Chemtrails Billow Over
Minneapolis-St. Paul
From Mike Cherry <>

Hello. My name is Mike Cherry and I live in the great state of Minnesota, Land of Ten Thousand Lakes, great fishing, clear water and clear skies. I sadly want to report what was definitely chemtrail spraying in the Minneapolis-St Paul area over this previous weekend, specifically April 29th. This is very depressing for me, for although I've heard and read about chemtrails in other parts of the country, I was beginning to think Minnesota was 'immune' to this disease.
I live in an eastern Twin Cities suburb named Oakdale, and was out shopping on Saturday morning. On the way back home I noticed 3 'contrails', all running west to east, and coming directly my way was a plane spraying a fourth. I pulled the car over in a local park and got out to watch for several minutes.
As the plane passed overhead, I had a perfect look at it. It was a large silver or white jet aircraft without markings, about 20,000 feet up, exactly like the pictures I've seen on the internet. It was spewing a huge, billowing chemtrail behind it. I watched as it passed eastward toward the Wisconsin border 8 miles away. The trail it left was spread across the length of the sky, and I could see at least ten miles of it from my vantage point.
I then looked to the southwest and spotted a second plane also leaving a trail. I got back in my car and went home and pointed out the trails to my wife, my son, and my daughter. We all watched throughout the morning and part of the afternoon as this same plane passed from west to east over our home over and over again, spewing the same white cloud. By 11:30 the sky, which had been perfectly clear in the early morning, was hazed over. The sun was shining through but that's all. I also took note of the fact that the plane always took a northern track over the cities, and that the wind was blowing south, therefore anything falling to the ground would hit the cities and not fall too far to the south.
About then is when I decided I'd had enough apathy for one day, so I called two of our local television stations, KSTP and WCCO, both of whom have a news reporting phone line. The girl at KSTP wanted to know if I lived out in the rural areas, was I a farmer(?), and maybe I was seeing farms being sprayed? I politely pointed out to her that I live in the suburbs, I was seeing a LARGE plane, the 'contrails' weren't dissipating, and if I were a farmer, I'd know the difference between a small plane spraying my fields at 100 feet above the ground and what I was seeing at 20,000 feet. She didn't seem overly impressed with my response, but 'promised' they would look into it (yeah, right).
The guy I spoke to at WCCO was even less interested. It blows my mind that this is going on and yet no one even takes notice of it, or shows the least bit of concern. The sheer level of the apathy is appalling. I walked over to two of my neighbor's homes and spoke to them about it. Neither had ever heard of this phenomenon, so I pointed out the chemtrails in the sky, then gave them direction to related sites on the internet. Both sets of neighbors were gravely concerned about what was being put into our skies (health concerns, etc.). I did my best to explain to them what little I know about this phenomenon.
By about 5 pm, the sky was again clear, as the spraying had stopped at about 12:30 or 1 pm.
This is the first time I'd seen this in our area, and in fact I'd begun to doubt the existence of such spraying until I saw it for myself. I wish to apologize to those who have been researching this phenomenon, for my lack of faith. When you see nothing in the newspapers or on local or national news programs, you tend to drift toward the skeptical side of things. I now know better...
Mike Cherry


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