The Continuing Gold
Market Manipulation
By Bill Murphy
Chairman, Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee
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Q. Little Bear is in the 'doghouse'. Which table do you think he'd be under ? A. Gold, of course. But he is hopeful.
The Enveloping Horn Will Advance Under The Cover of Darkness
First Alert: Australia
Many battles have been won throughout history using the element of surprise. As long time members know, the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee has employed the "Enveloping Horn" battle tactic of the great South African Zulu Chieftain warrior, SHAKA!
Tonight, the allied "pro gold" forces will be on the move and will strike at the very heart of our adversaries, those malign "axis" forces that have been manipulating the gold market and not allowing it to rise in price no matter how much wage and commodity prices accelerate in the United States and around the world, and regardless of the fact that the natural supply/demand gold deficit exceeds1500 tonnes per year.
Tomorrow, our center spread, full page open letter to the U.S. Senate and House banking committee members will appear in Roll Call, the most widely read newspaper of the Washington political elite. It is a 4 color open letter addressed to all of these banking members that explains to them the reason why they were handed a 90 page document. The Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee's research strongly suggests it is the machinations of certain government officials and certain bullion banks that have allowed a gold derivative problem to develop that could create an international banking crisis at any time.
This 90 page GATA delegation "Gold Derivative Banking Crisis" document is filled with evidence that supports GATA's case. We only ask the banking committee members in Congress to ask certain questions of the bullion bankers. They can have their answers in weeks and those answers will determine if we are correct or not. No big deal. These same banks report their consumer loan books, their mortgage loan books and their corporate loan books. They brag about the growth of these loans. Yet, they say nothing about their gold loan books or the growth of their gold loans. That is what Frank Veneroso explained to the politicians and economists that the GATA delegation met with in Washington.
All of the Senate and House banking committee members are mentioned in our open letter by name and state. The insinuation is clear. Our delegation has delivered an incendiary document to them with specific questions that they can ask the bullion bankers to find out if we are correct in our assertions. If they do not at least get some answers to those questions, and GATA is correct about a potentially serious international banking crisis, then their future individual political lives should be at peril.
How many times do we have to experience a crisis first and then learn of political committees being formed to investigate who is at fault AFTER that crisis developed? We have suggested to Congress that this time they do their homework BEFORE one develops!
Congressional staffers are underpaid and overworked. That is why we have, and will continue to provide, an exact road map of who to talk to and what to ask, so that they do not get bamboozled by the bullion banking crowd. The GATA delegation and GATA committee are working on these in-depth questions for the banking committees as this commentary is being written to you.
The final 3 paragraphs in our open Roll Call letter to the individually named Senators and House banking committee members reads :
"*Too much gold is being consumed at too cheap a price. Massive amounts of derivatives are being used to suppress the gold price. If this situation is not corrected soon, there will be a gold derivative credit and default crisis of epic proportions that will threaten the solvency of the largest international banks and the world standing of the dollar.
"As you are aware, a 90 page document of our extraordinary findings was personally delivered to your offices last Thursday.
"The Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee requests that a full and complete investigation be launched into this matter as soon as possible. The longer the gold price is artificially held down, the bigger the eventual banking crisis." End.
Since I personally dropped off the document at the staff of all of the banking members, they cannot say that they did not receive "evidentiary" notice of our claims. All of Washington will know that the "banking politicos" have been presented with overwhelming evidence of a significant gold derivative problem. If they do not at least make the effort to follow up on our allegations and a crisis does develop down the road, they will have no one to blame but themselves. You can be sure that is the message that their future political opponents will send to all of THEIR CONSTITUENTS if nothing is done.
So, why the announcement that "allied" GATA forces are on the move?
First, the Roll Call open letter seeps through Washington tomorrow morning. We hope to have some sort of presentation of the open letter for you at the CafÈ and at the web site sometime during the day on Monday. It is a powerful presentation and highlights the burgeoning gold derivative positions of JUST the commercial banks. Hello investment bank Goldman Sachs!
Second, a well known reporter of one of the most respected newspapers in the world, emailed a GATA supporter asking him if I would immediately send a copy of the Roll Call open letter. I have no clue if anything will come out of it. Just in case nothing does, GATA will issue a press release about our recent activities.
Mysteriously third, John Hathaway's brilliant commentary, "J P Morgan To The Rescue," has suddenly disappeared from his own Web site and that of, at which it was recently posted. The Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee has long decried that it is the real big money powers in the United States that are trying to silence the real facts about the gold market and any written commentary of worth that goes against their PROPAGANDA. Is this just one more common sense example that we are right?
I strongly suggest that it is.
The Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee has been told by very informed sources that JP Morgan had no idea until Friday that their derivative book was in the public domain and uncovered by GATA's investigator. It is obvious JP Morgan was very upset to learn about this and got to Tocqueville!
This is further evidence that GATA's contentions are correct. Otherwise, JP Morgan would have just ho hummed the news of their $38 billion dollar derivative gold position at the end of last year!
