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A Ghostly Soldier
Momentary Possession
Demons In Long Island
The Sea Captain
The Abandoned House Down The Road
The Haunted Road
The Irish Abbey Haunting
The Samurai's Head
The Ghost In Hobbnail Boots
Restless Spirit
Our Little Ghost
Jenny & The Ghost


The following is a true story that happened to me and my family on a vacation trip to the Little Big Horn National Battlefield.
My wife, kids and I went out to the Little Big Horn National Battlefield, Crow Agency, MT in 1992. I have a Great Uncle named Myles Keogh, who rode with Custer and was the Commander of Company "I". I wanted to see just where he died. I had to explain to the Rangers who I was and how I was related to Myles and after I told them in detail my relationship they allowed me and only me to go to where he died and do a rubbing on his stone where he died. When I finished, we decided to go further into the Battlefield
It was about 11:00am and 105 degrees with heat lightning flashing in the distance as we drove out to Reno-Benteen (Ridge) Battlefield on the South end of the site. We were the only ones foolish enough to go out there in that heat, and there was not a soul in sight. When we parked and got out and started to snoop around for a while when a "Soldier" in full uniform came up over the ridge from the direction of the river! We started talking with him about the battle and the kids were asking questions and he looked wiped (bushed/tired) so I went to the cooler and gave him a cold soda (Pepsi)He looked at it very STRANGELY, but didn't open it. We explained our relationship to Myles and the Soldier started telling us things that only a person who knew Myles could know. Like, Myles was a spy/informer/assassin for President Grant. Grant hated Custer for a slight at the end of the Civil War, and Custer was going to run for President after the battle. (Common knowledge) Then the soldier told us how Uncle Myles was loved by his men because he shared his liquor, (this was something I always wondered about but, I didn't want to ask him if Uncle Myles was a mean DRUNK. Myles supposedly had numerous casks of whiskey with the pack train). How Custer was shot as he tried to cross the Little Big Horn River in a flanking maneuver. The soldier told us that Uncle Myles was a crack shot with a rifle. How after they (Custer's Battalion) was pushed up onto Custer Hill by the Indians, Myles tried to save his own Company but, before he left, and knowing it was a futile effort to escape, he (Uncle Myles) put a round into Custer's head for getting all of Uncle Myles's troopers killed.
Suddenly the soldier said that he had to get going and we thanked him and he turned and went back over the ridge, still carrying the can of Pepsi, and out of sight and we went to the car. I/We thought this was pretty interesting and didn't give it to much thought. But, than I started to wonder how he could have known all this because everyone that went with Custer was dead and the story couldn't be told unless that soldier was there himself!
We'll never forget the soldier...
· Honestly, the air seemed/was charged with electricity (Heat
Lightning) when he came into view.
· His eyes were piercing, like he was looking right through me.
· His voice sounded "Hollow, Distant" with a slight drawl.
· He was a Sergeant; his uniform was dusty-dirty and well worn.
· He wore a Kepi.
· He wasn't clean shaven but, he wasn't bearded. He looked weathered and raw.
· He seemed awestruck by my wife and kids: Like he had a wife & kids
and missed them very much. (If he was a re-enactor he could have won
an Oscar with his performance)
· He never acted or sounded like a Ranger in a Living History mode; he
just referred to each area as "Over there" not by its common
Battlefield name. And, he didn't point with his finger but, just like
a Native American, he pointed with his nose (Throwing his head back
and using his nose as a pointer).
That area around Reno-Benteen and the path to Uncle Myles' marker stone was the most electric/spirit filled places I've ever been. I could almost hear the war cries of the Sioux warriors. Not spooky but, this'll sound stupid or crazy, almost like the old Twilight Zone episode about the National Guardsmen who go back to the time of the Battle of the Little Big Horn.
I, myself am a very believable Civil War re-enactor but that Soldier never strayed out of character, I've never see anything as authentic as he was. That's something me, the wife and the kids still talk about. And, everything I've said is very true.

Submitted by Dan

My name is Julie Bumgarner I am a songwriter from Texas, living with my husband in Georgia.
It was 2 years ago, the first weekend of October that a friend of mine was having a songwriters festival at Loretta Lynns Ranch, in Hurricane Mills Tenn, 70 miles out of Nashville..Loretta Lynn has been one of my favorite country singers, and I have been out at her ranch at least 50 times, This time I was going with my husband and my stepchildren.. We got to the ranch around 7 pm- we settled in to the cabin we had rented there at the ranch, The songwriters festival was being down the hill from our cabin about 2 blocks away.
We decided first to go eat dinner, We left the ranch and headed out to a resturant that was about 6 miles away . Inside the resturant they had civil war things hanging on the wall... It was really neat. and interesting... We got through with dinner and headed back to the ranch ... while in the car I noticed that my husband was looking like he was sick or something he didn't look right- he also kept rubbing the right side of his head, and his eyes were kind of welling up like if he wanted to cry, I asked him if he was alright he didn't answer me, his son asked him if he was ok and he just nodded his head yes..I thought he was having a heart attack or something, I prayed that we would make it back to the ranch safe, and we did ...Thank God.
We were all getting ready to go down the hill to the festival, my husband was already ready so he got a beer and a cigar and went outside to the front porch. I stayed inside and got dressed, when I was finished I went outside to tell him him I was ready- I couldn't find him, I called his name at least 5 times, I went behind the cabin, and nothing.... All I saw was darkness in the woods, and I knew he wouldn't have gone there. I was getting mad I thought he left to the fest- without me, I went back inside and got me a glass of wine. Ten min later he comes walking in acting very strange.. He still kept rubbing his head and this time his eyes looked like he had been crying, I asked what is wrong with you?!! he sat down on the sofa and told me that while he was outside smoking his cigar, he heard someone calling his name, it sounded like it was coming fro the woods behind the cabin, he ended up in he middle of the woods, he said he heard me calling him but he could not move, he said he saw fire, smelled smoke and people screaming 'You Damn Yankees!', He said he heard gun fire - lots of gun fire...I told him to take me where he had been.... We went outside, walking back towards the woods, then he suddenly stopped and said "I can't I can't go back there!!" I said ok ok we won't.
