Heavy Chemtrails - And
A Green Fluorescent
Mountain - In Alaska
From Lorie Kramer <>
Personal Observations in the Northland
Posted by AKCritter, 4/25/00, 10:15 pm
I live in Valdez, Alaska, a little town that is completely surrounded by mountains. So, anything happening in our sky is readily noticable!
Today, I have been paying particular attention to the sky...looking for a strange phenomona I noticed about 10 days ago. We have been getting megasprayed here today (most every day for that matter), within a 20 min period this afternoon, I saw 6 sprayers pass over from south to north...all following the identical path. I watched with binoculars as the 5th plane literally disappeared into the haze the preceeding planes had created, all that you could see was the chemtrails moving northward.
Shortly after the 6th plane passed northward, another plane came back heading south this time. We listened and watched for quite awhile but the pattern didn't happen with the planes heading southward...
What I had noticed about 10 days ago, was if we weren't having a lot, or any, chemtrails happening, I would scan the mountain peaks and lo...there was a single peak that "seemed" to be smoking like the wind was blowing. Well, in Valdez if the wind blows, and it DOES blow, it tends to blow in more than one single area/peak. But in the past 10 days, I have repeatedly found the "smoking peak" which seems to first create a "cloud" then feed into it until we have pretty much total cloud coverage.
Frankly, I thought I was getting a bit too paranoid when I first noticed it, and I also didn't have binoculars to a see up close whether it WAS the wind kicking up it's heels, or if perhaps it was generated from another source.
Well, today, I had binoc's and I COULD see, it was a steady stream blowing UP from BEHIND the mountain.
After watching it for a few moments, the temp really dropped outside. I was shivering, so I handed the binocs to my roommate and went and got a sweatshirt. When I came back out she said, "you're not gonna believe this one...the ridge changed right before my eyes!" It was a white, snow covered ridge and when I took the binocs and looked, the edge over the 2 peaks just in front of us were, I kid you NOT, a florescent green color!! The 'smoke', the'haze' the whateveritis was literally pouring out from behind the peak!
I KNOW, I sound like a crazy person but that really happened, it remained that way quite a while, not noticable with the naked eye but very clear through the binoculars.
Possible point of interest: many of the 'locals' believe that the 1989 oil spill here in the Sound was actually a 'smokescreen' to build SOMETHING out there...a base, a relay station...someting that THEY didn't want known. I could speculate here all night, I'm gonna post this and see if any of you have any thoughts on the matter.
Chemtrails In Spain
From John Hendricks at the El cafe de Internet < 4-27-00
We are on vacation in Spain, and were we surprised to see that the chemtrails are as bad here as they are anywhere, both in Mallorca and in Barcelona. We took plenty of pictures, but how do you prove where a picture was taken? Then we noticed a postcard we bought which has the location printed below a beautiful picture in which a chemtrail is visible! Will scan and send it to you when we get home in a few weeks.
John Hendricks


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