Chemtrail Spraying
Over Portland


From (name on file)
Sunday, 6-4-00

The skies in Southern Oregon are clear today. A 'No Spray' day here. I just went upstairs and looked toward Portland, about 300 miles north, and was amazed to see the entire upper sky there was white and dense overcast. I could also clearly see two or three long chemtrail lines at high altitude at the edge of the overcast. They must be getting hit very hard today.

From Deborah
Sunday, 6-4-00

Hi Jeff,
Deborah here. I just got back from Gresham. The city of Portland is completely blanketed with the chemclouds---it is solid. Driving in to Portland it looks like a cloudy day. The spraying is definitely going north/south. The spraying is ending east about Corbett, and west I could not tell because the chemclouds are packed-up west as far as I can see.
When I got home there were three new trails above my house. I'm telling you Jeff, we are socked in with chemclouds. Earlier there was a HUGE sundog around the sun with an oily orange rainbow at the edge of the sundog.
I have never, ever seen it this way. What could possibly be going on? Whoever it is knew it was going to be a hot spring weekend. There is barely a breeze. The stuff will disperse and drop right down on us.

From Sardar Khalsa <>
Sunday, 6-4-00

Jeff I have been on my local news station like a pitbull and they just blow me off. I even told them I was a former pilot and it still doesn't raise an eyebrow. This is the worst spraying we have ever had ,they are just blasting us. I point out the spraying to people and they just say, so what? I called the Duty Officer at the Air Guard and haven't heard back and probably won't. I called my Senators office in Washington D.C. today and will call Monday and raise hell. My father was a Colonel in the Marine Air Corp his whole life and he says that he has never seen anything like this in his life and he is now 84. I don't go outside much and I keep my animals inside to lesson the effects of this spraying. We have had beautiful blue skys in the morning and by 11:00 am we are getting soaked by this shit. Yesterday they were flying a circular pattern later in the day. You know that the weathermen know whats up because they say we are to have a clear day on the news and the next day it is covered with chemtrail haze. Whoever is doing this has really put the clamps on the media and the military as I can't get even a call back to my questions. My next thing will be to walk around on a spraying day with a bull horn and shout that we are being poisoned from above. Use old town crier tactics. Keep me up to speed and I will do the same.
Semper Fi
[USMC Retired]
From Derek R Sims <>

Hi Jeff,
I wanted to also report MASSIVE contrail spraying in Portland OR. The last two weeks have been horrendous. I finally got my wife to look up and notice--she, like everyone I mention it to, didn't believe me. Two days ago we had one particular contrail that spread mostly across the metropolitan sky. It looked like a huge spine with all the nerve endings shooting out up and down the trail. I too have been sneezing uncontrollably--I have no allergies, and am not sick. Very strange--I have tried to alert people and here but the are so complacent.
I am outraged that we are being dumped on and no one is talking about in government or media circles. I don't remember a clear day from morning to night for at least 2 years now. If there really aren't "chemtrails" up there, then the planes are dumping more fuel than ever before. And that in itself is deadly to the environment and to US.
Possible Monitoring Device Seen Emerging From 'Chemtrail'
From Gary Val Tenuta <>

This might add a new element to the chemtrail mystery. In short, here's what happened:
Saturday, June 3, 2000, My friend and I are spending the day in the foothills of the North Cascades, at Lake Cavenaugh, about 75 miles north of Seattle. Around noon we see massive "trails" criss-crossing each other and beginning to spread. A couple hours later they have spread to cover half the visible sky (from our vantage point, that is). The huge "rainbow" that is often reported to be seen around the sun through the "trails" was clearly visible.
When we arrived home late that night, (home being about 20 miles north of Seattle in the Everett/Mill Creek area) I noticed a pen & ink sketch on the table. Actually, two sketches. I recognized it as the work of my friend's daughter who is twenty years old. I'll call her "Jane". The one sketch showed two circles, one labeled "Sun" and the one around the "Sun" was labeled "Rainbow". Obviously Jane had seen what we had seen. The other sketch, however, had me baffled. It was simply labeled with a "?" beside it. Jane informed us that she had noticed the "trails" in the sky today from her vantage point in the Everett/Mill Creek area and was so compelled by the sight that she sketched these little drawings. I then asked her what the other sketch was supposed to be and that was the really interesting part. She said as she was gazing up at the "trails" she saw something emerge from one of them. She kept watching it descend as it floated northward. She could clearly see it was a parachute with a large, orange "ball" attached to the bottom of it. This is what she had attempted to sketch. I asked her if she had any idea how large it was. She didn't but said she thought it must have been "pretty big" since she could see it so well.
Perhaps chemtrail watchers should keep an eye out for orange balls on parachutes coming out of the chemtrails. They could be some sort of atmospheric monitoring devices.

