Chemtrails Over Idaho -
Photos Of Fallout On
Railroad Tracks

From John Bedini <> 4-26-00
Hi Jeff,
Thought you would want to see these pictures. They were taken with a Sony digital Camera X10. The date is's about 4:30 IN THE AFTERNOON. It was a heavy 'spray day' here in Coeur d' Alene as you can see from the pink color in the picture.
The very next morning I went to where the railroad tracks were because I knew that the chemical would show up...and it did. This stuff will burn your nose and eyes badly. I'm attaching all pictures. The railroad track pictures were taken at 8:30 in the morning, 4-25-00, on my way to work.
From John Terry <>
I read with interest the article and pictures from Idaho regarding the
chemtrail spraying. For most of the past two years, we here in Montana -
Billings to be exact - have not seen this type of activity overtly. The
past seven days have been very much the exception. Although I have no
pirctures to send, there has been an extreme degree of chemtrail formations
over this area.
On 4-25 and 4-26, a total of 10-15 separate chemtrails were present at an
given time in the visible horizons around Billings. We have a great deal
of trans-continental air traffic over us but this has far exceeded the
We have also had 'U-Turn' chemtrails not previously seen here. No visible
fallout has been evident...maybe due to the normally high wind patterns of
this time of year. Nonetheless, perhaps our lack of previous activity has
come to an end. Thank you for your diligent reporting of this ongoing
John Terry, MD


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