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Patricia Doyle, PhD

 Patty Doyle's Family & The Lindbergh Kidnapping Case 
Plum Island, Lyme & Operation Paperclip - Deadly Triangle
The Deadly Fools Of Plum Island
Type Of Bird Flu Killing Greyhounds In Rhode Island?
WHO Says Pandemic Of 2005 May Have Begun
China To Get Its Own Plum Island
Chronic Wasting Disease Madness and Mixed Signals
Marburg Update - 90% Death Rate: 244 Of 266 Cases
Assume NO Animal Products Are Safe
No Medical Studies Planned On NY CWD Deer Feast!
Faulty BioLab Aerosol Chamber Infects Three With TB
Beyond Belief - Bush May Ease 'Downer Cattle' Ban
WHO Deadly Flu Samples Missing - Weirder & Weirder
Bio-ILLogical 'Mistake' Shipment Of H2N2 More Suspicious
Asian Lab Opens 'Accidental' Parcel With Deadly Flu
More On The 'Mistaken' Shipments Of Deadly Virus
Scientists Rush To Destroy Killer Flu Virus - Why?
US Mad Cow Disease Cover Up Continues - Update
H7 Avian Influenza In N Korea
CWD Alert - Officials In New Hampshire On Alert
Two Dozen Elk Dead In OK - Cause So Far Undiagnosed
CWD Mad Deer Meat Served Up At Fire Department Feast
CWD Found In 3 More New York Deer - 5 Total So Far
Fatal Chagas Outbreak In Brazil From Sugar Cane Juice?
CJD Update - French Woman May Have vCJD In 1971
Bad News - Bird Flu Strains Might Combine
Communications Troubles 'Kill' 1000s In NJ, CT Terror Drill
People With Certain Flus - To Be Quarantined Under Bus Executive Order
Anomolous Deadly Marburg Virus Outbreak Spreading
Second CWD Mad Deer Case Confirmed In NY
Did Vaccinations Give Fatal Marburg To Angolan Kids?
First Mad Deer Case In NY State Confirmed
China Found Avian Influenza H5N1 In Pigs In 2004
Red Tide Toxins Hit Florida Beachgoers In Lungs
What The Bleep Do We Know? More Than We Think
Deaths Mount From Angola Mystery Hemorrhagic Fever
Mike Says It's 'The Most Natural Way To Die'

Death Process From Withdrawal Of Feeding Tube
George W Bush More Brain-Damaged Than Terri?
New Strain Mad Cow Kills 65% Afghan Livestock?
Air Travelers Facing Foot Diseases For 'Security'
Similarites - Acute Hemorrhagic Angola Fever & Bird Flu
Angola - Mystery Hemorrhagic Fever, 93% Death Rate
Is Bird Flu In N Korea?
1918 Flu Hemmorhagic Symptoms Similar To Ebola
'Harmless' Gas To Be Released In NY To Study Airflow
FedEx Truck Carrying Microbes Crashes In Winnipeg
Deadly Asian Bird Flu Smuggled Into Ohio?
Scientists Replicate Hepatitis C Virus In Laboratory
Bird Flu Vaccine To Be 'Stored' Before Tested?
Fox News Station Says Anthrax Is A Virus
Another Case Of Rare STD Shows Up In NY
1933 Human Flu In Korean Swine Raise Bioterror Issues
Rabid Coyote Bites Woman In Cape Cod
H5N1 Bird Flu Vaccine Ready For Clinical Trials
Bird Flu 'Experts'(?) Taking Aim At Roaming Ducks
Russia - Rabies Widespread In Wildlife In Kurgan Region
Family Battles Familial Fatal Insomnia - A Prion Disease
Vietnam - Avian Flu May Have Been Underestimated
New Lobster Disease In New England
Multi State Recall, Ground Beef Contaminated With Hydraulic Fluid
NoCal Residents Asked To Remove Bird Feeders
Mad Cow/CJD Update
Redpoll Finch Die-Off Baffles Experts As Hundreds Die
Biggest TB Investigation In Dutch Health History Begins
China's New Bird Flu Vaccine Capable Of Prevention