From Michael Goodspeed <>
I noticed that Jeff Rense has published accounts from several Portland residents about heavy chemtrail spraying in my area. This is of particular concern to me, since approximately one month ago, my mother was hospitalized with a mysterious ailment that her doctors were not able to explain.
After contracting what she believed to be a common flu-bug, my mom (who is 60) begin to experience major coordination and motor-skill problems. On several occasions, her legs buckled from underneath her while walking. After 2-3 days of this, she awoke one morning completely paralyzed. My dad had to actually carry her into our car and drive her to the emergency room. Her doctors reported that her body had been completely overwhelmed by the excessive production of understanding is that they were actually "short-circuiting" her nervous system. They had to perform a very risky procedure of removing all of the anti-bodies from her system. They have not been able to explain why her body reacted so extremely to whatever "intruder" had invaded it.
Just this past Monday, I awoke after a couple of hours of sleep with a migraine headache and a racing heart. I experienced such severe dizziness and nausea that I considered calling for an ambulance. This is happened a couple of times this past month, this in addition to the fact that I've been sick three times in the past 5 months with severe colds or flu.
I'm a serious long-distnace runner who spends many hours outdoors exercising...but within the past month, my performance has slipped precipitously. I have a 6-mile route which I normally run in less than 40 minutes...for the past 4-5 weeks, I've been so lethargic and tired, I've been running the same distance 4 or 5 minutes slower. I've often noticed a burning, congested sensation in my lungs when exercising, which is not usual for me, since I don't have allergies, and I run on backroads with little or no car exhaust. If I had the means, I would certainly move from this area to a less heavily-targeted zone, but I have family obligations that have to be met here. Like millions of other Americans, all I can do is keep my fingers crossed that our government's intent behind this is not entirely malicious.

Best regards,

From John1 <>

Thought you would want to see what the chemical makeup in the spectrum, it seems that "THEY" have changed the mix.
Pictures taken with Sony Digital camera X 10 power 6-2-2000 and 6-3-2000. The spray is over Coeur d' Alene Idaho.
This spraying of the people is now full time with on letup in sight.

(name on file)

Hello Jeff,

Please don't publish my email address if you use this email. I just wanted to let you know that on Saturday morning (June 3, 2000) I was fishing on a boat at the mouth of the Columbia.

We put in at the Hammond, Oregon boat launch and I noticed at that time the several "streaks" were present in the sky, typical "contrail" looking clouds that were running in a North/South direction. The time was approximately 7:30 am.

At appoximately 9:00 am, I noticed that these "streaks" were still present in the sky and had "fanned out" to occupy nearly 1/4 of the sky to the east of us. These clouds were very slow to dissapate, and continued to slowly drift east through the morning.

Then, at approximately 10:30 am, one of my fellow fisherman on the boat noticed a HUGE contrail coming up from the south. The plane passed directly overhead and was for lack of a better word "spewing" a huge cloud behind it. This fellow fisherman, somebody I know personally doesn't have any knowledge of the chemtrail story, made the comment "WOW, look at that jet...Its really making an exhaust trail." The plane continued on to the north and disappeared.

The "trail" left by this plane remained in the sky for hours. It also slowly drifted to the east and spread out over the course of hours. It seemed to help contribute to the sky becoming hazy during the afternoon hours. I personally do not know what to make of this chemtrail enigma, but this incident has conviced me that something unusual is going on.

Keep up the good work.
Thanks (please withold my name)

Alaska Chemtrails

From Cindy L. Carpenter

Hello Jeff,

FYI and listeners, chemtrails are back..after short break. Friday, Saturday and Sunday the sky was full of them..but this time they appeared to be making wide circles around the city and surrounding area. It was a clear blue sky the whole three days until these contrails/chemtrails started up. They left us with haze that just kept getting thicker and thicker. Nothing on the ground that I could detect.

However, early Sat. I came down with the worst headache I have had in years...and still have it. They have given me asthma attacks, sneezing, and the flu so far. I don't think we are going to get the truth about these things, maybe we should shoot one down . I consider them the enemy at this point. We are not getting answers to "who goes there" and in the military if you get no are shot on the spot.

I am so disgusted with our panty waste government. I just never dreamed ole Uncle Sam and all her boys in D.C could do this to us. See how "life" just doesn't mean anything anymore...all the way down to late term abortion.

Cindy in Alaska

From Ryan


One of the latest stories you posted on chemtrails reminded me of something I have observed recently. On Saturday, June 3rd I noticed a series of shorter parallel "chemtrail" lines south of Seattle. Since I have observed this previously, I've begun to wonder whether this is a new strategy to make the trails appear more "natural." From your recent story, it appears that others have observed this.

I then began thinking about how this could be accomplished. What caught my attention was the preciseness of the starting and stopping points of the trails. Perhaps the navigation beacons used to guide aircraft are being used to control the release of these substances.

From Eric Lynch

I, too, live in the Portland Area and saw all of this going on. I mentioned to my wife on Saturday morning that by noon we would not be able to see the blue sky.

As sure as can be, the sky was covered with a layer of thin, white spray. We also noticed a rainbow-like ring around the sun. The only time I ever say anything like that was in Alaska on very cold day.

It would seem as though these planes are at a high altitude, travelling at an extremely high rate of speed.

I went to the store this morning to get something for my sinuses. Nearly everything marked 'allergy' or 'sinus' was sold out. I do NOT have allergies, and neither do my wife and kids, but we all are stuffed up with headaches. Hardly slept last night.

