Of Casolaro, Murder,
The Octopus, And The
Island Of Dominca
From Vince Lodato <>

A reporter, Danny Casolaro, when investigating the INSLAW case came up with the term Octopus.
An Octopus is a shy creature. If it looses an arm in a fight it can regrow one, so too with this organization. These companies are expendable.
An Octopus can change its colors. So too with these companies. They are the pillars of Corporate America.
An Octopus can dig a hole in the sand several feet deep. So to with this organization. They have a "deep cover".
So Danny Casolaro thought allot when he came up with this name.
Finally the prey of an Octopus usually just passes by -- and then! So too with people and small companies. They don't look for the Octopus, but pass by and the Octopus finds them.
Who are the arms of the octopus organization. Well -- IBM, ATT, GM H, LOR, LMT, LEH, organized crime, and the rogue elements of the USA intelligence community.
Winston Churchill called the Octopus the High cabal, that was before what it turned into today. As long as the world exist there will always be an Octopus. For its purpose is the same old thing -- money and power.
However the Octopus of the 21 Century, left a trail. It cost the lifes of Casolaro, Standorf, Lubin and my sister Joan.
The trail that all can see, and have no doubt of its existence is on the Island of Dominica and the SECRET NON USA ECHELON BASE. We have asked the Republicans and the Democrats to check out Dominica. They have done nothing.
Either there is a secret base on Dominica or not... easy to check and very OBJECTIVE.
In the neighborhood of $2 to $3 billion dollars was spent from the late 1980's to the 1990s.
They cannot erase it, but its up to the proper law enforcement authorities and the Congress of the USA to expose this to all the American people.
Please click and read. This is a real story. There are no copyrights..just use it properly.
The Octopus & The Physicist

The reason for Alan Standorf's death is listed below. (Note - Standorf is reported to be the former NSA agent who gave data to Danny Casolaro).
My sister was murdered. Her home was looted and arsoned, and her company destroyed. This is very real, objective, and I feel so sad inside over what I have found. I saw your recent article (on Rumor Mill News) about Mr. Alan Standorf and is the final piece of the puzzle...
Vince Lodato, PhD
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I have walked the Casolaro walk, not by choice but because of my sister's murder.
Here is what I found. There are no copyrights about this story; it is very sad, and at the age of 59 with a PhD in physics. I give these notes to the readers of Rumor Mill News and all.
Now I know why Danny Casolaro, who was a journalist, and at the end didn't care about his book, etc., etc.
The Story of the Secret base on Dominica and the murders that followed:
Notes of Other Posts on RMN
In the Caribbean, is the tiny Island of Dominica, not the Dominican Republic. This small island nation was once a territory of England, and only recently was granted soverignity.
The Question is: "Why a secret "private non USA" base in this country?"
This tiny nature island has a small native population. It is located near the equator and between the two continents and is ideally and geographically positioned for satellite communications. Since it has its own soviergnity, it is very difficult for any law enforcement agencies to monitor and/or investigate.
But the most important reason for this base is: There is the trememdous amount of geothermal energy. It has the only Boiling Lake in the world. To run a secret "non USA" Project Echelon base (see an earlier post: Sunday Nov 14,1999 on Project Echelon), it takes allot of energy...and this is an independent renewable energy resource that would attract minimial attention while in continual operation.This type of energy source has been built near an Indian Reseveration for a cost of only $25,000,000...and not used for farming, commerical, industrial or public use.
Last year this has been confirmed by a reliable source from within Dominica the geothermal power plant exists. Also Danny Casolaro, when alive, through a Mr. Nichols in California was made aware of this source. He reported this observation in his notes. Casolaro was going to expose the connections between some unauthorized black projects involving Hughes, (an Octopus company), and the power Elite. He was given this information by a government employee and had hard evidence of who was the head of the Octopus Group..(see Bill Hamilton's post under the quoted above reported post) and shortly after his investigation he was killed.
Dominica has off shore gambling, and off shore banking. You can become a citizen there for a fee of $50,000.00 and enjoy a tax haven. It is a very quite island inhabited mainly by native indians. In the CIA factbook it is listed as a place for farming, relatively quite, but used on the drug routes between the Americas. There is no mention of this geothermal power plant. Finally on this tiny quite will find the nerve center, a secret base, for the information flow of the world...and a "NON USA" Private Project Echelon...being powered by this geothermal energy plant.
