Listener Beats Chemtrails
By Installing Air Filtration
System & Wearing Respirator
From Cal 'Spinner' Bright <>

Dear Jeff...
I have been listening faithfully and I never cease to be amazed at your wide and thorough coverage of the most important information I know of out there. Congratulations! I know you are really busy and quite frankly you can work circles around me.
I am happy to say my energy level is up since I started Oxy-C and got a respirator for those hazy days when the planes have a mind to spray. We have been under heavy assault here in North Florida. This brings me to what is weighing heavy on my mind.
As you know, I have been collecting footage for a documentary on the subject as it has been occurring here. I am attaching a link to download the recent photos from my area in a zip format. This represents some of my digital photos on the phenomena.
I was drawn into this because I was having unexplainable upper chest pains. The doctors couldn't find the cause. I spent over a thousand dollars on tests. Since I am a student, this was a huge out of pocket expense. Needless to say, I was very aggravated. I had the usual, chronic fatigue, headaches, stiff neck, chest pains, heartburn, and diarrhea.
Then I was listening to your show , and heard about the chemtrail phenomena and began to watch. I soon discovered that I was a sensitive to them. I am happy to report that since I have installed air filtration in my house, and I since I started wearing a respirator when I am the least bit suspicious of spraying, my symptoms have almost disappeared.
Thanks to the information you made available to me through your broadcast my quality of life has greatly improved. I am going to be ok, but I am really concerned about family and friends. I implore you to please do a monthly report on this phenomena. We need to know people are trying to get to the bottom of this. I fear if we don't get the "100 monkeys" necessary to wake up the group mind soon there will be such a loss of life seen from this that it will be the greatest crime against humanity in history. Feel free to use the photos, my letter, or link to my page on the subject.
The URL is:
So, Jeff, I am begging you to please continue your efforts to unravel this mystery and to increase your efforts. I have elderly parents and they too have been severely affected, especially my mom. I am saddened by the lack of awareness in the general population. I also know people who know about it, have the facts and still do not protect themselves. I find this astonishing. They say things like, "I had just rather die with everyone else." I can not tell you how much sharper my thinking is also since I started protecting myself. Thanks again!
Keep up your awesome work. You can count on me to listen and tell everyone else to as well.
Cal "Spinner" Bright


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