Eyewitness Watches Chemtrails
Cover Entire Flagstaff Sky
>From Toni Thayer <>

I began reading about chemtrails on the Internet in early April. On April 13, 2000, I had an appointment at 10:30 am. I'm sure of the date and time, because I keep a calendar of appointments. It was a beautiful, warm day. My client was late so I waited in my car in his parking lot. As I waited, I began to look around and noticed 2 planes in the west leaving contrails which didn't just trail and disappear, but began to build instead. This reminded me of the reports on the web, so I got out of my car and sat on the building step and watched the sky through my half-hour wait.
As I sat down, it appeared to be just beginning with only a few trails visible. I was amazed to immediately spot 6 planes all at the same time, "working" different geographical areas, over and encircling Flagstaff. I watched the planes lay down various patterns and then watched the patterns "spread out" into cirrus-type clouds. Initially, these clouds retained the original pattern configuration. By noon, they had all blended together to create one very high white thin cloud covering. Flagstaff is known for it's spectacular bright blue skies and that day had started that way. The dingy, noon covering was reminiscent of moisture laden air in Illinois where I grew up.
On the south the pattern was 3 horizontal lines, with the plane reversing directions to complete it. Overhead another plane made an X. The west had crisscrosses and horizontal lines. The east and southeast had horizontal lines.
This then brought back one other earlier memory which I can't place a date on, but would estimate it to be in late Feb-early Mar. I was leaving a restaurant after lunch. When I walked out, the overhead grid pattern of contrails was so heavy and so close that I remarked to my friend, "My, God, what kind of planes did this?"
My narrative doesn't contain anything unusual from other accounts. Just another documentation. I'd rather my name not be printed on the Internet.


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