New World Order 'Plan B'
For Peru - A Coup D'Etat?
"Sources close to Toledo Manrique acknowledge receipt of a letter from the White House this past weekend, in which President Clinton promised non-recognition of a new Fujimori government in exchange for Toledo Manriques withdrawal from the election race."
By Richard Petty Deegan (< From Educate-Yourself <
May 19, 2000
NWO heavyweights, panicked by recent survey results for their candidate, Alejandro Toledo Manrique, are preparing alternative means to eliminate the Fujimori government in Peru. The last available polls indicated that President Fujimori has as much as a ten- percent lead over the New World Orders challenger Toledo Manrique (local election law prohibits dissemination of poll results within two weeks of elections). Results of a survey by the internationally-recognized firm Apoyo, performed under an exclusive contract for the newspaper El Comercio (an unabashed supporter of Toledo Manrique) were not released or otherwise made available to the public due, no doubt, to Toledo Manriques declining numbers among Peruvians.
A Bad Week
This past week has been disastrous for Toledo Manrique and his cohorts. First, his public speeches were televised by media outlets other than the 'approved' Channel 8 belonging to El Comercio. One immediate result was that viewers have now realized that Toledo Manrique has basically one speech: a collection of anti-Fujimori catchphrases, mostly lifted from the 1995 final campaign speech of socialist Peoples Action candidate Ricardo Belmont. Toledo Manrique' one note speech, always delivered in a framework of slang and vulgarity, are usually accompanied by general promises (depending on the location) and claims that he had been robbed of an election victory. Thus, voters in Lima were able to hear him say in Puno, that there would be no more money for the rich bitches in Lima. Viewers were also able to see, that at times, his crowds were only two or three hundred people, instead of the six to ten thousand reported by El Comercio ( whose TV presentations usually show the first five rows of attendees). In addition, Toledo Manrique promised to start at least three programs that, unknown to him, were already enacted and currently in effect: the ' newly proposed' programs included health insurance for workers at public kitchens, mine revenue-sharing with municipalities and protection for independent farm workers.
The anticipated visit of writer and former candidate Mario Vargas Llosa likewise boomeranged for Toledo Manrique as Peruvians remembered the insults Vargas Llosa uttered to reporters when he left Peru to become a citizen of Spain after losing the 1990 election. Thus Toledo Manriques meeting with Vargas Llosa had to be held in secret on Thursday, away from Toledo Manriques luxury home in La Molina. A planned series of rallies for university students to be co-hosted by Toledo Manriques daughter Chantel and Vargas Llosas son Alvaro were also shelved, with Chantel left to conduct the rallies alone.
The final blow came with a report of OAS observer Eduardo Stein, who indicated that there was no evidence of fraud in the first election, whereupon at a meeting in his home Toledo Manrique appealed to Stein to at least assist him in some kind of legal maneuver to postpone the (runoff) election. When Stein refused to order an overruling of the Peruvian constitution, Toledo Manrique had no choice but to ask his live-in ex-wife Eliane Karp to intervene with her 'friends' in Washington.
This had two immediate effects: Human Rights Watch issued a letter criticizing the electorial process (HRWs only previous references to Peru had been a report on family violence issued in March and footnotes in their last threes annual reports protesting Fujimoris persecution of terrorists) and a pronouncement from OAS headquarters that a postponement of the election might be necessary. However, Steins bosses soon had to relent, admitting that there was no basis to overrule Perus constitutional requirements. To top it off, all international observer groups, including the three active Carter groups were forced to admit that there was no evidence of fraud in the first election and, more damning, conditions for the runoff had been made even more transparent.
OAS demanded that Toledo Manrique indicate the source for his stated claim (April11) that he had received 56% of the vote in the first election or otherwise substantiate it. The special prosecutor investigating the alleged falsification of signatures by Fujimori had to request an extension of thirty days because no evidence or witnesses had come forth and the massive fraud originally charged by Toledo Manrique turned out at best to be irregularities(said Carter Center representative Luis Nunes on May 15) and could not be considered as fraud.
The total of such irregularities, or anomalies as another election observer put it, affected less than one percent of all voting locations. Even Richard Boucher, in a May 12 letter, was unable to find problems in the election process. The latest survey by CPI found that 72% of the Peruvian population does not believe Toledo Manrique. A debate with Fujimori would make things even worse for Toledo Manrique as his inconsistencies and ignorance of Peru would be revealed to all on national TV. For this reason, the NWO-Karp wing of his supporters has planned his withdrawal from the election before the debate, while he is still capable of maintaining some credibility with international masters.
Plan B
Toledo Manrique's fall is causing the New World Order to turn now to Plan B, the destabilization and overthrow of the legitimate government of Peru. The seeds have been planted and Toledo Manrique, Elaine Karp and their NWO allies feel its harvest time.
Toledo Manrique felt the intoxicating thrill of provoking and leading an angry mob on April 9, 2000, when he called for his followers to Take to the streets...or...they (Fujimori supporters) will steal the election. Although Toledo Manrique had been informed by Transparencys Nunes at four p.m. (and again at 5, 6 & 7:30) on April 9 that based on Transparencys samplings he had only 39-40% of the vote and Fujimori 48-49%, and that a runoff would be necessary, Toledo Manrique put on a red bandanna and took to the balcony of the Sheraton Hotel in Lima and summoned his supporters to march on the government and stop this robbery of our votes. He then led a march of his, now, screaming supporters to the main square in Lima, where attempts were made to burn various government buildings. Reporters and film crews from non pro-Toledo TV channels were attacked, had their cameras stolen, and their vehicles gutted. Prompt police intervention with teargas prevented further violence. Portions of this event were shown on CNN as a spontaneous rally, but left out were Toledo Manriques previous harangue to the crowd, the setting of fires by his supporters, the striking of police with clubs, and the vicious attacks on journalists. Those minor details were only reported on local TV. The same night, after Fujimori supporter Glider Hernandez Flores was knifed to death in Santa Cruz, Cajamarca by Toledo workers, Toledo Manrique's ex-wife, Eliane Karp, promised the runoff election will be even bloodier.