Right after the Grenada Crisis, ties were established between the "Power Elite of the USA" and Dominica. This nation gained its independence in 1978. Dominica's Defense group is divided into two segments: the regular police between 500-700 individuals, and a Special Service Unit (SSU) of a few hundred personnel. The SSU was originally privately funded and entrusted with the National Security of Dominica. From time to time these two units have clashed. In the Late 1980's Dominica's Government passed the State Security Act giving the SSU "Broad Powers" supposedly for preserving National Security. The interesting part of the SSU, is that Mr. Nichols, an American, was the first head of the SSU and well connected with the Octopus Group. This is the same Mr. Nichols who gave Casolaro the information about the geothermal power plant in Dominica. As of this posting the SSU is alive and well in Dominica, and so is the power plant.
Project Echelon is a multinational government venture between the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc. The purpose is to be able to gather ALL information and process it via using computers, satellites, and all telecommunication equipment. France has tried to build their own system, and CHINA has one now. We can understand the reason why countries desire such a protect their soveignity. Danny Casolaro found out that Project ECHELON was going private, and that a listening post, an underground base, was set up on the tiny Island of Dominica. The builders of such a system included the "OCTOPUS COMPANIES" plus the power Elite of the world. (See an earlier post about the Octopus companies.) In the new millenium, it is the direction of control of information that will rule the world...this is accomplished by the "NEW" Private (non USA) Echelon Project, and one of the KEY locations exist on the Island of Dominica.
This last bit of information cost him his life, and in an indirect manner it cost the lives of Dr. Moshe Lubin of Hampshire Instrument, and was instrumental in the murder of Joan LoDato, the brother of one of the principals of BBE.
Danny Casolero started on Inslaw. The last thing before his death, he was investigating the project on the Island of Dominica, and relating it to the Octopus companies, and some people in Colorado, California, and good old New York City -- the finanical district. Danny believed the leader lived in New York, and was a past Treasury Secretary. Vince, you are right about Echelon. The late Senator Church, head of the US Senate Intelligence Committee worried about its makers (the Octopus companies) taking it private. The Senator was right and so are you!
We reported earlier of a secret base on the Island of Dominica, that is a NON USA GOVERNMENT facility. Some of the people who are aware of this base are the leaders of the octopus companies such as: Dr Armstrong the present ceo of AT&T, Louis Gerstner, the CEO of IBM, John Akers, a Partner in Lehmann Brothers. All three are members of the CFR and two are members of the Trilateral Commission. This base is a NWO secret information center (their Project Echelon)
In New York City, the Head of the Octopus, that Danny Casolero discovered was Douglas Dillon, past Secretary of the US Treasury and past Ambassador to France ....he was intimiately related to the CFR, IMF, World Bank, knew the Warboug's quite well, and has a very long association with the Rockefeller Family, etc. Mr. Dillon was the tie between the USA "Power Elite" and the European "Power Elite". He knew about Project Echelon and the multinational relations between the respective countries. He was the major "finanical architect" for bringing this project "private." The late Senator Church, head of the Senate Intelligence Committee, warned the Congress about the potential of Echelon going private, and the effect on the National Security of the USA, namely the loss of constitutional rights.
The plan is to control the information flow, introduce a global smart card for all, and control all the global finances via the privatization of Project Echelon by its builders, these multinational high technology corporations headed by the "Power Elite." In an earlier post the major Octopus companies are identified on the RMN board. Ask Raye, for more information about these companies. She can help you. In concluding, this is what lead Danny Casolaro all over the world from P2, to England, to all the major banks, etc, etc. He started this with Inslaw and uncovered this gigantic finanical global power plan.
The NSA intercepted some messages that linked the Octopus companies and Mr. Dillon. A whistlerblower in the NSA who saw that the Constitution of the USA was, and still is, in grave danger by these so called protectors of the USA way of life gave Danny hard evidence of linking Dillon, the Octopus companies, and the secret Dominica base. The whistleblower feared that this information would be squelched by the small but effective Octopus cabal agents within certain areas of the NSA and this would not get into appropriate hands within the NSA. Hence his communications with Danny Casolaro was to insure that the US Congress had this hard evidence. Senator Byrd's staff was aware of this before Danny died. Octopus agents were dispersed and you know the rest. Finally Ambassador Dillon, I believe is still alive, lives in NYC, and in his 90's.
IBM has sold and continues to sell supercomputers to the PRC that are linked with the PRC's bases throughout the world. Two such locations are the missile tracking and Echelon stations in Kiribati and Guinea. The island nation of Kiribati is composed of three groups; the Gilbert Islands, Line Islands and Phoenix Island. They received their independence from the UK in 1979. On the Gilbert Islands, the PRC has a tracking station for ICBM monitoring. This station is located near the equator and most likely acts as a listening post for the chinese Echelon project.