Where do we go from here? (rhetorical)

Thanks lots,

Portland, Oregon - HEAVY Chemtrails, More Eyewitness Accounts
From Paul xxxxx

Dear Jeff,

Here's an update of my own from Portland, Oregon. I can't believe how HEAVY the chemtrails are, and that there's no accountability! Doesn't anyone else notice this??? What about air traffic controllers? What about meteorologists? So frustrating to be assaulted like this...Portland, Oregon Saturday, June 3rd, 2000:

Skies are a beautiful blue, and clear as a bell until about 11:00a/11:00hr. A jet passes overhead from South to North with a thick white plume of a trail behind it. Then it returns Southward about 20 miles West of Portland during the same thing, not even 10 minutes later. Then it starts all over again. Every 10 minutes from 11am until about 4pm -all day- heavy "contrails" spreading, dropping, hazing out our skies. Making a solar corona (rainbow around sun).

Makes sense too, (imagine taking a garden hose and spraying up in the air between you and your perspective of the sun, you get a circular rainbow.) Some trails are curved, some are crisscrossed, several weave back and forth along the trails made previously. Skies start to clear out by about 8:30pm/20:30hr.

Sunday, June 4th, 2000:

I had a lot of yard work to do, and put it off until Sunday so I wouldn't have to be out in it. Well too bad for me, it started again on Sunday only this time at about 9:30am/9:30hr. Same thing all day repeated spraying back and forth all day North to South. Just as it looks like it might dissipate, more jet trails show up...

Goes all day again, no relief all day... still happening at dusk, when REAL cumulous clouds start to move in (a welcome site!!)

It is so frustrating that someone won't allow us to enjoy a clear blue sky day. We had family over for a barbecue and everything. It's really depressing.

So, today my wife is home sick with a stomach flu, and I can't shake this migraine headache. (BTW: I've never had a migraine before, and I am allergic to nothing.)

Saturday night, a local station, KGW, had it's senior weather guy on, Jack Coppell - he's been doing the weather there for something like 45 years, his words were: "Many people having been calling us and asking us about this," he said while showing a picture of the solar corona). He continued, "This phenomenon is known as a Solar Halo, and is normally caused by ice crystals provided by high cirrus clouds. Since there are no high cirrus clouds, this is highly unusual."

That's it...

So, I took inspiration from one of the postings on the site, and called my local weather guy, and (Thankfully) got the young guy, I am hoping his youth will help provide some stubbornness in case he runs into any red-tape.

He DID notice the solar corona this weekend, he also noticed that the skies this weekend should have been clear as a bell. He said he's look into it. I Emailed him links for info on chemtrails and included links to reports about Portland's skies. I did warn him though that some of it involves fairly sinister conspiracy theories (so he wouldn't write it all off because someone thinks 50' Reptilian Aliens are responsible.) I did tell him that the least sinister of theories is that it is a Jet Fuel by product.

Get this: I called the news desk first to get connected. I asked the lady who answered the phone, "Did any one call you about the spraying this weekend?"

She says, "Spraying? No."

Then I said, "No one has called to report the heavy spray trails behind the jets this weekend over the skies?"

She said, "No, no one has said anything about it."

So, I said "Well, the jets over Portland are leaving highly unusual spray trails in the sky."

And she says, "Those are just normal jet contrails."...and kind of chuckled.

Obviously, she'd heard about it already one way or another. (Here we go delving into supposition again.)

I just want to stop it. I found myself watching it dissipate and a slight breeze would kick in... then another jet would come overhead, and another, and another. Relentless. Pathetic. Scary.

Sounds like we need to get bullhorns and go downtown.

Best Regards

Paul xxxxxx

From Jack in Seattle


On Saturday I rode my motorcycle from Seattle over the cascades to the Yakima Valley. From the east side of the cascades from the proximity of Cle Elem, WA.. I could see the chemtrails over the Yakima valley. I assume they were very high. In fact, I take the Canyon between Ellensburg and Yakima and could see them from that vantage point.

The first sighting was at approximately 11:00. I arrived In Yakima and observed the trails still being laid. The did not dissipate, but very slowly spread and intermixed. I left Yakima approximately 17:00, and reached Ellensburg only to find that I had left my fanny-pack which contains all my money, credit cards etc at my mothers home in Yakima.. I returned to Yakima using the freeway which rides up and over some relatively high hills... not sure what the altitude is but it's not a low as one would think.. From that vantage point I could see the chemtrails still in tact. I once again left Yakima at 18:00 and the trails were still very prominent in the sky although the sky was turning into a haze as a result.

After seeing on your sight the descriptions of last weekends trails in the Portland area I felt compelled to drop this line. I understand that they were also being spread over the soap lake area of Washington State. Apparently, it was not just the coastal region of the Pacific Northwest that was being "treated", nor was it only Oregon.

As I side note, I didn't really pay that much attention to the issue until the Sunday before the WTO fiasco here in Seattle. That morning while I was out on my morning walk I observed the same phenomenon. Contrails spread criss-crossed all over the sky.. a rare sunny day that morning, turned into a haze. anyway.. for what it's worth >


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