I carry my camera everywhere I go. I started taking pictures of him as he was walking towards me back to the cabin..We left to the festival, and the next day we headed back home... When we got back home- I uploaded the pictures. This is what I caught on my camera...... Now I know why, he was rubbing his head, my husband had turned into a civil war soldier with a ghost horse head and a ghost dog , Believe me there wasn't any dogs there!!!! nor horses! This is a very true story,
My husband has the I guess you would call it 'The Gift" to feel and smell and get I guess spirit possesion?? It is scary and I still get chills when I think about that night...
Submitted by Julie Bumgarner

The story you are about to read is true, I have the documentation to provide evidence of my claims. Not only were several parties including priests involved, the Arch Diocese of Long Island had to get involved as well.
As a child I was brought up in a roman catholic environment but not strict to its beliefs. How could I be, when we each interpreted what we heard in saw differently. I was brought to see visionaries, met with healers and was interested in what was co-existing around me that I could not see. Voices shouting in a room full of friends, capturing doorways in the sky on camera, witness the sun spinning on and off became normal occurrences if you stayed for a while at our Long Island house. But somewhere inside, I knew we were interacting with worlds we cannot measure or fully know, and there must be cautions taken.
The start of a several month..haunt if you want to call it that began in 1998. When I was in my teens my younger sister had a party for her birthday; a sleepover. As everyone began to settle for bed her friends wanted to ticker her face while she was falling asleep in hopes she would smack herself. I had a better idea, I said lets suggest things to her and make her experience things in her dreams. I began telling her where she was, who she saw and what was around her. My sister began responding to my exercise and we were all astonished it was working. I remember telling her a unicorn was coming to her, and asked if she could see it. She said "Yes I do, I see it". Suddenly her face began to stiffen, her brows dropped and her expression became pale and disturbed. She started panting, and breathing heavily saying someone was here, a person with red eyes she said. She began panicking saying he's trying to hurt her. She began crying and yelling that he is coming for her. We all started to shake my sister to wake her up but she was not pulling out of it. I began to hit her harder and smack her face. She jumped up gasping for air, scared to death. This was just the beginning. We opened a doorway that would take time to close.
Some time passed and in November 1998 I came home from a late night with my band and friends. My particular lifestyle at that time was straight edge so I did not drink or smoke or take drugs. I turned the T.V. on and was in the mood to laugh. I grabbed some leftover pasta my mom made and sat in my brightly lit living room enjoying my snack. Out of the left corner of the living room I begin to hear a sound that grabs my attention for a moment. I look to my left as it sounded like a small animal scratching at the wall or floor. I continued to eat and watch T.V. ignoring the sound. A moment later I hear the sound again, the scratching now growing louder and louder. Before I can turn to look I hear my name called out of the air to my left. The voice only came through the sound of scratching, like finger nails on a screen. I was frozen, I could not move or even look to investigate. Suddenly the voice calls me again, this time louder and closer. I jump up, run into my mothers room and call a priest I know who dabbled with supernatural phenomenon and magic. The next day my sister not knowing what took place that night before tells my mother that she had a dream of a demon like creature with red eyes, two horns in both the front and back of its head in the corner of the living room just waiting. The priest I knew came by to investigate and question me. Reassuring him that I was not drugged up, he saw in my fear and confusion that I was being honest. Coming to hear my sisters dream, the priest understood at this moment that something was going on.
The dreams continued for myself and my sister. This creature would threaten my sister, saying soon it would kill her. April 16th 1999 my sister was asleep in the day and was awoken my a high pitched scream. She began having reoccurring dreams of a little girl with blonder hair, from the early 1900's asking myself for help. I would have dreams of fighting or running from what looked like demons as they would try to spread fire and chaos.
Night after night, haunting calls for help and reoccurring dreams began to disturb my sisters sleep. She began sleeping in the day because she could not find peace at night. Voices of screams and children crying would come through the sound of the fan. My sister turns around in her bed to try and block it out and suddenly hears something in her room. She peaks over and sees a tall shadow standing at the end of her bed. She said her heart was beating heavy, and she was frozen scared. Suddenly the figure sat down on the bed, as she felt the weight of this ghostly being press down on her bed suddenly she felt the brush of a hand across her sheets. My sister began to scream for my mother. My mother ran in and was in shock to learn of my sisters experiences.
The next few nights we would all hear voices calling out from the hallways, my sister mother and myself would be awoken by voices saying hello or calling our names. April 17th 1999 my sister was watching a comedy " I love you to death" and suddenly the lights start blinking and the T.V. turns off. Suddenly a little girls voice calls out my sisters name. She runs into my mothers room but it almost seems as if we were prisoners in someone elses nightmare.
April 23rd 1999, I had a dream of a red eyed being behind my sister, stalking her. As my sister was trying to sleep she felt someone breathe on her neck. Deeply disturbed and tired of these occurrences my sister stands up on her bed and begins to shout " WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME!" Answering her the name taunts her by calling her name twice.
April 29th 1999 at 10:30pm my sister had fallen asleep at a normal time. My mother was watching her sleep, wondering why these events were happening to us and how she could protect her. Suddenly my sister pulls out of a deep sleep and stands straight up, strangely looking around the room as if her eyes were following something. When she awoke she told us of a deep voice that it would come for her tonight.
The next morning I awoke at 6am and went into the kitchen. My mother was up slightly early, and I was up much earlier than usual. My mother asks me "What are you doing up?" I reply " I'm not sure." Suddenly we hear my sister screaming from her room. We look at each other in horror and run to my sisters room. She is yelling at a shadow in the room as it is disappearing. At this point I've had enough. I threaten this thing to come to me, to leave my family alone and to come to me.
