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Ted Pike

True Christianity Ignites Action Against Evil

Guide To Truthtelling In Pro-Zionist Churches

In Search Of 'Homegrown Terrorists'

Crime, Fraud Soar Among Hasidic Jews - Pt 3

True Christianity Ignites Action Against Evil

Guide To Truthtelling In Pro-Zionist Churches

In Search Of 'Homegrown Terrorists'

Crime, Fraud Soar Among Hasidic Jews - Pt 3

Crime, Fraud Soar Among Hasidic Jews - Pt 2

Crime, Fraud Soar Among Hasidic Jews - Pt 1

NY Bill Defunds Colleges Which Boycott Israel


Three Times Evil Jewish Leaders Fled

A&E's 'Bias Crime' Against Duck Dynasty Clan

Jephthah Kept His Vows, Unlike Kol Nidre

Is It A Sin To Be Rich?

'Many' Evangelicals Now Criticize Israel

Persecution Of New Mexico Christian Photographers Foreshadows ENDA, Part 2

Persecution Of NM Christian Photographers Foreshadows ENDA, Pt 1

Pseudo-Biblical Book Of Esther...Mainspring Of Zionism

The Secret of Finding Your Destiny


'Christian' Materialism

Cyber-Sabotage Cripples Anti-ENDA Fight

Pike - How ENDA Ends Workplace Freedom - Part 1

Pike - How ENDA Ends Workplace Freedom - Part 2

Senate Will Vote On ENDA By End Of Week!

How You Can Love Your Neighbor As Yourself

Is Christianity Hard? Part 2

Is Christianity Hard? Part 1


Pike - How ENDA Ends Workplace Freedom - Part 1

Pike - How ENDA Ends Workplace Freedom - Part 2

Senate Will Vote On ENDA By End Of Week!

How You Can Love Your Neighbor As Yourself

Is Christianity Hard? Part 2

Is Christianity Hard? Part 1

Jewry Mourns Death Of "Greatest" Racist Rabbi

Are Your Family Values God's Values?

Once Saved, Are We Always Saved?

O'Reilly Backs Down ADL

O'Reilly - 'The Jews' Had Christ Crucified


Bible, Not O'Reilly, Gives Truest Account Of Crucifixion

Judaism's Pedophilia Starts With Rabbi Yohai

ADL Denies Zionists Wanted War

Putin Outfoxed The Jewish Lobby

The Story Of The Khazars

Jesus Christ - ETA - Pt 2

Jesus Christ - ETA - Pt 1


Michael Savage Tears Into Israel

Does Christ's New Covenant Replace The Old?

Are 'Jews' Really Khazars?

Blood-Sucking Rabbis Pervert Circumcision

Pike/Rense Program - 'International Hate Crimes Enforcement'

Desperately Needed - Ethics Of Christ In Mideast


Is Your Church Teaching Heresy?

Pentecostalism's Word Of Faith Heresy

What Happens When We Are Really 'Born Again?'

Top Rabbi - Gentile Children Have Sex With Dogs

God Mars Those He Loves

How Evangelicals Went Astray

Are Pro-Zionist Evangelicals Really Christians?

Russian Revival Gives Hope For America


Should You Attend A Pro-Zionist Church?

Biblical Ethics Say Snowden Is A Hero

New NSA Spy Center...Total Invasion Of Your Privacy

Have You Read The Talmud Lately?

New NSA Spy Center Total Invasion Of Your Privacy

How To Take Authority Over Evil

Is Israel Wiretapping America?

Does The Bible Predict Israel's 'Nuclear Shield?'

What is Spiritual Rest From War Within?

Pentecostalism's 'Health, Wealth And Miracles' Scam


Before Zionism, Most Christians & Jews Were Pro-Palestinian

Does God Forbid A Palestinian State?

NPN Alerts Police To Jewish Pedophilia

Do Jews Have 'Divine Rights' To Palestine? - Part 1

The Great 'Raping Rabbis' Cover-Up

US Government Condemns 'Unintentional' Anti-Semitism

'Religious Proselytizing' – A Smear Term To Silence Christianity

O'Reilly's Phony Explanation For The Crucifixion

SPLC Should Be Charged With Hate Crime


New CISPA Bill Would End Internet Privacy

'Rampant' Pedophilia Plagues Australian Jewry

Can Anti-Zionist Education Save Us?

