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Note - We receive many, many emails about the fight against the IRS and the illegality of the income tax. Please note next Wednesday we will be doing an in-depth program on House bill HR 2525, which will ABOLISH the IRS and the tax system and replace it with a simple national sales tax. This may well be the most important bill of the last 100 years to be introduced in the Congress. The email below is one small example of the fight against an illegal and unjust tax system that.
From Joe Schiaffino < This letter ran this morning in response to their editorial of Tuesday, April 18, 2000.
The Intelligencer - 4-20-00 Letters to the Editor Courageous stand against income tax
To the Editor:
While I appreciate the attention you have given Art Farnsworth and me in our quest to educate our fellow citizens regarding the truth about the federal income tax, I would like to address some statements from your April 18 editorial.
First, you state that "maybe it's not so much what we know as how we choose to interpret the tax laws." If we are still the free country that we profess, then I believe everyone needs to stand up for what the law says, and not what everyone thinks the law says.
It says something for the majority of our complacent citizenry that when people like Mr. Farnsworth and I make statements that contradict the conventional wisdom, we are ridiculed by the masses. Unfortunately, that is easier than actually doing the hard work of investigating the validity of our statements. The federal income tax debate has indeed become the modern-day world is flat vs. round debate.
Second, we are not "stiffing the government." If the law does not require you to do something, and you do not do that something, you haven't done anything wrong. What you call brazenness we call courage -courage to stand up and inform our fellow citizens about the truth of the federal income tax laws.
Third, it is a sad state of affairs in this once great country of ours that the citizenry is cowed into submission by the fear and intimidation of a rogue agency given carte blanche to terrorize unknowing citizens by their elected representatives in Congress. Yes, there is always a risk in standing up for one's rights.
Fourth, do you really expect the IRS to agree that Mr. Farnsworth and I are correct? That would certainly kill "business." Sen. Arlen Specter and Rep. Dick Armey have both told me they cannot identify the law that requires me to pay federal income taxes and that I should hire an attorney to help make that determination for me.
Fifth, many people, including you, misinterpret what we are saying. The 16th Amendment is constitutional. The Internal Revenue Code and the federal income tax are constitutional. On this the IRS' Mr. Cressman, Mr. Farnsworth, and I agree. However, as a citizen of one of the fifty states, who lives and works in one of those fifty States, no law requires me to pay a federal income tax, since I am not involved in any revenue taxable activity. The Internal Revenue Code simply does not apply to most of us.
Sixth, we don't "refuse to pay because of some perceived injustice," as you stated. We don't pay because there is no law that requires us to pay. It is really that simple. We are not "tax scofflaws" because we don't "participate" in a federal tax system that does not require us by law to participate in it. Ask Mr. Cressman which code sections make us liable to pay a federal income tax. I haven't seen his answer in any of your articles or editorials.
Seventh, I am perfectly willing to publicly debate this issue with any tax attorney, IRS employee or member of Congress. You make the arrangements and I'll be there.
Lastly, for a thorough discussion of the true nature of the federal income tax, supported solely by the Constitution of the United States, the Internal Revenue Code and relevant Supreme Court cases, please visit my Web site at introduc.html
Only then can you make an informed decision as to the correctness of my and Mr. Farnsworth's actions.
Joseph P. Schiaffino Perkasie


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