Poultry Industry Wants Secrecy For H7N2-Stricken Farms
George W Bush More Brain-Damaged Than Terri?
1st Japanese Case of Human Variant Of Mad Cow Disease
2 NYC Residents Diagnosed With LGV - Rare STD
Canada Geese Falling From Oregon Skies - Experts Baffled
Mad Cow In Goats Update
Viruses Keep Surprising Scientists
US Peregrine H5N1 Avian Flu Claim On Talk Show False
Tasmanian Devil Tumor Disease Spreading - Nearly 50% Dead
Avian Influenza Found, Again, In Thailand
Scores Of Tsunami Survivors Dying Of Tetanus, Infections
SC Train Crash Kills 8 - 200 Sickened As Chlorine Leaks
Post-Tsunami Tetanus Breaks Out In Indonesia
Hepatitis Outbreak Linked To Heart Test
Hepatitis C Fatality In Baltimore Shrouded In Mystery
FBI Investigates Laser Beam Directed Into Airliner Cockpit
Mysterious Illness Strikes Cormorants In Florida
Gene Type May Determine Type Of CJD People Get
WI Teen Rabies Victim Said 'Improving'
This Year's Flu Vaccine Targets Wrong Strain
Hospital - 500 Patients 'Only Exposed To CJD, Not nvCJD' !!
At Least Four Recent Cluster CJD Deaths In Ulster Co. NY
CJD Update - Wife And Sister-In-Law Both Die
Another Flu Vaccine Shortage? Here We Go Again
BSE Update
ZERO Doubt CJD Spread Via Blood And Blood Products
USDA Bungled Tests Of 500 Potential Mad Cows Last 2 Years
Can Mad Cow/CWD Prions Get Into The Water? - Yes
More Proof vCJD, Prion Diseases Spread Via Blood

FDA Issues Warning About Mad Cow In Cosmetics!
CJD/Mad Cow Deaths Not Reportable In 28 States
France Admitted 50,000 Mystery Cattle Deaths In 2000
Mad Cow Update And French BSE Projections
How Governments Are Promoting The Spread Of Mad Cow
Mystery Bovine Paralysis - Risk To Humans?
Was UK Mystery Cow Death A Bovine Polio Virus?
Deadly Wasting Disease Epidemic Hits 70% UK Salmon Farms
Mysterious 'Virus'? Appears Throughout Kansas Wheat Fields
BSE High-Risk Cattle Being Rendered And Fed To Swine
West Nile Virus Update
50,000 Carp Die-Off In South Carolina In One Week
Bush Falls From Mountain Bike - The Whole Story?
Feds Give $125m To Build New BSL-3 Labs
Undiagnosed Deer Deaths, Minnesota
'Experts' Finally Realize CWD Spreads Via Infected Environment
Confirmation Of SARS Cases
Ohio Records First Human WNV Case Of 2004
Cattle Injected With Scrapie Prions In 1979!
Autistic Man Arrested for Making Ricin In His Apartment

Mystery BSE Disease Found In Sheep - Mad Cow Mutating?
Mystery Disease Kills 80-90% FL Staghorn Coral Since 1970s
Domoic Acid Responsible For Dolphin Die Off In Florida
New Human Coronavirus Identified, Named HCoV-NL63
New Disease Killing Coral In Gulf Of Mexico
Chronic Wasting Disease Spreading In Wisconsin
Mad Cow Test Increase To Make US Beef Appear Safe
Wisconsin Mad Deer Disease Spreading - No Surprise
Elk Mystery Illness - A Non-Naturally Occuring Cause?
Another Plum Island Fiction
Henipavirus In Bangladesh
Ft. Detrick Researcher Isolated After Possible Ebola Exposure
Chronic Wasting Disease - Canada (Cases Almost Double)
West Nile Origins - Human WNV Volunteers Jan 1999
West Nile Virus Infected Bird In Houston
Non H5N1 Avian Influenza Hits US
Scientists Find Key In Virus Switch From Birds To Humans
Strange Cattle Die-Off In India
More Proof Of Bird Flu Research Long Before It Mutated
More Dead Top Microbiologist Scientists