How To Create Anti-Zionist Christian Youth

Pedophilia Ravages Orthodox Judaism

A Simple Explanation Of Scofield Dispensationalism

Israel Admits Forcing Birth Control On Black Jews

Good vs Poor Anti-Zionist Leadership

Babylon The Great Is Israel


Pedophilia: The Talmud's Dirty Secret

Hagel And The Requirement Of Apology To Jews

Are Jewish Media Attacks On Jesus Subsiding?

The Real Reason For Islamic Terrorism

Does Islam Spawn Terror?

Jews Honor Top Ten 'Anti-Semites' Of 2012


Did Pam Geller Influence NYC Subway Murder?

Zionist Media Puffs Pam 'Nuke Europe' Geller

The True Meaning Of God's Covenant With Abraham

Did Jews Sell Blacks Into Slavery? Do They Still Exploit Them?

Before Zionism, Most Christians & Jews Were Pro-Palestinian

Hate Laws Worldwide - Wins And Losses For Freedom

The Kol Nidre - Judaism's License To Lie

The Old Testament Best Friend Of Anti-Zionists?


Civilization's Debt To The Old Testament

Why Obama Won

Debunking Joe Farah's Jewish Fables

Pam Geller's Ads Igniting Criticism Of Israel

Pike's 'Nuke Europe' Pam Geller Article Floods Internet

Israel Fits Geller's Description Of 'Savage'


WorldNetDaily Promotes Racist Pam Geller

Pam Geller - If Iran Attacks, Israel Should Nuke Europe

Is 'Anti-Semitic' University Of California A Lawbreaker?

CA Legislature Condemns Criticism Of Israel On Campus

Jewish Gallery Promotes 'Piss Christ' Exhibit

Is Obama Fulfilling Bible Prophecy?

New Genetic Research Confirms Koestler 'Khazar' Theory

Racist Violence Begins With Racist Beliefs

Police Prevent 'White Power' Massacre Of Jews


Torture In Israeli Prisons

'Pro-Gay' FRC Shooter Gets 'Special Rights'

Talmud - Wellspring of Jewish Pornography Industry

Gentiles Are 'Murderers, Thieves, Brainless' Says Top Israeli Rabbi

Zionist Evangelicals Are World-Class Censors

ADL Prepares For Internet Takeover

Replacement Theology - Easy Target For Zionists


Farah Features Damaging 'Gay Pastor's' Spoof

Who's Really behind Internet Takeover Bill CISPA?

Pro-Gay 'GCB' Reflects Liberal Jewish Agenda

Most GCB Sponsors Flee

Good Christian Bitches And A Disabled Church

CISPA Passes House


Emergency...Protest 'CISPA' - New Federal Internet Takeover

Dairy Queen Dumps GCB

It's Over between Overstock.Com And Good Christian Bitches

GCB - Becoming Even More Blasphemous

Mockery of Jesus - A Jewish Tradition

Why The Hate Behind Good Christian Bitches?

Frito-Lay/PepsiCo Won't Sponsor 'Good Christian Bitches'

A Simple Explanation Of Scofield Dispensationalism

GCB Easter Sermon - Christianity Doesn't Work

Three More Sponsors Abandon 'Good Christian Bitches'


Why Two 'Good Christian Bitches' On Easter?

ABC Plans Permanent 'Good Christian Bitches'

Lindt Chocolates Flees 'Good Christian Bitches'

Marshalls Exits 'Good Christian Bitches'

Twisted Verses Give Zionists Phony Rights To Palestine

BareEscentuals Won't Sponsor 'Good Christian Bitches!'

Boycott Working! Huggies, Progressive Dump 'Good Christian Bitches'

GCB...Prelude To Persecution

The Jews Behind 'Good Christian Bitches' (GCB)

Pepsi Abandons 'Good Christian Bitches' Support!


