White House Built
Hi-Tech Shield To
Cover Illegal Contacts
World Affairs Brief
By Joel Skousen <>
The US government has a long tradition of keeping records on everything, including its own SECRET internal operations. Now that the ratio of legitimate and legal government activities to its dark side activities is diminishing, especially during the Clinton administration, this meticulous and reduntant tracking system of tape recorders, phone logs, computer tapes and paper reports, threatens to expose more dark side government activities than protect legal ones.

Part of these systems are required by law in order to meet Congressional accountability standards, since Congress pays the bills at the White House. But most of the top secret tracking systems are kept within the bowels of the dark side of government anyway and Congress is never allowed to know of their existance. They are used for purposes of internal coercion of employees who may threaten to reveal dark side activities. Occassionally, information from these tracking systems surfaces as leaks to the liberal press when the Powers That Be (PTB) want to destroy some government agent or high level leader (like Richard Nixon).
The White House has spent nearly $70 million dollars in the past 8 years changing out the old tracking systems and replacing them with new ones which deny congressional and OMB auditors and investigators, the crucial links between illegal activities and contacts and those who actually made those contacts. Here is what they have done. As I reported earlier, Northrop-Grumman was brought in to change over the White House computer system and modify the email tracking and recording system. Unknown programmers, working directly for the White House, apparently modified the tracking program so that two sections of the White House, including the Clinton,s and their most trusted aides would not have their emails logged or recorded. These sensitive emails were routed to a separate bank of computers, so that when Congress supeaned electronic records relative to illegal campaign contributions, these emails (over a million of them) would not show up.
The White House recording system, tape recording all calls, has been split into two sections--one public for non-sensitive employees (that Congress knows about), and another which is classified "top secret for National Security employees (which has been broadened to include all key White House political hacks who have conversations to hide). Most of these calls are done on secure, encrypted phones. Congress knows something exists in this area, but is never allowed to have access.

Lastly, The President and first Lady have special phones that supposedly has no recording devices to ensure their privacy. However, it wouldn,t surprise me if these are also tied into the "top secret system. The dark side always likes to capture plenty of "dirt on high level officials just to keep them in line. With the high level of technology used by government today, virtually no one can guarantee they are immune to privacy invasions if they are speaking on public systems. Spying back and forth between various factions of the dark side of government is rampant, according to the few CIA and FBI defectors that are still alive. This is how mid-level operatives protect their turf and give themselves insurance against being taken down by other factions.
Recently, it has come to light that the White House spent $25 million dollars modifying their telephone call tracking system to make sure phone logs throughout the White House system do NOT record the actual telephone number of the person making the call. Virtually all telephone logging equipment on the market today tracks all routing from the initiating telephone to the destination phone. What the White House had to do to give general anonymity to its illegal activities was to modify the system (at great expense) so that all specific traces to initiating phones would be generalized into a group area (like the West Wing of the White House--a huge staff building--or the East Wing, etc). So, now, while an investigator could track how many calls were going to China, he could not detect who was making the calls--a perfect way to allow the White House to later claim "plausible deniability and defer blame to the ever-available "rogue employee" excuse.

Worldnetdaily's Paul Sperry did some fine investigative work during the past month detailing this powerful telephone shielding system. He found out from Sheryl Hall, a former White House official who managed the PBX switch and the AT&T contractors, that "They had the software changed out with AT&T, so you don't see the originating telephone number at the user's desk." Sperry says that "By masking international phone activity, the White House may have withheld potentially valuable information from federal investigators looking into scandals such as Chinagate.

For years, officials have been telling Congress and federal prosecutors that they can't turn over more detailed phone records, which have been subpoenaed, because of phone system limitations. What they've failed to mention, says Perry, is that "they paid AT&T programmers" to install those limitations. When Sperry called a current White House telephone manager, he said, "I'm not allowed to talk about it. That's what I've been instructed to do." He said it was a matter of security, which would be an illegal use of the "national security shield, since the White House phone system is not classified.
While routinely thumbing through AT&T's long-distance records, Hall says she was shocked by spikes in White House calls to certain countries during and after the 1996 Clinton-Gore campaign. "Each month I would review the phone records," she said, "and I'd see hundreds of calls to China, hundreds of calls to Switzerland, hundreds of calls to France, each month in 1996 and 1997 and 1998."

There were also huge spikes in telephone traffic during 1996 to the Defense Ministry in Beijing and to the Indonesian based Lippo Group, controlled by the Chinese. The flurry of calls to Switzerland in 1996 is a key indication of money laundering operations associated with hiding campaign contributions as well as other dark side black budget operations. There were no other major international events taking place in Switzerland at that time that would have justified this spike.


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