We had to do something, the situation was only getting worse. We went to the arch diocese of Long Island at Rockville Center. We met with a Father Bob who directed us to a charismatic priest/psychiatrist. We were deeply investigated and checked for story consistency and accuracy. We eventually were told that a large amount of resides on Long Island were experiencing similar events and it was beginning to disturb the charismatic priests. The arch diocese determined that our experience was genuine and that we needed to bless, cleanse and purify our living space.
Soon after my sister was given a final threat in her dreams that if she slept the next night she would be killed in her sleep. When she began to fall asleep someones voice would yell at her to wake up. You need to wake up now, the voice would tell her. I began to hear and experience the voice telling me to wake up, but I was no longer going to accept this. In my dream I knew I was sleeping and what I was looking for. The creature began changing shape from person to person in my dream. We were having a party, and the being shape shifted into family members and friends, trying to trick me. In my dream I grabbed a Japanese sword I used for training and began stalking the creature. I walked into my bathroom and I could feel its fear, its attempt to get away from me. Then the creature opened the bathroom window to try and escape, exposing its back I buried the sword in its spine. I watched as it threw itself out the window and changed from person to person until it simply disappeared. That same night my sister told me the creature simply went away in her dream.
Many years later I became acquainted with a very gifted individual. He explained to me that we use energy to generate music, light, and so forth. He went on to say that spirits or the energetic continuum of human beings need electricity and energy in the air to generate a voice, they are not three dimensional and do not have the physical capacity to generate sound. But more importantly our thoughts that shape our very world are the most concentrated forms of energy. When we do not keep them clean like a bathroom, things will fester and the natural order will produce lifeforms that dwell and use the energy of decay and darkness to thrive. There truly was chaos in our home but it was the emotional debris and unresolved issues I believe which provided a vehicle for someone to use. No different than a trouble maker taking an unlocked car out for a joy ride. When we set our concentration and focus in one place with one intention we can practice what I call energetic hygiene. This is why meditation is important. Everything I have told you is true. My name is Alvaro, it means Guardian. Nothing has the power to possess you except that which you give authority. Whether man or spirit, ghost or green alien you are your authority. Assert yourself , live in this physical place and keep your mind and living space in balance with each other.
Submitted by AJ

About 30 years ago, right about Hallowe'en time no less, I got a call from a good friend of mine who was going through a divorce. She had found this neat old 19th century mansion to live in with her two sons, but the house had some problems.
It was a huge place, with a large garden full of the remains of extremely exotic plants. Some of these plants seemed as though they could be brought back if they had some care, so my friend would work at reviving them while her boys were at school. One afternoon as she was gardening, though she was quite alone at the house (she thought!)- my friend felt someone "watching" her. She looked over her shoulder to find an old man in some sort of uniform observing her as she worked; he was smiling at her! The trouble was- she could see right through him. Then, he disappeared!
My friend was un-nerved, to say the least. In fact, she was downright scared. Being of Japanese ancestry, she had some background in the knowledge of "kwaidan"- the Japanese term for ghosts. My friend went to the public library in Tiburon (the Marin County, California town in which she lived), to look up the house's title & hopefully learn of its history.
She was shocked to discover that the house had been built by a retired sea captain, whose ship had traveled all over the Pacific to trade. He had passed away in the house less than two years after he had moved in when the house was finished. The title was inherited by his daughter, who lived there until she, too, passed away in the 1920's. The house was boarded up & had been empty ever since. When my friend called me, she told me none of this- only to please come over & keep her company. I'm psychic, & she knew this.
I arrived at this house that very evening after dinner, about 9PM. My friend poured us some wine as we began to talk. She seemed very worried & more than a bit scared; I asked her about it. "You'll find out soon", she told me. "Just wait". Her sons were upstairs in bed, fast asleep.
It wasn't long before a lot of strange noises began to occur- starting with heavy footsteps going along the upstairs hall. "Is someone else here?" I asked. "No," my friend said. "Are you sure?" I asked. "It sounds like someone is walking around upstairs." "There's no one up there, the kids are in bed," she told me. "It's almost Hallowe'en," I said- "I'll bet your sons are teasing us." The boys were a mischievous pair of kids. "They're asleep," she said. "Go upstairs & check on them if you like."
I crept upstairs quietly, hoping to catch the boys in the act. I checked both of them in their rooms- they were out like lights. I thought it was weird. I went downstairs & said, "I could have sworn they were teasing us." At this point, odd intermittent noises began in the house; pops & creakings. I began to "sense" that there was a lot more going on than it seemed- but I always like to eliminate the earthly possibilities first. "Old houses sure make noise when they settle at night, don't they?" I asked. "That's not what it is," my friend told me. "Keep listening; that's why I'm so glad you're here. I know it's not my imagination!"
I wasn't quite sure yet what I might be getting into. "I'm beginning to think you have some sort of a ghost," I said. "Don't say that!" my friend cried in a frightened voice. "He doesn't like it!" At this point the popping & creaking noises began in earnest, with loud knocks & raps as well. Whatever it was, it was offended. "Oh, I'm sorry!" I apologized. "I didn't realize that you were here!" The noises stopped. At this time I asked point-blank what on earth was going on, & my friend told me about the ghost in the garden. "He seemed to like it that I was fixing it up," she said. She was terrified that I would laugh at her, & I told her that I believed her. Then she told me about the history of the house that she'd found at the town library.
"You're a little bit like that lady in the old movie, "The Ghost & Mrs. Muir"," I said. "It seems that the old captain passed away before he'd had a nice long retirement, & as far as he's concerned, this is still his house!" More raps & popping occurred, as though the ghost was in agreement (which, I was catching on fast, he was). "I didn't mean to be rude earlier," I called out to him. "I thought the boys were playing pranks." I began to "tune in" to the old sea captain's presence, & realized that he liked my friend & her sons very much, & was glad that they lived there & were fixing up the house. I told my friend this, & she was very relieved. "There's nothing to worry about," I said. "It's going to be odd hearing & seeing him from time to time, but it's OK- he wants you all to stay. Almost no one ever does. He's looking after all of you, in his way." After I said that, no more noises occurred that night; the captain had retired for the evening.
