Grey Whales Dying - Scientists
Seeking Answers

VANCOUVER - Researchers faced with more dead grey whales on the shore of Washington are trying to determine whether the problem is too many whales or too little food.
They say many of the whales died with low body fat, indicating they probably starved to death.
More than 150 dead grey whales have been found along the Pacific Coast this year, including seven in British Columbia, and 24 in Washington.
When the seventh whale was found in B.C. in early June a Vancouver Aquarium veterinarian said the deaths may be caused by more than one factor. And more whales could have come ashore this year because of extra stormy weather last winter.
Normally, for every whale found dead, it's estimated there may be 10 or 20 others that never wash up on shore.
All of the whales have been found during the species' annual migration north from Mexico