Chemtrail Spraying
Over Portland - Part 2

Ocean Shores Chemtrail update

From Mark Lemmon

Hi Jeff,

I emailed a chemtrail report to you on 6-4, but now I have a rather strange update after the weekend of heavy spraying. It rained here at Ocean Shores, WA.

Today, 6-05, all the roads have bubbles or foam on them like someone applied soap to the roads. very odd...


Chemtrail 'Black Lines' In Portland

From Greg

Dear Jeff,

I, too, was amazed Saturday and Sunday with the amount of chemtrails in the Portland area on Saturday and Sunday. Friday, I enjoyed with an almost melancholy nostalgia because the skies were a deep blue with not a cloud or chemtrail in sight. Maybe they needed a day for logistics to get the planes fueled and in the air because both Saturday and Sunday were unbelievable.

My theory, at least in the Portland area, is that they don't spray as much when there is cloud cover, which is most of the time during the late winter months. Maybe because it isn't as effective. When clear days occur, especially in the spring, they dump it on us double-dose. I have been observing and videoing chemtrails in the Portland area starting the second year now. I start videoing last June. If June is anything like last year we can expect a massive spraying this month. Perhaps Saturday and Sunday were a prelude.

The real reason I am writing you is for more than informing you of what happened the last couple of days. Last December, on one of those rare clear winter days, we were dumped on again without mercy. Fortunately, it was on a Saturday again, so I got to video most of it.

During one of the passes made I observed something I had never seen before. What appeared, reaching to the far horizon in front of the plane and miles behind the plane on the path that the plane had left the chemtrail, was a black shadow-like line. I took no serious notice because I thought it was an optical illusion. If you look at a white line on a blue surface, sometimes if you look away the white line leaves an impression on the eye that now appears like a black line.


Chemtrail 1

Chemtrail 2
Chem/Contrail Comparison


That evening I was on the net and got a message from someone else in town who also belongs to the chemtrail observers who asked if anyone else had seen this same phenomenon of this straight shadow-like black line reaching in front and back of the plane.

I thought that since I was videoing at the time maybe I had accidentally taken a picture of it. Of course, if I actually video it then it wasn't an optical illusion. Sure enough, this line was on a short piece of video. I haven't really made this public because I figure if this is a phenomenon particular to chemtrails it should happen again. Also, I haven't figured the technology to get a video clip into a still picture. So I have been on the look out for this same thing.

By this time, I got a very good digital camera. Before Saturday, I have seen this same phenomenon a couple of times more but what I also discovered is that it only lasts for probably a minute at most before it disappears. I always have my camera with me but I am occasionally at work when I see it, so by the time I run inside to grab my camera and turn it on and run outside again it has gone. Until Saturday.

Saturday morning, I was driving to work in Gresham, 15 miles east of Portland, and I was just off the freeway and saw the same dark shadow line formed off a fresh chemtrail being laid going west to east (most chemtrails in Portland go south to north, Saturday they were going south to north, west to east, and north to south).

I literally stopped my car on the road in a No Parking zone, and got two pictures before the shadow vanished. I saw them two more times that day but they occurred just as I stepped outside to check the skies, and by the time I grabbed my camera and was outside again they had disappeared. At least I have proof on a still picture of good quality. I am sending the two pictures and a third picture I took on Saturday of a normal contrail being formed next to a chemtrail that was laid down not more than two minutes before.

By the way, the lines horizontal are power lines if you can't figure it out. If you blow both of these pictures up some interesting things can be observed. There actually appear to be two black lines. One is a thin black line in the core of the chemtrail and the other a thinner wider shadow outside of the chemtrail. These are obviously are not being formed by the plane itself because if that were true there would be no shadow behind the plane. Anyway it is just more proof that chemtrails are not contrails. Enjoy your show.

Chemtrails - A Followup To Some Earlier Posts

(name witheld by request)

As stated in a couple of earlier posts on the Rense/Sightings page, the chemtrail activity in Oregon and Washington on 6/2/00 and 6/3/00 was the most severe I have witnessed to date.

I have been actively tracking the "Chemtrail Phenomenon" for over three years. On the 6/1/00 there were clear skies in the Pac-northwest. Then the bombardment began. Day and night.