My friend felt a lot better after that. She stayed there for a few years, until her divorce was final, then she bought another house. She never spoke about the ghost again; I was the only one she ever told, & I was the only one who had experienced the ghost besides her. I've always thought that the old gent just wanted to let my friend know that he was there.

Submitted by Deianera

After a long separation and my finalized divorce I was ready to move on. Selling the large 2 story in town, I acquired a cute little lake house with a beautiful view. Actually, the picturesque lot was worth more than the house, but it did have a balcony that faced the shoreline. That was its redeeming quality. From an elevated perspective my guests and I could enjoy the serene view of the water.
My house sat in a small cul de sac with two other small homes, all separated by spacious lots. It was a good twenty minute drive to the nearest highway, and that suited me just fine. I wanted to change my lifestyle and simplify anyway. It seemed that the countryside and rural living would be the key to my new life.
My son and his girl friend had hit hard times, and he suffered from bouts with Crohn's disease. I invited them to move in and get back on their feet financially while my youngest son was headed for college on a football scholarship so everything was shaping up. The immediate future looked bright enough.
Things got a little strange all of the sudden. A house just a short distance down the road from us was the source of the abnormality. I had heard that up until recently a reclusive old lawyer had lived there and died. No one apparently knew his family or even who the house was legally deeded to. One afternoon an Asian realtor lady walked over to my porch asking me if I knew anything about the property saying she couldn't find anything out about it, but I told her I couldn't be of any help to her. Well, I thought it wasn't unusual for a lawyer to create a paper trail that led to nowhere and maybe that was what this reclusive old attorney had intended.
It wasn't long before things began happening in the old abandoned house. I heard a rumor that some neighborhood kids might have been holding Satanic rituals in the house. Sometimes at night it appeared that a light was on the house though the electricity was cut off. On one occasion my son and I though we had seen people pulling belongings from the house, but didn't know if they were relatives or not. The sheriff's department was a phone call away, but it took them a long time to respond.
Then it began. After a really hot summer, fall had given way to a blustery November. Cold winds were kicking off the lake and chilling the whole rural subdivision like a frozen popsicle. We were standing on the porch, a noise had brought us out for a look. It was a foreboding type of sound like something you would hear in a horror movie, a kind of forlorn yet menacing sound. It was coming from the abandoned house down the road from us. From my front door I could look left and see the property. At first I thought it had to be an old attic turbine vent that was being driven by the cold wind. However, I was in no mood to brave the cold night and go searching for the source of that weird noise.
My son told me the next day that he'd checked the house for exposed attic vents and couldn't find one. He'd worked construction and knew what to look for. That night as the darkness and cold crept through our little rural community, it started again. It was eerie to say the least, sounding somewhere between a demonic howling to the drone of air rushing down a tunnel that echoed. I'd really never heard anything quite like it. My boy and his girl friend took it as an ominous sign that there was some presence in the house.
One night when it was not so cold, we walked over to the yard of the abandoned place, taking care not to trespass, and shined our flashlights on the slowly decaying structure. It had been a house built in the seventies, probably designed by an architect who liked using angular geometry that had been popular in that period. Our flashlight beams merely shined back at us from the smeared glass of the patio sliding door that was partially covered from within by drapes. I couldn't see anything in there. Then it started again. This time the noise seemed to resonate from above and all around us. It was bizarre! I didn't know whether to be curious or scared, but my son did, and urged me to get back to our place. We left quickly, gazing back over our shoulders at times as the eerie sound continued to wail in the night.
A couple of men living together shared a house next to mine that was right across the dusty road from the old lawyer's place who'd died, but I'd never asked them if they'd seen anything unusual. As I understood, the older man was sick so I did not want to disturb them. A working couple lived across the cul de sac from us, and we visited them occasionally, but for some reason, I never got around to asking them about the weird noises coming from the old place. I guess it's not something one just wants to bring up as it sounds a little strange and makes you appear to be paranoid or something.
It didn't happen every night, which made me wonder even more. I did not check to see if the bizarre noises occurred during any particular cycle, but I know what I heard and so did my son and his girl friend. Sometimes the disconcerting tone of the odd noise would come drifting in from outside waking me up in the wee hours. Then I would just sit and think about what it could possibly be. During the days there was my business and doing some remodeling on the lake house that kept us all busy before nightfall came again.
Several months passed and I met a woman with whom I fell in love with. We were spending a lot of time together so my son and his girl had run of the house quite a bit. Once my woman and I had moved in together a short distance from my lake house, the news came from my boy. One Sunday morning he said that he smelled something burning and went outside to take a look. Our volunteer fire department was nearby, but their response time left a lot to be desired.
He was astonished when he saw flames erupting from the abandoned house. Black smoke quickly rose to the sky. By the time he had called the fire department he told me that the place was pretty much ablaze and couldn't be saved. My son had thought that maybe some kids had been messing around and had lighted a fire either intentionally or unintentionally, but he hadn't seen a soul that morning, and strangely it seemed no one else had come out to look. I don't think I've ever seen a burning house that didn't attract a crowd, but no one but the faithful volunteers had shown up. By that time the place was pretty much gutted, as I understand.
So ends the mystery of the abandoned house that emitted those haunting sounds that perplexed us on many an evening. I wish I had looked deeper into the puzzling tale, but life and work just gets in the way. We never solved that puzzle, but I'll never forget that eerie noise. Was the place haunted? Who knows?
I will say that two disturbing things happened in our cul de sac as time went by. The old man who'd been sick died shortly after. The working couple that lived on our other side also suffered a tragedy. One really hot afternoon, the woman came home from work to find her husband had died of an acute heart attack. My father, who had moved into the house after my son had moved, and I attended the funeral. Could these two fatalities have had anything to do with that old abandoned house? Hopefully not.
I hereby certify that this story is based on true events.