Burning the Midnight Oil
On Monday, April 10, according to Toledo Manrique and his spokesperson Carlos Ferrero, Toledo Manrique met with several high-ranking officials of the Armed Forces. The purpose? To determine their position in further street confrontations. Toledo Manrique also met with the ambassadors of the United States and France, receiving from them wholehearted support for his campaign. He also received support from present and former U.S. State Department officials Thomas Pickering and Eliot Abrams.
Following those meetings, Toledo Manrique then proceeded to Miami to meet with US-Israeli citizen Baruch Ivcher (a client of Abrams), followed a week later by his romancing of the NWO elite in New York and Washington, during which time he promised to release admitted and convicted terrorists, including Lori Berenson. Toledo Manrique had denied making this statement on his return to Peru, but has since repeated the pledge, albeit in a subtler manner. Toledo Manrique now says that when he takes control of the government, Peru will join the Inter-American Court of Human Rights and accede to its demands, one of which is amnesty for Shining Path and MRTA terrorists and an indemnification payment of $10,000 to each released terrorist..
The FARC Connection
FARC terrorists from Colombia are moving further into the Amazon jungles along the Colombia-Peru border. FARC terrorists were recently promised land by the Colombian government, in exchange for killing fewer people. The Colombian ambassador to Peru, Maria Cristina Zuloeta, has been extremely supportive of Toledo Manrique. Are the FARC terrorists to get their land via an invasion of Peru timed to coincide with general civil disorder planned in different parts of the country? FARC would love to have control over Peruvian territory formerly dominated by the Shining Path and MRTA. This land is ideally suited toward the cultivation of cocaine, which was a lucrative trade under the former Alan Garcia Perez government.
Toledo Manrique's Daughter
Toledo Manrique's daughter, Chantel, has been speaking at universities all over Peru in an attempt to keep the "fraud" issue alive with students, arousing and preparing them to Take the streets against manipulation (by Fujimori, that is, not by her father or the NWO). Anti-Fujimori agitators have already planned a series of demonstrations from May 17 through May 25, culminating in a national strike on May 25 by the left-wing Building Trades Council and the Workers Group. The last such demonstration by the Building Trades group in October led to an attack on Congress and millions of dollars in damages to government offices which were looted and burned. In fact, concern for this prospect led the three Carter Center groups currently operating in Peru to cancel a scheduled visit by peacemaker Jimmy Carter, who did not wish to be identified with the planned riots.
With Toledo Manrique, What Would the NWO Gain?
Toledo Manrique spokesperson Carlos Ferrero announced in an interview on Mesa Politica on May 15 that a Toledo Manrique government would finance greater spending by reducing payments on its foreign debt, which would, of course, lead to a greater dependency on international bankers. These bankers could then dictate, not only terms and conditions of the loan, but also control government policy.
Toledo Manrique has also stated on various occasions that more people would be put to work in farming, reversing the trend towards technologically related industry advancement of the past ten years. In the New World Order, not every country can be a manufacturer -someone has to be delegated to grow the food.
Israel would stand to profit by the sale of armaments and farm equipment to the new, Toledo Manrique government of Peru, as well as enjoy financing by those friendly international bankers.The Israeli connection is US-Israeli citizen Baruch Ivcher, who has already been promised acquisition of Channel 2 (remember when Rupert Murdock couldnt buy Channel 5 in New York because he was an Australian citizen?).
New WTO member, The People's Republic of China, would also benefit by being able to press for lower cotton prices from a newly-dependent Peru. U.S. and Canadian mining interests would also be free to loot Peruvian resources on a scale unmatched since the days of Queen Isabel. Colombia gets rid of the troublesome FARC and the Carter Center arranges the release of four thousand angry terrorists whose resulting disorder spurs the requirement for UN peacemakers.
And if Toledo Manrique Withdraws?
Toledo Manrique has been holding private meetings with ambassadors at his home which included a May 15 meeting with Graeme Clark, Ambassador from Canada and Antoine Blanca, Ambassador from France. After Blancas daughter had dinner with former Peruvian president Alan Garcia Perez and his wife at the Ty Coz restaurant in Paris on May 5, France announced that they would be sending their own observers in to monitor the electoral process. On May 16 Toledo Manrique flew to Argentina for an extensive meeting with Argentine President Fernando de la Rua. Sources close to Toledo Manrique acknowledge receipt of a letter from the White House this past weekend, in which President Clinton promised non-recognition of a new Fujimori government in exchange for Toledo Manriques withdrawal from the election race.
Toledo Manrique might withdraw from the campaign before being embarrassed in a debate that is scheduled for May 21. His NWO masters cannot afford to allow Fujimori to win another mandate in a clean, honest election. They cannot let Fujimori continue his fight against cocaine and left-wing terrorism. They cannot accept an independent and stable Peruvian economy in Latin America free of IMF 'assistance' ( Peruvian money, the Sol, is quoted at S/ 3.50 per dollar, unchanged since December 1999. During the same period, the NWO Euro dollar has dropped 15%).
The lines are drawn: on one side Toledo Manrique with the Clinton administration, Canada, France, Colombia, perhaps Argentina and a hesitant United Kingdom, together with the whole New World Order; on the other the Peruvian peoples desire to rules themselves free of foreign interference and control. Toledo Manrique? Well, perhaps in five years hell be sitting in a Paris café comparing notes with former Peruvian president Alan Garcia Perez over who has the biggest Swiss bank account
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