David Duke's Must-See Video

How ADL Starts Hate Laws In New Countries

Evangelicals - In the Imitation Of Jews

Blasphemous Israeli Videos Have Ancient Roots

Helen Thomas Will Lead NYC Gaza Protest

Jewish Bullying Topples Beck

Nathaniel Kapner - Watchman On The Wall

Ultra-Orthodox, Hagee, Abet Violence In Palestine

Ultra-Orthodox, Hagee, Abet Violence In Palestine

NPR Exec And Journalist Allege Jewish Control


Pope Placates The ADL - 'Jews Not Guilty For Crucifixion'

Beck Is Right! 'Secular' Judaism Is Like Radical Islam 

Helen Thomas 'Delegitimizes' Israel - Again

'New Goliath' Israel Crushes Stone-Throwing Arab Kids 

Liberal Jews Oppose America's Pro-Life Movement

Ultra-Orthodox Jews Defend Right To Kill Gentiles


ADL - The Wrong Teacher Of 'Civility'

Jewry's 'Linguistic Terrorism' Against Beck

Rand Paul Demands No More Aid To Israel

The Complete Guide For Killing Gentiles

AZ Shooting - Right Protects ADL/SPLC Accusers

Proposed Bill Bans 'Uncivil' Criticism Of Politicians (pure madness)

ADL/SPLC - 'Incivility' Of Right Probably Prompted AZ Shooting

ADL - 'Anti-Bias' Teacher To Gay-Friendly Military? 

 Most Israelis Approve Racist Rabbis


FBI - Peace Activism May Now be Criminal 

50 Top Israeli Rabbis - Proud To Be Racists

Jewish Appointees Could End Free Internet

The Noble, Joyful Mother Of Alynn Pike

Who's 'Spewing Venom' - Helen Thomas Or WorldNetDaily?

Helen Thomas Skewers Zionists Again

DADT Repeal Vote This Week 

SPLC Attacks 18 'Hateful' Christian Groups


ADL's Twisted Hate Crimes Definitions - A Dictionary

Hagee - Unrepentant Heretic

 Israel-First Theology Allows Permits Any Israeli Atrocity

'Don't Criticize Jews & Muslims' Bill Enters Congress

Was Nov 2 Really A Victory For Freedom?

What Midterm Victory Means For Freedom

Finding Truth In The Age Of Delusion

Top Rabbi - 'Gentiles Exist To Serve Jews'

Public Sex Protected By UK Hate Laws

Talmud Encourages Jews To Deceive

Hagee - Enforce UN Thought Crimes Law

Israel's Cyber Warriors Knock Duke Off YouTube

Latest Bible Studies with Rev. Ted Pike

Israel Can't Refute UN Flotilla Probe

Pedophilia - The Talmud's Dirty Secret

UN Report On Flotilla Raid Blisters Israel

Jones - Israel-Bashers Are 'Scum'

Kol Nidre - Judaism's License To Lie

Homosexuals Rally Behind Lady Gaga For DADT Repeal

Bible Studies With Rev. Ted Pike At Truthtellers.org

Senate To Vote On DADT Repeal Tuesday 

Alex Jones To Ted Pike - 'Don't Criticize Jews'

An Open Letter To Alex Jones

Zionism and Christianity: Unholy Alliance - Vid

Hate Laws: Making Criminals Of Christians - Vid

Why the Mid-East Bleeds - Vid

The Other Israel - Vid

Holder Admits: No Equality Under Hate Bill - Vid

When Israelis Burned Bibles - Christians Were Silent

The Talmud - Scalpel That Bleeds The Mideast

Support For Israel Sags in US

The Judaization Of Christianity

Congress Adjourns With Populist Victories

Farah Blasts ADL (Sort Of)

Are Jews Today Guilty For The Crucifixion?

How The ADL Wants To Outlaw Christians 

ADL Claims 80 Million Americans Are 'Anti-Semitic'

The Jews Behind ENDA

ENDA Is Dying

Debunking Joe Farah's Jewish Fables

Criticize Israel, Bless Israel

Bravo, Rand Paul!

Ted Pike Rebuts ADL's Flotilla Ad

Israel's Big Lie - 'Gaza Is Not Suffering'

Israeli Flotilla Attack Mirrors USS Liberty Slaughter

New Cracks In Israel's Flotilla Story

Political Right Swallows Israel's Flotilla Lies

Gaza - One Of Earth's Most Desperate Places

ADL Rewrites New Testament

The Violent Radicalization Of Israel

Don't Ask, Don't Think

Israel Will Stop 'Violent' Aid Flotilla

Enda's REAL Intention

Wrath Of Right Slows ENDA

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