Breakthrough In The
War Against The
Fraudulent US
Income Tax
By Bob Shulz - Chairman, We The People
Last March 27th and 28th, as chairman of the We The People organization, I sent a message to you and 4531 other people around the country to properly introduce myself and to let you know about the plan for a delegation of people from all 50 states to deliver, on April 13th, to the leaders of the three branches of the federal government, a strong statement of grievances -- a Remonstrance -- regarding the illegal operations of the income tax system. The purpose of this message is to report that the delegation *exceeded* all expectations.
We achieved what can only be referred to a significant breakthrough in the people's long-standing efforts to get the government to respond to the claims that the Secretary of State in 1913 committed fraud when he declared that the income tax amendment to the U.S. Constitution (the16th) had been legally and properly ratified, and that payment of the income tax is voluntary, not compulsory.
Finally, after years of tormenting people who questioned the legality of the income tax, and after years of stonewalling on the issue, the leaders of the Executive and Legislative branches are now willing to have their experts sit down with the likes of Joe Banister, Larry Becraft, Bill Benson and Dave Bosset (and others), to discuss the propositions that we have been focusing on, the propositions that were at the heart of the Remonstrance which was delivered to the leaders of the federal government last week and that were the focus of the symposiums we sponsored at the National Press Club last July and November.
Yes, it is true, the federal government is finally going to identify its most knowledgeable people to meet with leaders of the tax movement and attempt to argue against these propositions. The meeting will take place in DC on or about June 29th. This is a very significant advance.
The propositions to be argued at the June meeting include the following:
PROPOSITION ONE: In 1913, Secretary of State Philander Knox committed fraud when he proclaimed that the income tax amendment had been ratified by the required number of State legislatures; it was NOT ratified.
PROPOSITION TWO: Except for "foreigners working here, or "U.S. citizens working in foreign countries," there is NO law that requires American citizens to file or pay an income tax.
PROPOSITION THREE: A person who files a signed income tax return waives his 5th Amendment right against self-incrimination.
PROPOSITION FOUR: The IRS routinely violates the due process rights of citizens as it goes about carrying out its operations.
PROPOSITION FIVE: The income tax is neither a uniform tax nor an apportioned tax, which means that the tax is repugnant to the Constitution (Article I, Section 8 and Article I, Section 9) and is, thereby, null and void, i.e., it is abrogated.
We need everybody's help to make the conference a success. Should it be held at the White House or at the National Press Club? Who should be on our side of the table? Should there be an audience in the room witnessing the event? What specific arguments must we be prepared to respond to? Are there any skilled attorneys beside Larry Becraft that could help us?
Should we have a dry run? Let's hear from you on this.
Also, I'd like to ask the recipients of this message to help us succeed on other "action items," which we believe we should undertake and that will help us bring federal tax policies and programs back under the control of the Constitution and the people.
For instance, we need help to produce a video tape about the income tax hoax, fraud and deceit, to be viewed on network television as an "infomercial," and to be shown repeatedly on satellite and cable T.V. channels around the country, and to be distributed to libraries.We need your ideas and assistance. Let's hear from you all on this.
We also need help to make the State Symposiums on the legality of the income tax system a success. We plan to conduct symposiums in Kentucky, Oklahoma and California to begin with. These are some of the states that did not ratify the 16th Amendment, but Philander Knox said they did, and we want the people in those states to know about this. We intend to challenge academia and the State governments to participate and argue in opposition to Bill Benson's evidence. We intend to perform our new play before college audiences in those states.We need your ideas and assistance on this project as well. Let's hear from you on this.
Also, we need help to get our new full-length play performed in other communities and campuses around the country. The play exposes the people and the corruption that led to the adoption of the income tax and the Federal Reserve System in 1913. The play dramatizes what Philander Knox did, why he did it and who he did it for.It also features Bill Benson and what the government did to silence him.We need your ideas and assistance. Let's hear from you on this project.
Also, we need your ideas and assistance to organize speaking engagements around the country. Let's hear from you on this project.
For the full story about the delegation and its historic achievement in DC on the 13th, visit our web site


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