Submitted by Doc Vega

In January 1977, two well-known musicians from Cairns, Australia (Bluey Morgan & Gary Ward), were driving an old 1960 British made Commer van, carrying Gary with his double bass home to the Gold Coast, and Bluey with his drum-kit to Melbourne, as both of them were looking for work due to the lack of it in the tropical city of Cairns.
I had been driving all day, so we pulled in to get an evening meal at a hotel in Rockhampton (about half-way between Cairns and Brisbane), as the rain was beginning to come down pretty heavy. Whilst having dinner, we were talking to some locals who recognised us from a few past concerts in Rockhampton, and in various bands over the years. We were also told that strange things had been happening on the road ahead, and in the local area, and that we should be careful whilst travelling in this area, so we also decided not to drink alcohol whilst eating, and to keep our wits about us (something musicians learn well).
We were then introduced to the hotel owner, who told us of many weird traffic accidents, with some mysterious disappearances, strange lights and sounds in and around the areas we were about to drive through. These "stories", were apparently very well known and also recorded by the local people. Needless to say, we were not prepared to stay overnight either, thinking that their stories were merely a ploy to get more overnight customers to stay at the hotel, so we decided to press on in the rain anyway.
About forty minutes after leaving the hotel, and whilst the van lights were on high beam, we noticed a chap standing at the edge of the road, in the rain. He was clothed in a check shirt, jeans and a straw cowboy type hat, and was also waving for a lift. We immediately looked at each other, didn't know what to think, said nothing but began slowing down. We were also remembering what was told to us by the locals and the owner of the pub, so we decided to slow down, drive past and check him out, and then decide what whether to give him a lift or not. We noticed one strange thing in particular, and that was quite clearly, he was NOT wet! We did not stop, and to this day, I still feel very odd about the situation.
A few miles down the road, I felt bad about this man standing in the rain, and what he must have thought when we didn't stop, but at the same time I also remembered that after passing him, we could no longer see him in the rear view mirror, so we thought he had ducked under a tree maybe, and never gave it another thought. Settling back to the drive ahead of us, we began conversing about work maybe at the Gold Coast.
Now I want everyone to picture and remember this. There were only five cars on the road ahead, coming toward us in all of this time period, but at NO time did any vehicles go past our vehicle, at all, travelling in the same direction. Forty or so minutes later, we noticed the rain was now becoming much heavier, so the wiper blades went to top speed, and the demister was turned on. However, not more than ten minutes into this heavier rain, there he was again!
The same man, with the same hat, the same clothes, the same wave, standing at the edge of the road, but this time, he had a grin on his face, and he was very much still as DRY as a bone!
Hey man! We're in the middle of nowheresville! Where had this man come from? He never passed us on the road. He never got out of the clothes he was wearing, because they were dry! Gary freaked out! I freaked out! I also had no idea that an old Commer van could actually move so fast....I think we set a new land speed record for old Commer vans! We never spoke, never looked at each other for at least twenty five minutes.....we just watched that bloody road till the next town........every inch of it.
When we arrived at the Gold Coast, we said NOTHING to anyone at all. Who would believe us? For at least a whole year nothing was said by either Bluey or Gary, to anybody, till I (Bluey) approached the police to basically find out whether or not this incident should have been reported or not. Whilst cross-checking the dates with incidents happened, we discovered there were two mysterious disappearances the same week we travelled, on the same road! The police were all of a sudden wanting every piece of information we could give. It seems that the chap we both saw hitch-hiking on the edge of the road, had been killed in a crash......13 years before we actually saw him!
About ten years later, the conversation arose once again, because two people were found dead in their car, on the same stretch of road, in the pouring rain, with no signs of an accident anywhere!
Even as I write this, I still get goose-bumps, thinking of what events may have taken place, if we had stopped!
Recently I watched an Australian movie called "Wolf Creek", and the goose-bumps began again!
Most people I know, will only travel that stretch of road in included!
Submitted by Bluey Morgan

This story concerns a very disturbing experience I had in Ireland, November 2006. I have been living in Ireland since 2007, but this encounter took placeon a visit to my mother-in-laws before we moved here for good.
We had come over to celebrate my mother-in-laws birthday and decided to do a little exploring of Tipperary where my wifes farther had been born.We whent to the grounds of an old mansion where he had worked when he was a young man.On the grounds of the mansion was a ruined abbey dateing from around the 17th century.We were looking around the inside of the ruins when the incident took place.
I have a great interest in the paranormal,and my wife is always telling people that if anything paranormal happens and it scares me then she knows its time to leave
Well, she knew that day it was time to leave.
We had been walking around the inside of the abbey taking photos. Suddenly,I had this strange feeling that i really needed to turn around.It was almost as if somebody was telling me not to get caught unaware.I turned around--and to my total horror and disbelief--a huge black mass was rushing at me.
Before i could react,it was right in my face.I felt a force push me backward and i heard the words "get out". I yelled in supprise.My wife told me afterwards that she turned around,saw the look on my face, but did not see the black mass that had rushed at me.She never the less knew that there was something very wrong.
I had frozen on the spot, but to her credit she grabbed my arm and dragged me out of the ruins.When we were back outside,I regained my courage and wanted to go back in and confront whatever had given me such a scare, but my wife would not hear of it and so we left.
To this day I do not know what I came up against. All I know is it happened and it is the first time in my life that I have been scared by something paranormal. Normally, I do not find paranormal activity scary if it happens around me, I find it very interesting, but this felt very wrong and shook me up.I will not ever forget that day at the abbey or whatever haunts it.
Submitted by Rudi

About 35 years ago I went to live in Kyoto in Japan and was having trouble finding accommodation. My search had taken me to the to the foot of Mount Hei, a mountain situated to the North East of the city. In Japan, the North East is known as the Demon Gate and large number of houses on the slopes of the mountain are said to be haunted.
Eventually, an old woman offered me an old wooden house she owned, which stood about 20 metres behind us in a small garden. She encouraged me to inspect the premises but would not go any nearer the house herself.
