, to empower the strong and disempower the weak, to render humanity powerless subjects before their military masters. And the best way to do it is to get civilians to believe that they can only trust those in power to own firearms; which, since power stops corruption and absolute power stops corruption absolutely, makes a lot of sense, right?
Some argue that private firearms ownership has no ability to defend civilians against the Government anyway, so why shouldn't civilians just surrender their firearms to the military state? Private firearms thwarted an assault by 100 Government agents on Waco, and held the Government at bay for 51 days. True, the civilians eventually got killed, but the cost to the military state was great. Armed cattle can be a problem for those who want to dominate the herd, and it seems that the GovtMedia is well aware of this and is doing what it can to disarm all those civilian cattle.
Columbine Propagandists Trample Truth About Firearms Ownership
By Aaron Zelman < Executive Director Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership, Inc. 4-19-00
To mark the April 20 anniversary of the multiple murders at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado, major media and victim disarmament lobbyists have been trying to focus public attention on "gun control" as the solution to violence in America. Wisconsin-based Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership (JPFO) publicly challenged that view today.
"It's shameful how the anti-self defense lobby dances on the graves of dead crime victims to advance their political agenda," said Aaron Zelman, Executive Director of JPFO. "Americans don't hear about the good side of defensive gun ownership. Why don't people dance when well over 5,000 crimes are stopped or prevented by citizens every day?"
Nationally-acclaimed study results by Professor Gary Kleck at Florida State University indicate that firearms are used defensively over 5,400 times each day. "If we assume that only one percent of those defensive uses saves a life, that still amounts to 54 lives saved every day of the year," Zelman observed. "The number of lives saved is probably much higher."
Zelman further pointed out that "none of the newest round of 'gun control' laws will make Americans any safer against criminals. The so-called 'gun safety' requirements, including mandatory trigger locks and electronically-restricted guns, only impair the citizen's ability to use his or her sidearm for self-defense."
"Making it harder for innocent citizens to defend themselves against violent crime is morally wrong," said Zelman. "And most people don't realize that the police have no legal obligation to protect them from crime. When it comes to stopping a violent criminal attack, legally you are on your own."
"Over 80 million firearms owners were peaceful today," Zelman remarked. "Doesn't that fact more typically describe firearms ownership than the criminal acts of two deranged young men at Columbine last year?" he asked. According to a 1993 report by the American Academy of Pediatrics, the average child or teenager witnesses about 27 acts of violence per day on television alone. "That amounts to over 10,000 violent acts per year," Zelman said. "Somebody is making a lot of money overwhelming American children in death and destruction. I don't see much national outrage about that." _____
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