IBM's super computer technology is critical for these stations. In the recent past the US Government awarded a hugh National Laboratory supercomputer technology contract to IBM, while at the same time IBM tired to destroy Cray Technology, an american company--the inventors of the supercomputer. Some of this technology was used in the super computers sold to the PRC by IBM.
In West Africa in Guinea, formerly known as French Guinea, there is a very heavy PRC chinese contingency at this young nation. In the comparison of this country with the island nation of Dominica there are striking similarities. (On Dominica there is/or was/ a secret "private" Echelon Project --see a much lower post in early Nov. 1999). It was confirmed by a source in the Washington DC area, that there is a PRC monitoring base for the guidance of ICBM and the Chinese Project Echelon. With these facts, IBM continues to sell the latest super computers to the PRC, just for the GREEN, and forgot about the Red, White and Blue. But IBM takes the GREEN from the Red, White and Blue.
The lobbying efforts of IBM at NSA, the Congress, and in the White House through Podesta Associates is extraordinary.It is quite obvious that IBM must have made some deals to circumvent the sale of supercomputer technology to the PRC--even in light of these secret bases.
Just to demonstrate the foolishness of IBM/NSA scenario. If the back door is there on these supercomputers, then the chinese can perform modifications whereby selected data that was spied upon will "returns spurious information".So Echelon can become "highly ineffective" in communicating information to the USA policy makers. Remember this information is transferred indirectly to the Congress and the Administration. If we go a step further, since the DoD is using this information for tactical and strategic planning it is devasting to the Security of the USA. If there are back doors then the effect Echelon coupled with the IBM's supercomputer sales is the best offensive weapon system the PRC possesses against the USA.
The chinese understand IBM great need to sell; IBM has a hold via lobbying on NSA; and NSA's Echelon is an integral part of our intelligence community; therefore the chinese penetrated the inner secrets of the USA via this avenue. If this is in the Cox report then it should be PUBLIC and an open debate occur in the Congress. This will aid immensely for world security. However if IBM/NSA has no back door on these supercomputers, and since these supercomputers are used directly against the USA, then at present, and for the time being, all supercomputer of this type (IBM's RS6000 series etc) should be banned for sale to the PRC. We can sell the chinese many many other commodities, develop a great relationship with them, and over some time possibly change---but not now.
Echelon, Casolaro & "Murder" From vince < 5-16-00
The death of Danny Casolaro can easily be solved. According to Danny Casolero's notes, the information he received from a former NSA employee, and a Robert Booth Nicholls of LA California is that Project Echelon went private and had a secret base on the island of Dominica with a $25,000,000 geothermal power plant to power this complex--see a lower post on RMN. If this is true, then the reason for his murder stems from the NSA/octopus companies--IBM, ATT, LOR, Gm H, LMT and LEH (see another Post below). These facts can easily be checked out and leave no room for the simplest conjecture. Either it is, or it isn't about the secret non USA Echelon base on the Island of Dominica.
If it is, then the Douglas Dillon connection is very real; and the Congress should immediately start an "OPEN" investigation and let all the cards fall publically. If this information is ignored by any Agency, then their is fear of retaliation from this Octopus group that also killed Moshe Lubin and Joan LoDato. (See the lower posts on Hampshire Instruments and BBE respectively on RMN.)
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The Octopus companies use the Echelon Project by data mining and collecting economic information about their competitors large or small.
As an example Rayethon and SCR-Thompson were both bidding on a contract from Brazil. ATT with the help of Echelon intercepted some information concerning the SCR-Thompson communication with Brazil's government. Based on this information Rayethon had the competive edge and it won the contract with the help of Echelon.
Remember the four companies IBM, ATT, LOR, and LMT are major contractors for NSA. If you doubt this just write the NSA under the FOIA and ask.NSA is a great agency provided it works within it charter; but the tapping of information by these companies is an outright scandal and illegal.
Recently on the message board the Octopus Group was mentioned. The goal of this group is to control the tranport of information for the next century. By so doing, this group will be the most powerful group in the world. Lehmann Bro will be their investment banker...IBM will make the key chips and computers for the information age...AT&T will be the leading communications company-- fiber optics etc....Loral will be the leading satellite company in the world...Lockheed- Martin will be the leading defense contractor and control the information technology for global defense...General Motors through its electronic subs and its sheer size is the sixth a previous communication there net assets, sales and profits were reported. There combined assets are over $0.5trillion dollars...with profits of $21B/yr (in 1997). These six companies overtly control the US government. Consider the following facts: LMT is the largest federal contractor. GM is the fourth largest federal contractor. ATT is the 20 th largest contractor. IBM is 44 th largest contractor.