CJD Cluster Deaths - Something Is Very Wrong
Three Cows From Mad-Cow Herd Traced To Idaho
Texas Bovine TB Testing Finds Infected Dairy Cattle
Why We Aren't Hearing Of More US CJD/Mad Cow Cases
Did Mad Cow Kill Cluster Of 18 People In PA 13 Years Ago?
Hep C Infection Rates Soaring In The US - The Unknown Epidemic
Oral Surgeons Get Hep C Via Aerosolized Blood In Office
The Cost Of Testing Every Cow
Another Warning - Pelican Die-Off In Louisiana
'Composting' Cattle Parts At Slaughterhouses - Prions In Sludge
'The US Food Supply Is Safe' - One Of The Biggest Lies Of All
Some US Slaughter Houses Specialize In Downer Cattle!
Proof Dried Cow Blood/Plasma Serum Fed To Livestock
Widespread Influenza Persists
Testing Means Nothing - It's All About Money
Orange Alert Obfuscates Mad Cow News Release
Mad Cow 'Not In Food Supply' Says USDA
SARS And The Military
As We Said - Prion Disease IS Being Spread Via Blood!
US Considers Importing European Flu Vaccines

Atypical Pneumonia/Influenza Hits Students In Russia
Transmission Of WNV From Alligators To Humans
NON-Vectored West Nile Virus
St. Louis Encephalitis - 3 Case In Arizona
CWD Mad Deer Found In Black Hills Of Wyoming
Oregon - First St. Louis Encephalitis Case In 30 Years
Multi-State Hepatitis A Outbreak Suspected
Another Mad Deer Found In Utah
West Nile Virus Update For Mexico
Experts Ponder Recall Of Hep-B Blood Products
What Are They Smoking At The Pentagon?
SARS-Positive Case In Singapore Straits Times Interactive - Singapore
Army Says It Knows What Is Killing, Sickening Troops
Five CA Chicken Flocks Confirmed West Nile Positive
Second Swiss Case Of Mad Cat Disease
Confirmed - West Nile Positive Mosquitoes Found In CA
SARS-Like Virus Found In Reptiles, Birds And Mammals
Post-Blackout Illness Already Found in NYC
Human West Nile Virus Cases In CA, MT And WA
Nine Louisiana Horses With Eastern Equine Encephalitis

SARS Back In Canada?
Mosquito Borne EEE Kills Another Horse
West Nile LIKE Virus Hits Alberta In Westward March
Hep C Deliberately Spread By Anesthetist In Israel
West Nile Virus Found InArizona For First Time
Hepatitis E Virus In Pork Livers In Japan Supermarkets
Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease (EHD) Killing Idaho Deer
Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever Kills 27 Year Old Man
CWD Positive Deer Found In Walworth County, Wisc.
Dead Microbiologists Linked To Ethno-Specific BioWeapons
'WNV Seems To Have Come From Plum Island'
West Nile Virus Update - Spreading Farther And Wider
Man, Child Die - Eastern Equine Encephalitis Suspected
Infectious Disease Updates
West Nile Virus Updates
Often Deadly Eastern Equine Encephalitis Found In MD
PCB Contamination In Salmon In 5 Countries
West Nile-Like Positive Blood Donor In Canada
Canada Scrapie Sheep Slaughter Continues
3 More Cases Of West Nile-Like Virus Hit Colorado

Equine West Nile Vaccine Adverse Effects
Another Human Case Of Eastern Equine Encephalitis
West Nile-Like Virus Weekly Update
US Worried CJD Screening Misses Thousands Of Cases
Scientists Conclusively Identify SARS Virus
74 People Infected With Rabies In Guangdong Province
WNV Antibody Found In UK Resident And Migrant Birds
Wisconsin Mad Deer Update
West Nile Virus - When Mosquito Control Fails
'Jamestown Canyon Virus' In CT - Another Mosquito Virus
Czech Republic - First Case Of nvCJD
Eastern Equine Encephalitis Worries Health Officials
Chronic Wasting Disease Update
Sea Turtle Die Off, South Carolina
Oz Having Its Share Of Severe Mosquito-Borne Illnesses
UK Parakeet Fanciers In Panic Over New Budgie Virus
Indian Vulture Crisis Continues
Dr. Patricia Doyle's Heroic Fight Against Death From SARS
Will Monkeypox Revive Stalled Smallpox Jab Program?
Homeland Security Agency Takes Over Plum Island

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