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Lanza Charicature Offered
From Sam Samuelian
This is one of a kind and exciting! For thirty years now I have owned this wonderful caricature of Mario Lanza that was hand drawn by cartoonist Al Kilgore. Sadly, Al is long gone but is best remembered for the character he penned known as Bullwinkle from the old Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoon strip that later became a TV show.
Al was an extremely talented artist and a great friend. We enjoyed collecting Hollywood movies together in the 16MM format. I decided recently to share this piece he made for me with the world. From my original, I commissioned a company to make high quality prints on heavy acid free stock. It measures a sizable 11 by 14 inches and includes his signature. The pose is from Mario's first movie "That Midnight Kiss" and he is dressed in the beautiful blue and gold costume he wore in the finale with Kathryn Grayson. It is so typical of his singing manner, as it shows him with arms outstretched and emphasizes his famous 50 inch chest.
I am only making 100 prints and they will be individually pencil numbered and dated 1980. There is a story behind the written dedication to me that reads "Sam-This is as close as I can come to 'That Midnight Kiss'. Thanks for all your kindness, Al". You see, Al was trying to locate an original Technicolor print of the film for me since I am a huge Mario Lanza fan and have been for 46 years. He failed but drew this as consolation. Gee, am I glad he failed because I loved this caricature and have had it hanging prominently in my home all this time. Ironically, he found the film for me only a year or so later!
So, I offer this wonderful piece to fellow Lanza fans and others. Note that it is not framed and that the word "SAMPLE" across the image will not be on the print you purchase. It will be carefully shipped.
$20.00...or $25.00 framed plus shipping
Sam Samuelian
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