Gigantic X.s, pentagrams, triangles, sharply-cut letter A's and more, began appearing in the sky along with the standrad grid works. A Rainbow sheen indeed! Soon all vestiges of the blue sky were gone

Left in replacement were these dirty, grey cloud banks which still had some of their contrail arms connected to them. Dispersal was slower than usual, too. The sheen hung there longer. I captured the sundog mentioned in the article that can be found here: .


Photos 1 & 2


The air fairly glistened with the chemtrail "stuff" on these days (daze?). Areas around the nostrils and mouth burned and eyes itched horribly. Animals noticed it as well. When we are poisoned to this degree, I have noticed that everyone has trouble remembering things from moment to moment. At the end of the day on 6/3/00, it was observed by our "social anomaly team" that just about everyone seen out publically had a sever sunburn, super red eyes and a dazed, taut look to their faces. That's *everyone* mind you.

These were chemical burns. Sunburns which are THAT red just do not leave after two days. Along with this aspect please note that washing your face and exsposed areas of skin after being out in a "chemtrail storm" is a good thought. But, NOT with HOT soapy water or a hot shower. Often after a hot cleasing a dry, crusty, red spot(s) will appear, they hurt and further washing makes them worse. These patches have the grid look of a pathogen forming on the skin. Bad stuff, friends. The stuff that the ruination of lives is made of.

My background ? I have been mask fit and certified to handle and deal with hazardous waste/chemicals/etc on the Hanford project. I have also been on the safety team for PDM Steel and other large contractors and have been trained how to handle chemical/toxic substances when a worker comes in contact with them. I have also been trained by some of the best men in counterterrorist, bio-warfare methods as per the current state of that dark art. So, wash up cold my friends. I know of what I speak. Wash up with COLD, soapy water. This does NOT open the pores up to contamination the way that hot water does. It may be uncomfortable, but to use hot water after being exsposed to some viral toxins can be disasterous and life-threatening.

As I said, I have been tracking this aerial mystery for over three years now. The chemtrails are not good for us; many are sick, sore throats and worse. I cannot believe my eyes when such overt crimes, outrages, are being played out upon us from above and so few people stand up and say STOP THIS DAMN IT! C'mon people, scream some, cry out! Just do it, call the airports, call the Senate, call the papers, call the radio stations and keep calling! When you speak with folks on the street tell those people to "look up"...and ask: "What do you think those lines are?" MAKE them notice, draw them out from their living coma-like state of conciousness that these chemtrails (and our dumbed-down society -ed) seem to produce. Slowed reactions, poor judgement and a host of other symptoms occur when chemtrails are laid down.

Is it a coincidence that mountain climbing teams on both Mt. Hood and Mt. Rainier had fatal accidents this last weekend? Or, did the HEAVY contrail spraying over these very places cause these unusual deaths? Was the judgement of these seasoned climbers impaired? Well, the answer is YES, in our opinion. From the "Evidence Team," we have gathered data showing that when chemtrail activity is high, vehicle collision rates are also up, as is the petty crime rate and so-called bad "allergy" days. Coincidental? I think NOT.

As per the pl in response to the chemtrail assaults. Perhaps this group will "harvest" a chemtrail plane for us someday, who knows? Although such behaviour has been condemned by myself and others, it shows the level of frustration, sickness, fear and rage that the Chemtrail issue has spawned within the American people.

As the old chemtrailers chant goes "Remember the Alamo, remember Waco, Texas will find you." and I hope that 'Texas' does find those responsible for the chemtrail poisoning of our planet and brings them to justice.

Good hunting and God bless.

From Charles Morrison <>

Dear Jeff,

Thank you for the quick response, and you are most certainly welcome to post my email. Since I sent it the first time to the wrong box, it occurred to me that you didn't recieve an email I sent you several weeks ago, when they sprayed the Modesto area.

It was the most amazing thing I had ever seen, and the first time I had seen the chemtrails so close.

I saw all the classic signs: two large, perfect tic-tac-toe patterns whose grid-lines had stopping and starting points, a large X, and the typical spreading out and falling into a curtain, and forming a type of cloud cover that obscured the sunlight, like the light looks when there is a partial eclipse. To top it off, I also got to see the "oily" rainbow.

