Billion Dollars In Reported
Bribes To Apparently Effect
Presidential Election
By Sherman H. Skolnick <>

By Sherman H. Skolnick <
UPDATE: On his speaking tour, Illinois Governor George H. Ryan was at a public forum in far downstate Carbondale, Illinois, to purportedly convince people he is not a crook. Afterwards, one spectator evidently did not accept the Governor's explanations. She threw a purported cream pie directly in his face. (As reported on WSIL-TV which showed the happening on video.) A closer look reportedly shows the "pie" contained human waste. To put it crudely, Governor "Honest George" Ryan got hit in the kisser with a s--t pie. Stay tuned.
Remember the words of Richard Milhous Nixon? "The people have to know whether their president is a crook. And I am not a crook!"
That should echo into the ear of George H. Ryan. He was elected on the GOP ticket in 1998 as Illinois Governor in a very close election. According to polls, if a third party were on the gubernatorial ballot, Ryan could not have been elected. There was about a 3 per cent difference in votes between Ryan and his Democrat opponent, Glenn Poshard.
According to our exclusive stories, and not denied, Ryan reportedly paid off some on the Illinois State Board of Elections to arbitrarily kick off the ballot a third party that was expected to pull upwards of 8 per cent of the vote for Governor. Some one million dollars was reportedly split between some elections board officials and state and federal revenue bosses who blackmailed their way into the bribery melon.
According to our previous exclusive stories, and never denied, an elite IRS team, however, made a referral to the Justice Department that they proceed with federal criminal prosecution of Ryan for reputed bribery:
(1) For the reported Elections Board corruption instigated by Ryan;
(2) For Ryan benefitting from large sums to Ryan for his election campaign, reportedly obtained by his henchmen requiring bribes garnered by his employees at his previous post to be turned over. These were bribes to then employees of Ryan to issue drivers licenses to those not eligible. These reported bribes were in Ryan's previous position as Illinois Secretary of State in charge of statewide drivers license facilities. A number of those then working for Ryan have already pleaded guilty to federal criminal charges of bribery but said that THEY did not keep the bribe loot but turned it over to Ryan who does not remember them or getting it.
We have also previously exclusively stated, and was never denied, that the elite IRS team, after the first Justice Department rejection, made a second referral that Ryan be prosecuted for further bribery in reported kick-backs. In the fall of 1999, Ryan went to Cuba in a reputed goodwill tour to bring two million dollars of items donated by pharmaceutical firms who got a tax write-off. The items were given to Cuba-based drug store-type operations to be quietly resold for some 30 million dollars to Cubans made anxious for such by the U.S. embargo. With reported kick-backs to Ryan, via one of his top cronies in State government, Ryan reported got part of 30 per cent of the 30 million dollars of supposed charity items.
In addition, according to the IRS team's reported referral, and never denied, they asked the Justice Department to begin the federal criminal prosecution of Ryan for reported kick-backs from riverboat gambling casinos supervised by Ryan's appointees to the Illinois Gaming Commission racked with scandals.
Also, in one of our exclusive previous stories, and never denied, Ryan is reportedly implicated with corrupt top State revenue officials and present and former IRS officials from Chicago who operate a gambling casino boat in the Caribbean as a reputed floating money laundry for dope and other illicit proceeds. By a series of arrangements, as we have previously explained, there are reported links to those who apparently orchestrated the Elian Gonzalez caper.
While the further IRS elite team's referrals to the Justice Department were pending, asking for the prosecution of Ryan for various reported bribery, he reportedly gave bribes or gifts to various State Democrat officials to get or buy their assistance in several nefarious projects:
(1) to persuade top Illinois Democrats to pressure the Clinton Justice Department NOT to prosecute Ryan for various reputed bribes, thus rejecting the IRS team's referrals.
(2) to ostensibly get top Illinois Democrats to forget about supporting Albert Gore, Jr., for President and instead, somehow, throw their weight in support of George W. Bush for the White House. Of course, some people are not yet ready to accept our labeling of Bill Clinton as a closet Republican tied to highly corrupt Illinois state GOP officials who are given a pass by the Justice Department.
And look what happened to almost two dozen key reporters stationed in Illinois in the print and electronic media: A wired up "mole" who they accepted as a fellow reporter, got many key reporters into a discussion of the reputed ONE BILLION DOLLARS of bribes by Ryan to top Illinois Democrats and others.
Here are some sample details from the mole's "wire":
Question (to print media hotshots): "You know about the billion dollars of bribes reportedly doled out by Governor Ryan to get key Illinois Democrats to dump Gore and push George W. Bush,right? and to put in the fix with Justice [Department] to save Ryan from jail, right?"
Answer (similar from each reporter): "Of course we know, but don't quote me. We have confirmed it from our reliable sources. But we are told to skip it."
Question: "By whom?"
Answer: "Oh, you know, the assistant editor, the editor, you know, the higher-ups, the brass."
Question: "So you believe the story has legs. Is it going anywhere?"
Answer (similar from each reporter): "The story is correct, confirmed. But it is spiked, dead."
Question (to electronic media hotshots): "So you know key Illinois Democrats got part of the billion dollar bundle, from Governor Ryan,right? To get Justice [Department] to save Governor Ryan and to dump Gore in favor of Bush, right?"
Answer (similar from each electronic media hotshot): "Oh, every one here knows the story is correct from various good sources. But it isn't going anywere."
Question: "Why?"
Answer (similar from each reporter): "Oh, you know, the news director said to get the heck off of it. And we heard growling noises from the station manager."
These are typical answers and samples of answers elicited by the wired up "mole" from reporters stationed in various government building pressrooms in Chicago, the Illinois State capitol in Springfield, and elsewhere. Some reporters confided to the mole that they already turned in well-sourced stories of specific top Illinois Democrats who got the reported pay-offs from Ryan disguised, as among other things, as so-called "discretionary funds" and such.
For example, the Democrat leader in the Illinois State Senate in the State capitol, Springfield, Emil Jones, Jr., from Chicago, reportedly got 95 million dollars in so-called "discretionary funds" to dole out to his cronies or to use it any way he chooses. The reputed Governor Ryan pay-off list seems to include every key Democrat in Illinois politics.
With a heavy electoral vote, Illinois has to be included in the column of any would-be successful candidate for U.S. President. Under law, the presidential candidate who carries the state's popular vote gets ALL of the State's electoral votes which is the final factor in who wins the election.
Mass media reporters, however, are not accustomed to being fingered by a wired up "mole". Yet, they have run stories of some one else's "mole" exposing some government officials and their hanky-panky. Cynics expect screams of pain and recriminations from various print and electronic media reporters who, after all, are paid a great deal more than the common folk of Illinois and a lot of other places. And these well-paid elitists, in their expensive cars, do not seem ready to fight for the truth to be told.
The U.S. Attorney in Chicago, as the chief prosecutor there for the Justice Department, knows all about this but is sitting on his hands. That office has a long, rotten history of unreported corruption and being politicized.
Note: after the widespread posting of our exclusive stories on Illinois Governor George H. Ryan's reported profound corruption, and never denied, he decided to go on a statewide tour to put a supposed positive spin on his tattered reputation. This was to persuade those in Illinois, in so many words, to paraphrase Nixon, "The people of Illinois have to know whether their Governor is a crook. And I am not a crook!"
Stay tuned...more coming.


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