However for Information Technology for US Government contracts their rankings are LMT (1); GM..(3); ATT...(4); IBM...(18)
Collectively these four companies control information technology for the US government. This means the CIA, NSA, FBI, DOJ, etc are at their mercy and they are at present.
Loral is a company incorporated in Bermuda with questionable ties and holds sensitive electronic communication technology relating NSA etc. THE INSLAW CASE-- Danny Casolaro tied these six companies to organized crime either the Gambino or Genevese crime family where their monies and God know who elses monies, probably drug money was funneled into these companies....the yukuza had ties with Lockheed well documented, and the IBM company has been in Japan for nearly 50 years...also check out..... each of these companies has had their stocks have swings over 100% in the last three years.....the ONLY WAY THESE STOCKS can double and triple in sales is-- if they control the INFORMATION AGE....
Concluding on the Octopus companies and repeating some of the above:
Consider LOR, it's on the NYSE. Check the company out. It is incorporated in Bermuda. Why is a $2 billion dollar American company that handles ultra secret projects incorporated in a foreign country? Back in the 1970, LOR had a big scandal and mob connections. Recently their is the problem of Bernie Schwartz, the CEO of LOR, and his contributions to the present Administration.
LMT when it was just Lockheed back in the 1970's had ties with the Yakuza. I know this is old information, but it shows these companies will and have dealt with anyone.
IBM corporation is a convicted felon as of last year. Yes felon, for selling supercomputers to Russia. I assure you if you tried to do such a thing you would be in jail and they would throw away the key. But IBM just got a $8.5M fine and all was hush hush.
GmH and LOR just had a big investigation for selling missile technology to the chinese.
So in conclusion I would not worry about the NSA per se, but I am very concerned of the misuse of Project Echelon by these octopus companies. This could only occur if there are some bad apples in NSA. This may be a hard pill for some to take, but years ago when I consulted for the GAO on certain projects I use to say, "I found out that motherhood was prostitution."Dominica is real. The private Project Echelon is real. These companies are real IBM, LOR, LMT and GmH.
Finally the concerns of the late Senator Church is real. Who are watching the contractors of Project Echelon? Remember Casolero and Standorf tried to alert the Congress and it ended in their death via murder.
Alan Standorf worked for the NSA/NRO. Through geographic pictures taken by satellites of the tiny island nation of Dominica the construction of the secret private echelon base may have been spotted. At first it may have been taken as a foreign base by some government say the chinese. But upon further investigation, Alan Standorf found it was the Octopus alliance of USA companies. As the hard information was collected, it had to be released first to the Congress, and then the Congress would release it to the public. This was based on the gravity and nature what was found. Danny Casolaro was chosen by Alan Standorf. Unfortunately, the boys had to stop them. and you know the rest...check lower posts
In the NWO (or whatever you want to call this cabal), the Power Elite... the plan is the control of information. They realize if this could be accomplished they can rule the world and they really believe they know what's best for all of us. Since part of the plan are private control centers like in Dominica...which exits today, ...and men like Douglas Dillon who is passing on his powers to men like Louis Gerstner (IBM), Mike Armstrong (ATT), and John Akers (LEH) who are all members of the CFR. The latter three have their professional growth from IBM.
The main plan calls for E- money, smart cards, bigger and faster supercomputers for the control and monitoring the "global" information flow, and super super chips in satellites needed for the private Echelon Project. This all spells the need for chips with design rules down to 0.2 to 0.05 microns, or simple put, ultra high density chips with billion and billions of more microelectronic components and finer interconnecting wires.
This chip manufacturing process takes of the order of 800 to 1400 manufacturing steps and a host of tools. However there is one draw back--the "manufacturing type" lithography tool is not made. Also the light source needed for this tool requires wavelengths of light less than the feature size of the components..lets say for a wire 0.05 microns in width, one must use an x-ray light source with an alignment tool called a step and repeat tool. Hampshire Instrument was going to solve this problem and make a COST EFFECTIVE MANUFACTURING tool.
Hence Hampshire Instruments and Dr. Moshe Lubin (the founder) came on the scene in the 1980's. Lubin built the x-ray light source but used an old step and repeat tool. He was funded by Harvard University for $50,000,000, Venrock $25,000,000 (the venture capital group for the Rockefeller) and another $25,000,000 from a group in California, and finally with a $20,000,000 loan from NYS.
Over a ten year period Lubin built several versions of this tool. In the final version of this tool he was promised more money from "The Boys". When he was just about done, they pulled his funding, bankrupt the company and allowed NYS to own the patents; all the Boys from IBM, ATT, NSA (that's John O'Hara group...Dr O'Hara was the number 2 man in NSA, their chief Scientist)...all effectively stole Lubins work. Lubin tried to bring back his company by getting other sources of funding. However before he could accomplish this, they found him dead. They say he hung himself in his basement.
