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Lanza TV Program To Air
On Y ARTS Channel

From Robert Dolfi
About 6-7 months ago The Lanza Legend was approached by the Philadelphia Humanities Society to help with their project to promote Mario Lanza. The original program, which has already aired, was a huge success. It will now be presented on the Y-ARTS channel in Philadelphia. We here at The Lanza Legend are proud to have been, in conjunction with The Mario Lanza Institute, a part of this program. Below is the schedule of the airings along with the letter to The Lanza Legend.
"Good news, Bob and Damon.  Humanities Live will be presented on the Y ARTS channel (Comcast 241) for five weeks in a row starting Wednesday April 23 at 9PM.  'Mario Lanza, The Meteor' will premier on May 7.  Other programs will be April 30, May 14 and 21.
Here's the complete line-up:
Connie Mack 4-23
Best-seller Cinema 4-30
***Mario Lanza 5-7
Pennsylvania Poetry 5-14
Caribbean Social Dance 5-21
After the Wednesday premier, repeats will be scheduled: 
Thursday 10PM
Friday 11PM
Saturday 8PM
Sunday 2PM
Monday 5PM
Tuesday 8PM
We are still in the final stages of editing.  The show looks great.  I think you'll be pleased when you see it finished.  (And, of course, we will be sure to send you a DVD copy of the show once it airs on Y ARTS.)
Thank you so much for all of your support ­ particularly all of the photographs and videotapes that you shared -- during the taping and editing of the show.  We couldn't have done it without you.
As part of our PR efforts we'll be putting together e-mail announcements on the airings.  We'll e-mail those to you so that you can forward them to interested members, friends, and family.  Please note that we have revised our website to announce the airings."
Bob Dolfi / Damon Lanza
Lanza Legend Newsletter
PO Box 6742
San Pedro, Ca. 90732
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