I had already come to "believe" in the chemtrails from listening to the radio and reading the related websites, but I had never actually seen the classic pattern that close, that real, and it was indeed frightening.

Mine is a family of five (me, the wife, and three teenage kids), and we've all been historically healthy, and from strong stock. We're Aware Christians, outdoorspeople, educated (not all formally, but sometimes the best education isn't, eh?) and VERY on top of the important issues facing the world and the country right now. We're down-to-earth, professional, tax-paying, home-owning folks not at all prone to flights of fancy, or extremist rantings.

I tell you the absolute truth: we all got sick over the past winter/spring, with "bronchial infections" that for some reason would not respond to antibiotics. The exhaustion, headaches, sinus problems, joint pain, and gastric upset were present in all of us to varying degrees for a period of WEEKS, and of course our doctor had no explanation, even though she herself admitted to having the same symptoms!

We see so clearly that something is very wrong, and find it frustrating that we seem to be among only 5 or 10% at most that see it, too.

Keep up this most important work! For good or ill, the information needs to come out! There are so few out there like you willing to look at ALL the various pieces and oddities and try to find the truth and the sense of it all.

I thank God for you, and will pray for you and your work. Take care, and God Bless.

Charles Morrison

More Circumstantial Evidence

From Charles Morrison <>

Dear Jeff,

I was watching 60 Minutes last night, and they showed a piece about the Anthrax Vaccine controversy in the US Armed Forces. Although it was very interesting, I think there may be another point here.

Assuming you saw it, or heard about it, did you notice that virtually ALL the personnel in question were pilots, and that virtually ALL were pilots of large, multi-engine aircraft? And that further, a large percentage of those who are refusing the vaccine, or resigning, are National Guard or Reserve pilots, whose full-time jobs are Airline Pilots?

In a flash, it occurred to me that these pilots might just be trying to tell us something. If the chemtrails really are a secret project by the US government to vaccinate the populace against Anthrax, who would know better that additional exposure to the vaccine was unneccessary than the pilots flying the missions?

And why are only the military being openly vaccinated, with NO reccommendation that the public be vaccinated, if, as Clinton says, a domestic attack is just a matter of when, not if?

What I believe this points to is SURE KNOWLEDGE by the Clinton Administration that such an attack WILL take place, and they know this because THEY THEMSELVES are planning it. They don't want hundreds of thousands, or possibly millions, to die in such an attack. That would be far too disruptive and costly. They want a CONTROLLED loss, a predictable casualty count. If a major city, or cities, is hit by a "terrorist" anthrax attack, then (since we've all been vaccinated) they could expect the casualty figures to be much lower, perhaps only in the "thousands".

But then, what would be the political fallout for our nation? An excuse for Slick and Co. to declare a Full National Emergency. He could then do whatever he wants openly, without fear, because all the fear would rest on the public. He could suspend the constitution, the upcoming elections, implement martial law, call in the UN, confiscate firearms and food, whatever he wants, with impunity, and the majority of the "sheople" will co-operate, not only willingly, but possibly even fervently, patriotically, as in WWII. Then, because we have our own troubles, China could take Taiwan with impunity, and Russia could begin a new era of expansion and adventurism.

Sure, I could be wrong, and this could just be another way to separate those of us most concerned about the direction of our country from those who are asleep. But at this point, nothing this administration does can possibly surprise me, and I've had feelings for quite a while now that Slick is just too damn smug, like that cat that ate the canary, and has something heinous up his sleeve that will enable him to retain power.

I just find it difficult to believe that he will leave office willingly. Too many people known to him haven't survived their acquaintance. He would gladly sacrifice ten, twenty, or a hundred thousand Americans to achieve his goals, and we know what they are: To be the guy that establishes The Third Way (capitalistic socialism) as the Global Authority. The UN already has a map showing the world divided into Ten Governing Regions. At the least, Slick wants to be a governor of the region that includes the US. He may even have bigger dreams.

I'd really love to be wrong on this, but something big is definitely cooking when the government goes to the expense and risk of spraying chemicals on the entire populace. Very big. And Slick is a sociopathic liar, scoundrel, and traitor. There is no way on God's Green Earth he's doing this for the love of humanity, or for the "children". He's doing it for him. I think my logic bears out.

Charles Morrison,
Modesto CA



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