John Hathaway's "piece de resistance" can now only be read at the Dos Passos Table at www. or the GATA e-group site. I don't care who calls; this insightful commentary will not be politically corrected and taken down from the CafÈ, for any reason. Besides, I have already forwarded John's commentary to two banking committee staff members who have acknowledged receipt of his essay. Whoever wants to silence this wonderful commentary is too late. THE ENVELOPING HORN IS WAY AHEAD OF THEM!
Finally, we have all of YOU to help our ARMY advance with unprecedented speed and precision. Roll Call is published on Mondays and Thursdays. That means it will be on the desks of the Congressmen for several days.
If you like what you read in our open letter, we urge each CafÈ member and every American who believes in "free markets," to contact their Senator or Representative about the Roll Call open letter. JUST ask them to read it and consider what we have to say! Email is great, but a phone call and, even better, a fax, will do the trick more effectively. That is what our allies in Washington told the GATA delegation this past week.
The GATA delegation was received in Washington with more courtesy and attention than any of us believed possible before we arrived at the Capitol. Some of the most influential men in Congress had read our biographies. We were all stunned. Tomorrow morning, the essence of what our team conveyed to those same members of the United States Congress will be revealed to the Washington political world.
The signatures of the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee on the open letter to the banking committee members reads:
Bill Murphy Chairman
Chris Powell Secretary/Treasurer
Ethan B. Stroud Attorney at law, formerly Justice Department, Treasury Department
John R. Feather Attorney at law, formerly legal staff, Federal Reserve Bank
Ethan and John are two of the most highly respected attorneys in Texas and stoutly stand behind what the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee has to say.
Now for the kicker. GATA is not a political organization. We have just as many Democrat supporters as Republicans. The Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee's goal is only out to find out the truth about the gold market and expose the reckless manipulation that we believe is flagrantly occurring. Keep that in mind as you proceed from here on.
At the same time, we KNOW we are in a WAR. To win that war one must understand and appreciate certain dynamics. We have no power and little money, much as the Colonists in 1776 must have felt versus the overbearing British tyrants at the time. The manipulators of the gold market have almost ALL the money, power and influence. WE have only the truth, the internet and many of you inspired supporters that are behind our efforts.
That in mind, it might surprise you that on our visit to Washington we learned that Democrat Congressman, Patrick Kennedy, has launched a RICO type of action against one of the most esteemed Republican leaders in Congress, Tom DeLay - Congressman from Texas. From what the GATA delegation could ascertain, this flagrant political assault is one of extreme provocation. WHY?:
Yesterday's Chicago Tribune story might offer a clue:
By William Neikirk Washington Bureau Chicago Tribune May 13, 2000
WASHINGTON -- In an unexpected blow to Speaker Dennis Hastert's daunting campaign to keep Republicans in charge of the House of Representatives, Rep. Amo Houghton stunned Hastert a little over a month ago with the news he was going to retire.
At 73, Houghton said it was time for him to go.
"I'm the oldest Marine here," he said. "I'm cranky. I forget."
But, he said, the Illinois Republican told him: "You said that if you ever got out, you'd have someone in the wings. You don't. Amo, you can't leave me hanging here. There is too much at stake."
And so Houghton (R-N.Y.) said he reluctantly backed down. "He was right," the congressman said. "If anyone else had said that to me, including [former Speaker] Newt Gingrich, I would not have stayed. He's so decent."
With only a five-seat margin and 23 open seats to defend as the result of other GOP members quitting Congress, Hastert is leaving nothing to chance in a campaign in which a single race could determine which party controls the House next year and whether he keeps his powerful position.
Hastert's job includes talking people like Houghton and Rep. J.C. Watts (R-Okla.) out of retiring, or persuading a former district attorney in Jackson, Miss., Dunne Lampton, to jump into the race against first-term Democratic Rep. Ronnie Shows. It has also included traveling to 100 districts this year and raising nearly $12 million for Republican candidates.
Hastert said that from now until November, he will concentrate on the 40 to 50 truly competitive races.
Since taking control, Hastert has had to endure characterizations such as "the accidental speaker" and "caretaker of the House." Violently disagreeing with depictions of him as weak, Hastert is also on a mission in this race--establishing his own personal legitimacy as Speaker.
Yet in this endeavor, Hastert inspires comparisons with Gingrich, the man who engineered the GOP victory in 1994 and resigned after the 1998 elections narrowed his party's majority. To many Republicans, Hastert's strength is that he is nothing like the fiery visionary Gingrich, who became a favorite target of Democrats.
"Denny doesn't think that fast," said Houghton. "It's an asset. He doesn't dart around like a pea on a hot griddle. He's a thinking politician, not one of those Roman candles."
To Democrats, he is so plain vanilla that they are looking past him and to the holdovers from Gingrich's regime, Majority Leader Dick Armey and Majority Whip Tom DeLay, both Texas Republicans, to brand the party as being out of step with Americans.
Rep. Patrick Kennedy (D-R.I.), the Democrats' chief fund raiser in the House, said Hastert is only in his job at the sufferance of DeLay and Armey, and that DeLay "is still the one running the show." End.
The Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee is not about a political agenda. However, we firmly believe that it is the current Democratic administration that has buffaloed the gold price and engendered a life of financial MISERY for so many of us. That will become clear when the Roll Call add is presented to the thinking world. Patrick Kennedy has taken the gloves off, very unnecessarily, to belittle the Republican opposition in an attempt to influence a few influential political races in the coming, close political election. We are only presenting what is evident.
Something is clearly "rotten in the State of Denmark" when it comes to the gold market AND the fund raising activities of the present U.S. administration.
Johnny Chung, who was much apart of the China Gate Scandal and who visited the White House 57 times to support Hillary and Bill Clinton's fund raising activities, responded to my GATA's allegations over the phone this past week with this comment, "that FITS the pattern of the present administration." By the way, Johnny could not have been more classy on the phone.
This is a Democrat talking, CafÈ members, not a right wing Republican zealot!
The GATA delegation was advised of this outrageous Kennedy claim during our visit in the Nation's Capitol. The claim is a scurrilous one and at cursory review, baseless. But, with the control of the Nation's legislative agenda for the years to come at stake, all the gloves are off.
PERHAPS, that is why the GATA delegation was so attentively listened to. We received feedback right away that what we wanted to talk about was already making a few rounds in Washington financial circles in a soft spoken way. But, it is all so complicated. Then, out of nowhere, we show up with a 90 page document of credible evidence of serious manipulation of the gold market by present administration personnel and allied bullion banks. If what we have to say has merit, Goldgate could rival Watergate because of its eventual financial and political ramifications.
Long Live the Enveloping Horn
Bill Murphy
GATA Delegation Makes Significant Progress in Washington
On Wednesday at 11:30, the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee consisting of Chris Powell, Reginald Howe, Frank Veneroso, a State Senator and myself met with one of the most powerful politicians in Washington. It was only going to be a 15 minute meeting. It lasted 45 minutes.
At the end of the meeting, we were excused from the room for several minutes. When the people we met with returned, we were told that they were going to try and set up a meeting with another influential politician at 2 o'clock, but that we would have to call at 1:30 to confirm.
We were stunned to learn at 1:30 that this politician had said, "I am aware of the issue," and that he wanted to meet with the GATA delegation. The meeting took place and six members of his staff also attended. What was most remarkable is that this politician left the floor of Congress to attend our hastily arranged, unscheduled meeting.
This politician asked many questions and was very focused on what we had to say. So much so, that he was annoyed when a staff member left to deal with some other pending issue, saying that this was more important. He told us he had read our biographies before coming to the meeting and was a bit taken aback when he was handed the "Gold Derivative Banking Crisis" document to him with his name and state on it.
This knowledgeable politician said that he and his staff would look into our contentions and suggested that we might meet again. After this very intense one hour meeting, he returned to Congress which was in session.
From there, we went on to meet with Dr. John Silvia, the Chief Economist of the Senate Banking Committee. I could tell he had spent some time on our presentation because he had highlighted material that I had sent to him. Frank, Reg and Chris did a terrific job (as they did in all the meetings) explaining what we have learned through our extensive research. That meeting also lasted an hour and Dr. Silvia took copious notes.
Yesterday, I passed out 88 of the documents to the staff of all the Senators and Representatives on the banking committees. They were told to look for an open letter to all of them in Monday's Roll Call.
That was some schlep. For the Senate I went to the Dirksen, Russell and Hart buildings. For the House I went to the Rayburn, Longworth and Cannon buildings. It took me the entire day, but was well worth it. Congressman Lee Terry of Nebraska could not have been nicer and said he would read the document on his way back to his native state this weekend.
I was struck by how different all the buildings were. AND HOW BIG. Most were about 100 yards long and were circular for traffic flow. I made the mistake of buying new shoes for the trip. Now, my feet are all blistered. Big booboo.
My last stop was the Rayburn Building and I smiled as I went by The Gold Room.
It was the opinion of the entire Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee delegation that the trip was far more fruitful than any one of us dreamed possible. However, as we all know, that was just our first salvo. There is much to be done to win the day and we are already planning our next course of action.
When our adversaries realize how far we have come, we know that they will go all out to discredit us. If yesterday's meetings were any indication of making a serious impact on those who count in Washington, the other side has their work cut out for them!
Bill Murphy
William J. Murphy III is the Chairman of the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee and owner of A graduate of the School of Hotel Administration at Cornell University in 1968, he went to become a starting wide receiver with the Boston Patriots of the American Football League. Mr. Murphy, who now resides in Dallas, Texas, spent much of his business career in the Futures Industry with such firms as Drexel Burnham and Shearson Hayden Stone. Today, he writes gold market commentary for his financial web site that features the precious metals and contrarian economic analysis.
Disclaimer notice: Midas du Metropole does not look like an investment advisor, nor is he one. Any comments about any gold and silver shares by Midas or any of the Cafe members are for your information and entertainment only. They should not be regarded as advice and should be treated like comments passed on at any other Cafe. We are only relating as to what we like for our own accounts.
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