I entered the house, walked along a narrow corridor and looked into a large room on the left. Someones belongings were in the room and I got the impression that the occupant had gone out in a hurry, as Japanese people usually tidy their bedding away in a closet when not in use. This room was separated by paper doors from a smaller room and behind that, there was a kitchen. Upstairs there were two more empty rooms.
The old woman told me that person who had occupied the large room had left in a hurry and I could stash his belongings in garbage bags. Besides there being no deposit and key money for the house, the rent was a pittance and I wasted no time telling the old woman that I would like to move in the next day
The next morning, after I had paid the rent and was moving into the house. the old woman asked me if I was afraid of ghosts. I replied that I didn't believe in them and she walked away muttering to herself.
I spent a couple of weeks alone in the house then my friend, a gangster who had just done time for murder, moved into the small room behind mine with his girlfriend.. They'd just been thrown out of a ryokan for doing something terrible and brought with them the ashes of their child, who had recently died, in an urn.that they placed in the alcove in my room. They bought meals for the urn and took it everywhere with them. My friend told me he was going to buy it a car when it was old enough.
Then, one night I was awakened by a noise in the garden. I was surprised to find my friends standing there looking terrified. They asked me to bring their belongings out of the house for them and emphatically refused to come back and get them themselves because there was a ghost in the house.
I told them not to be silly, but they were adamant, even after I'd searched the house.. My gangster friend told me, in a trembling voice, that at about 3 a. m. he had been awoken by knocking on the door. This at once registered as unusual to me as Japanese aren't into knocking on doors, especially in the middle of the night. My friend continued that he'd then heard someone walk along the corridor and into the kitchen. The fluorescent plastic toggle on the cord of their strip light suddenly moved violently in all directions and a low, moaning circled the room. It was then that they fled.
I was reticent to stay in the house alone, but I managed to get some sleep that night after searching every nook and cranny about 5 times over.
The next night, again alone in the house, I was woken up about 3 am by knocking on the door. After finding the door locked and no-one outside, I went back to bed. Then I heard knocking on the skirting board, which came three knocks at a time and moved along the corridor in about three foot intervals.. I looked out into the corridor and could see nothing, yet I could still hear knocking on the skirting board. Then I heard someone in the kitchen. I looked there and, again, all over the house but there was not a soul to be found.
These noises kept up every night for about a month. Eventually I got used to them, decided they were harmless and was able to sleep normally,
One night, however, I woke in the middle of the night and was confronted by a disembodied head floating on the middle of my room It was completely white, almost skeletal and the hair stuck out in clumps.
I sat up and stared at the head for about 30 seconds, then it slowly floated through the paper doors into the room behind. I sat there thinking this must be what feeling discombobulated was all about and then peeped between the paper doors. There was nothing in the room, or anywhere in the house or the garden. I didn't sleep that night and the next day I started looking for new accommodation.
I asked a number of priests about this phenomenon and they all gave me the same matter- of-fact explanation followed by an offer to perform an exorcism for an exorbitant fee.
When samurai performed hara kiri, or ritual suicide they did so with someone standing over them with a sword. I haven't tried this but, apparently its impossible to slice yourself open with a knife and spill you guts all over the shop as its excruciatingly painful. It seems that the most stoic samurai could only manage a little nick, then he would bend forward and the bloke behind him would whack him on the back of his neck with his katana.
Now, this is the tricky bit; he hadn't to lob his head right off, but had to leave it still connected to his body by the throat. If he messed up and severed the head completely, it would come back looking for the body with no concern about waking some poor bastard in the middle of the night and scaring the shit out of him.
Submitted by Fred

The house stood in the school yard in the little town of M. on the Massachusetts shore. I had considered renting the place when I arrived in town, but had decided at the time that the voices of the children in the playground would cut into my morning sleep.
Now, a few years later, I stood at the door of the same tiny dwelling, at 8 PM on a Monday night, knocking. The lights were on, but no-one answered. The door was unlocked, and I cautiously stepped in. I called out above the heavy noise of the hi-fi which was filling the house with loud music. *'Anyone home?'* The house was small enough for my voice to reach everywhere, with just two rooms downstairs and two above, but no-one answered my query.
I turned down the music and went into the kitchen and switched on the small black and white TV perched on the kitchen table. Andy wouldn't mind my barging in like this to watch *Mork and Mindy*. That's why his door was generally left unlocked. Then why did I feel so guilty as I sat down at the kitchen table to watch the show? Andy was a pal, but I was having trouble ignoring a voice in my mind that was saying, *'You don't belong here. Get out of here.*'
I pushed that thought out of my mind, trying to concentrate on the dialogue of the show on the little screen, but then discovered that I couldn't follow what the TV was saying. I could hear the voices of the actors well enough, but I couldn't understand a single word of it. It was as if the actors were speaking Lithuanian or Swahili.The feeling of guilt at being in the kitchen of that little house was so strong that it had a kind of jamming effect.
Only my stubborn nature kept me sitting there for several minutes in front of the little screen, concentrating with all my force yet unable to get a word of the dialogue. The voice shouting '*Get out of here*' was really strong and getting stronger, triggering strong waves of guilt which drowned out every other thought.
For a moment I gave up on the show on the TV and at that instant I noticed for the first time that the dogs were acting strange. The two animals that belonged to the house would normally be in the kitchen with the visitor, wagging their tails joyously and getting their ears scratched. Now they were huddled at the furthest end of the front porch, as far as they could possible get from me, staring at me with obvious nervousness. I called to them but they paid no attention... looking back at me as if very worried about something.
Again the stubborn part of me turned my attention to the story unrolling on the TV screen, and again I was unable to grasp the meaning of even a single line of the dialogue. The feelings of guilt at being in Andy's kitchen was drowning out all rational thought. I could think of nothing else except my own intrusion into this space, and felt terribly guilty for being was I was at the moment.
I was still at it, seven or eight minutes into the show, trying in vain to understand the sound track and getting none of it, when
BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM... heavy boots came slamming down hard on the ceiling just above my head and crossed the room. The ceiling was so low in that little dwelling that those boots crashed into the wood just a foot or so above my head.