I have known Lubin for over 30 years, not as a friend but a colleague. He graduated from Cornell with a PHD, started the high energy laser lab at the University of Rochester, was one of the Rockefeller groups favorite young scientist etc...worked has a VP for them at an oil company...and then founded Hampshire Instruments...after much investigation I believe he did not hang himself but was murdered.
Why was he murdered?? He was going to get funded outside the Group, this threaten their plans. This x-ray lithography tool was really going to go public. They would not control the tool. Hence the chip manufacturing process, hence the control of the information flow....and men like Dillon, Gerstner, Armstrong, O'Hara, etc etc etc would fail. and the global economy that they dreamed of controlling would not exist. So Lubin had to go. They were either directly or indirectly responsible for his murder. "The ends do not justify the means."
The next company to come on the scene is my company Bizzy Bee Equipment (BBE)...we tried to pick up where Lubin left off...
Note on IBM's CEO
The old guard is changing and the new ones are arriving. No matter what one has to say about faction one, the old leaders had "some class" but the new ones well....they're brutal.
Consider Louis Gerstner, the CEO of IBM for seven or so years: During his tenure the following events occurred.
(1) IBM was criminally-convicted of selling super computers to the Russians for atomic weapon research. IBM received only a $8.5M fine and it was in the news for only one day.
(2) IBM sold one the largest supercomputers in the world to China via Hong Kong. It is reported to be used in the chinese Echelon project.
(3) IBM was caught in bribing and payoffs in a $250M contract with Banco Nacio in Argentina. The trail lead back to IBM Corporate in NY. IBM had a similar incidence in Mexico. IBM bought their way out of it via the political influence and money. Gerstner hired Podesta Associates. The owner of this firm has a brother who is chief of staff to President Clinton. Consequently Gerstner has an in the the White House.
(4) When Companies and individuals get in the way of their plan...they die!!!...Judge Bagnasco witness in Argentina. Other example: the murder of Joan LoDato in Kingston, NY.
(5) Under Gerstner leadership IBM set up an Institute to tell governments how to act in the Information Age. Gerstner is a member of the Tri Lateral Commission, the CFR...and a voice in the Bilderbergers.
(6) Under Gerstner leadership, tens of thousands of americans lost their jobs at IBM. These same jobs were and are being transferred to IBM China and IBM India.
(7) Gerstner has a modest salary of only a few million a year. However over his tenure he made over one billion dollars from his stock options.... A poor boy who became rich...and sold his soul and lack of concern for the USA for money...This is an example of the new NWO leaders.
BBE was a company that had the capabilities to make a step and repeat tool for these ultra high density chips. When Hampshire went under, BBE had the opportunity to purchase the patent portfolio of Hampshire. With BBE assets and Hampshire's patent, an american success story would have been told. But the Octopus via IBM had something more in store for BBE. Under the leadership of Gerstner and Akers, its present and past CEO, IBM destroyed the company.
IBM criminally violated the Lanan Act with a government contract that it was administering for a synchrotron stepper...IBM via a third party tried to bribe one of the founders to stop pursuing the Hampshire patent portfolio. When they didn't succeed, IBM through the Wachnehut Corporation hired "contractors" and one of the founder's homes was arsoned and his sister killed in the fire.
One of BBE key principals had all monies tied up in BBE fight with IBM. Consequently he had no insurance on this home; and didn't expect arson to occur; but it occurred, the house was also looted, BBE documents stolen, and BBE destroyed.IBM bought their way out of this one too, just like the hanging (murder in Argentina)with Bank Nacion.
The reason for IBM's actions is based on the fact, that they desperately need to control this technology--the x-ray lithography tool manufacturing. These are the printing presses for E-money and being transferred to China.
In fact Gerstner transferred some of this technology to China. What deals did he make? We know that Armstrong, a past IBMer, sold out America to China (the missile crisis) when he was CEO of Hughes now CEO of AT&T.
Yes, the Casolaro Octopus is well, and so is IBM, its key company. Gerstner reportedly made one billion dollars in stock options over a period of six or so years.
Finally, my sister is dead and that is real. She died because of a fire and that is real, and my home was arsoned and that is real. Therefore, my sister was murdered..via second degree murder and that is, this is why I pursue this avenue....the dead cry out for JUSTICE and hopefully as this story unfolds the proper law enforcement agencies will put this all to rest and let JUSTICE prevail..


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