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Dahr Jamail

 'What Have We Done?'
Iraq - Who Cares?
Iraq - 'Things Are Getting Worse By The Day'
Iraqis - 'All Of Our Problems Are Because Of The Invaders'
Iraq - 'Coming Apart At The Seams Now'
US Claims Over Iraq Siege Challenged
'Democracy' In Iraq
What They're Not Telling You About The 'Election'
Iraq Election - Some Just Voted For Food
Hollow Iraq Election Held On Bloody Day
Iraq - High Anxiety
Iraqi Women Paying The Price
Low Fuel, High Violence
Dying For Democracy
Baghdad - City Of Car Bombs
Destroying Babylon
New Horror Stories Of GI Abuses At Iraqi Hospitals
Iraq - 'This Is Not A Life'
Jamail Signing Off For Now - Back In March
'The Americans Are Treating Us Like Animals'
Shiite Unity Challenges US Plan In Iraq
Iraqis Ask - 'Who Will Give Us Back Our Health?' 
Walking The Streets Of Baghdad
'The US Has No Idea What It's Gotten Itself Into'
Economic Crisis In Iraq - Threats of Jihad, More Violence
Continuing Slaughter Of Iraqi Civilians, Police, & US Soldiers
Iraq Diary
A Lack Of Compensation - Iraqis Stiffed By US Again 
Iraqis Taking Care Of Their Own
Detained, Bludgeoned, Electrocuted Into A Coma By US
Another Grinding Day Of Occupation
Conflicting US Casualty Numbers - Surreal Press Conference
Free Of Saddam, Jailed By Poverty
US-Media Coverup US Losses - First-Hand News Versus CNN
US Military Mis-Information And Terrorism In Iraq 
Inside Iraq - 'Where Are Our Human Rights?'
(Halliburton) Iraq Truck Drivers Pay Starts At $125,000
Christmas Eve In Baghdad, Explosions Abound
US Army Violently Arrests 26 Iraqi Middle Schoolers

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