'Ah,' someone *is* home,' I muttered to himself, and now had no trouble deciding to give up on watching the show. I switched off the TV, and headed for the door.
When I once again found myself out in front of the house, I turned and looked to see which upstairs room had the lights on. When I saw total darkness in the top part of the house, I felt the little hairs on the back of my neck rise and a wave of icy cold reach down my back.
My relief at being outside the house was followed by a feeling of needing a drink badly, and I trotted along the darkened path over the little hill to the nearest tavern. I was not a drinker, and this sudden desire for strong spirits was totally out of character, yet it was overwhelming. On the way my mind was spinning. Who walks in the dark in hobnail boots? Who stomps on a ceiling like that? Who or what can scramble your brains so badly that you can't understand a single word on the sound track of a TV show?
Within three minutes I stood at the deserted bar in *Mattie's* with a big shaker full of strong spirits at my lips. I then noticed three people sitting in a booth at the back who turned out, on closer inspection, to be all the inhabitants of the little house on the school grounds.
'Hey, I was just up at your place,' I blurted out. 'And you'll never guess...'
'We know,' said Andy.
'I was in the kitchen and...'
'We know,' said Andy's girlfriend. 'We don't want to talk about it.'
'Why do you suppose we're sitting *here?*' the other girl added.
The two girls had moved out of the little house the next day, but Andy stayed on. An angry spirit in the house didn't bother him that much. He explained that in M. you were liable to find a spirit in almost any house you rented, it was that kind of town. Always the practical sort, Andy figured he was better with the ghost he knew than one he didn't.
Fifteen years later I returned to the little town of M., this time with my new wife in tow. I took her to see the house on the playground, but it had vanished. 'I wonder why they'd demolish a nice little house like that?' said I to my wife, but then of course, I knew exactly why they had.
'On second thought, it doesn't surprise me at all,' I said. 'With that spirit living in that house, it was more or less uninhabitable.'
"You really believe it was a ghost in hobnail boots?' asked my new spouse.
'Well, it's not just the boots that convinced me, it's the way that eggbeater was going on in my brain from the moment I came in the door. Never, before or after, has anything like that happened to me. My brain always works, and yet, as long as I was in that kitchen that night, my brain was simply out of order, jammed. That was far scarier, looking back, than the footsteps just over my head. There was a powerful and angry spirit in that house, the most powerful being I've ever encountered. Being the object of its anger for several minutes was sheer hell! Never have I felt guilt that intense. It was crushing. Actually, I'm not at all surprised, in fact I'm kind of relieved that they tore that little house down,' I said.
Submitted by Lucky Nelson

I was a child at the time, I think 3rd grade, my parents moved into an old renovated log cabin, just up the road from lake Noquebay, in Crivitz, WI. It was October 1st, the day before my birthday, when we moved in. I am now 36 at the time of this writing. Yet to this day, the memories of that house, are some of my strongest memories. I can still feel the terror, starting with the very first night we moved in.
My mom and I where home alone at night, with Greg, my step dad, still at work. I remember sitting at the living room table, eating dinner. Above the table was a shelf. On each side of the shelf was a stereo speaker, with my step dads mug collection along the length of the shelf, and an old platter belonging to his grandmother in the center.
Suddenly an over whelming feeling came over me, that I had to go see what my mom was doing. I didn't know why. But it was like I went into a trance, I had to go see what mom was doing. I got up from the table and began to walk across the living room, mom was down the hall getting something from the closet. I walked a few feet from the table, when suddenly from behind me, I heard a loud smash! crash! And then it was like something shoved me! I remember tumbling thru the air.
Mom came running down the hall, she said, she saw me somersaulting thru the air. Then she saw what was causing all the noise. Everything was leaping off the shelf! As if something was pushing each mug off, one by one. All of the mugs came off the shelf, along with one of the speakers, which landing right where I was sitting. But the platter in the middle stayed where it was! Every mug shattered and put huge nicks in a very expensive pine table set. If I had not gotten up and moved, I would have been seriously injured. But I didn't know why I did that! Something 'made' me move! And even seemed to push me out of harms way. In later years, I pondered if maybe multiple entities where at play that day. Anyway, Mom was terrified. How was she suppose to explain this to her husband? She left everything as it was, and curled up in bed, crying in fear. Later that night, when Greg came home, he saw the smashed mugs and ruined table. He began shouting, clearly very angry. The only response mom had was, "We have ghosts!". Of course he scoffed at that and insisted I must have been jumping on the table.
A short while later, as he examined the shelf, he changed his mind. He noticed the speaker that fell down, did not pull down the wire that was attached to it. Instead, the wire remained exactly where the speaker was, like it was disconnected first and then shoved over. By all means, it should have pulled the wire down along with it. Further more, he couldn't figure out how the platter remained exactly as it was, yet all the mugs came down. If I had bumped the shelf like he thought, or maybe even music vibrated the shelf, the platter was the lightest thing, it should have moved. None of it made any sense.
But the story is not over, it didn't end there, that was only the beginning...
Odd things became regular occurrences before long.
The water faucets of the bathroom sink and tub would regularly turn themselves on at night, full blast.
Almost daily, a gust of wind would rush thru the room. Like something moved past you very fast. Even if all the windows and doors where closed. I remember my parents jokingly shouting out, "Go away ghosts! We are not moving!" ,when ever that happened.
There where three bedrooms in the place, plus a small baby's room off my parents bedroom. The front room was made into a guest room. Except nobody would sleep in that room. They could never explain why, but it always had an uncomfortable and eerie feeling. Like someone watching you. No matter who it was, they always ended up moving to the living room couch by morning.
The baby room, strangely enough, had much of the baby stuff from the last residence left in the room!? Soon, my parents found they where utterly unable to keep this rooms door closed! Even after locking the door, every morning the door would be wide open & unlocked.
I remember one time sitting on my parents bed, petting our Doberman pincher, "Butch".
