Hillary's Amerika Is
Closer Than You Think
By James Henry
There was something decidedly menacing about the Democratic Party Congress in New York State. As if drilled and commanded by dedicated kultural kommissars, five thousand or so delegates responded as one to Hillary's monotonic speech, many working themselves into a frenzy, frantically trying to out-clap those around them. It was all so sadly reminiscent of those Nazi documentaries I saw so many years ago in which German females of all ages responded with an orgasmic-like intensity to Hitler's ranting.
Now no one has ever ascribed rhetorical gifts to Hillary, as boring a speaker as one is ever likely to hear. And yet her disciplined admirers had so worked themselves into an emotionally charged state that they reacted to Hillary's droning as of it were electrifying rhetoric. This spectacle is so alien to American political tradition and so totalitarian in its subtext that I felt an unpleasant tingling sensation' one I had no trouble in associating with a dreadful feeling of foreboding.
The fanatical response of Hillary's disciples made me think that something very special in America was being extinguished. I think I now know how those decent Germans who valued civilized traditions and the best in Western thought must have felt as they saw the malevolent Hitler and his fanatical followers drag Germany into an intellectual dark age.
That something very unAmerican (a terribly reactionary word) was going to happen was presaged by the deliberately disgusting behavior of some of Hillary's admirers before the conference began. Proudly carrying Ol Glory, an Albany Police Honor Guard in full-dress uniform led the Police Department's Pipes and Bags into the Pepsi Arena, only to be spat on by Hillary supporters and abused as "Nazis" and "members of the Third Reich." This vile behavior was no aberration. This is exactly what so-called new Democrats (the intellectual dregs of our humanities and legal departments) really think. To them uniforms and the Stars and Stripes symbolise oppression' racism, sexism, rape (except when Bill Clinton does it) capitalism and probably even child abuse.
Did Hillary apologise for her supporters, behavior? Of course, not. Did the New York media rush to report it? No way. Christopher Hitchens, a left-wing writer, observed that the New York media is just an extension of the Clinton political machine; a fact he found especially disturbing. Under the Clintons freedom of the press has now come to mean freedom to apply with impunity the politics of personal destruction to the Democrats, enemies. These Democrats and their media toadies are without integrity or honor. They are people who entertain only contempt for patriotism, the Constitution and those values that made the Republic the envy of the world.
Despite what some may think, I,m not exaggerating when I say a Hillary victory will pose a long-term danger to American liberties. Putting aside her support for the drug-peddling Black Panthers, her White Water shenanigans, her perjury, the vicious role she played in trashing her husband's victims or even her cruel treatment of Billy Dale and the White House Travel Office staff, etc., there is also her support for the administration's assault on the fourth amendment.
It is now indisputable that her husband and Reno violated the fourth in the Elian Gonzalez case. Moreover, this pair are in the process of inserting a secret search measure that would allow any federal agency to not only enter without warning and without a warrant any American home and search it but to also enter any home in the absence of the owner or tenant. In other words, they would have the legal, right to break into any home at will and search it in complete defiance of the fourth amendment.
If this latest Clinton outrage is not a threat to American liberties I,m at a complete loss to know what is. But before any American complains let him first recall that this fascist measure is intended to formalise what Clinton and Reno did to Elian Gonzalez and his Miami relatives. Those who supported that attack on the Constitution are in imminent danger of reaping what they helped sow.
The irony has not been lost on those who fully understand that the Constitution was designed by wise men to frustrate the inordinate political ambitions of those like the Clintons who believe they have the right to use power in any way they see fit, even if it means destroying the Constitution and the liberties it was meant to protect.


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