I looked over at that baby room and something scared me horribly. I was terrified, but didn't know why! Suddenly, Butch charged at the room, barking and growling. He stopped right at the edge of the door way, snarling, in full attack mode. But then, he began to back up and cower away from the door!!! In sheer terror, I ran out of the house as fast I could. I didn't want to go back.
So many other ghostly things happened in the almost two years we lived there, I could literally write a full length novel about all the different experiences told by my mother, step dad, aunts, uncles, friends and my own.
Ultimately, what forced my parents to move, was unexplained incredibly high power bills. After living there for awhile, the electric bill began to sky rocket. Reaching as high as over $800 a month! They even called public service to come out and check the wiring in the house. They could not find anything wrong , yet could not explain where the power draw was coming from.
When we finally did move out, the landlord admitted, every person who lived there, left saying the place was haunted, and nobody ever stayed for more then two years.
We were no exception...
Submitted by Rick LaTour

I used to work for a major department store as the night manager, I was fairly new to the store. As one of my general duties, I was required to be the last employee out of the building each night, with the exception of 2 security guards who were on duty all night.
My usual routine would be to walk the entire store. Starting on the first floor and working my way to the top, checking for merchandise that was not in its proper place, and or associates/customers, if any, that were still in the building.
As I went along my nightly routine, once I "cleared" an area, I would shut off the lights. I did this for the first level women's apparel, the second level Children's clothing/toys/appliances and the third, men's apparel. Once I got to the top floor I would make my way back through the departments in the dark, and give the store one final check, checking each floor once again before heading down to the next floor, and out for the night.
On this particular night I had just done my first "walk through" (from the first floor to the third, shutting off lights and checking merchandise along the way). I had finished checking the 3rd floor and headed down the elevator to the second floor.
As the elevator doors opened (once on the 2nd floor) I thought I heard what seemed to be a child laughing, and what sounded like footsteps running away from the elevator doors. I thought to myself, "there must be a child still in the store" so the 2 guards and I proceeded to turn on all of the lights and search the 2nd level for the child that we presumed, was still in the store.
The 2 guards and I looked in every possible place that a child might hide. After an hour of searching for the child, we heard and found nothing.
So I instructed the 2 guards to go ahead and turn off all of the lights and prepare to lock up the store. As the 2 guards secured the rest of the building for the night I decided to sit on the second floor, at the night guards desk, and wait to see if maybe the child would come out of hiding, before I left for the night. As I waited at the desk, in the dimly lit building, I once again heard the child's laugh.
Not only did I hear the child laugh, but I also heard the sound of a ball being bounced on the ground. I quickly and quietly got up from the desk, with flash light in hand, and headed for the most likely isle that the child might be in, the "toy isle".
Upon nearing the isle, the sound of the ball and child's laugh grew louder, as I was about to turn the corner to enter the toy section of the store a large rubber ball rolled out from the isle, as the child's laughter faded away.
Startled from the ball rolling past my feat, I quickly but cautiously entered the isle. Upon turning the corner, I used my flash light to search the isle for the child, all the while noticing, that where my light had shown on the shelves, and down the isle there were toys. All of these toys were once on the shelves, high and low, and now they were all over the floor.
The toys were from the bottom shelf, top shelf, and everywhere in between, half being far too high for a child to reach on its own.
Yet still, there was no child to be found.............
I called for the Guards, who helped, to once again, search the 2nd floor for the child that was "apparently" still in the store. Placing the merchandise back on the shelves, and further searching for the child, proved uneventful, we found no child. I notified the police about a child possibly still being in the store, and had the police check their records for any children reported missing in the area during the day (the police had no reported missing children in the vicinity).
After doing everything I could, I decided to head home, after instructing the Guards, before I left, to "keep their ears and eyes open for the child" and to notify the police when they eventually found the child.
The next day I headed to work at my normal time, eager to find out about the child's well being who was left in the store the night before. As I entered the building I was greeted by my boss, who asked me to come into his office.
As I sat down, my boss began to speak "SO!....I see you ran into our little ghost last night!". I, now a little confused, began to tell him what had occurred the night before.
My boss then proceeded to tell me a story about a little boy and his mother who came to shop at the Department Store back in the early 1950's.
As the story goes the little boy and his mom were shopping on the second floor. As the mother was heading to the elevator with her little boy, the child let go of her hand and ran back towards the toy isle. When the mother noticed that her little boy had run away (she was already in the elevator), called for him to come back. The boy heard his mother's call and ran back towards the elevator. Nearing the elevator, the boy tripped, just as the doors started to close...............
Unfortunately...........the boy's head was crushed between the closing elevator doors, and he was killed on the spot. (This was before they had safety doors on elevators)
My boss further explained that ever since that incident, every few months, weird things would happen on the 2nd floor mainly in the "toy isle" just as I had described.............

My brush with the supernatural happened when I was nine months pregnant with my youngest son. I was in the bedroom, asleep next to my husband with my little dog, Jenny, at the foot of the bed. The bedroom door was closed, as always.
Suddenly, Jenny woke me up with a low growl. She leapt to her feet and ran up to the head of the bed near the door. The door was on my side of the bed, close enough that I could reach out and touch it. Jenny stood still, quivering and growling softly, as she stared at the door. She would not have growled like that if it had been one of the children at the door, and I started to worry about who might be out there!
I was getting more scared by the second, frightened that whatever was outside my door might threaten my children across the hall. I had almost worked up the courage to open the door and look out when Jenny jerked back a little and growled louder.
She barked and began backing down the bed as if something was walking toward her. She turned her head, watching "something" moving along the side of the bed, stopping at the foot. At that point Jenny stood in the center of the bed between my husband and me with her fur sticking straight up, staring and growling at something I couldn't see.
I was thoroughly and completely frightened! My arms were covered with goose bumps, and a chill ran up my back. I couldn't see anything, but my little dog sure acted like something was in the room with us. I pulled the covers up to my chin, shut my eyes tight and whispered to that something, "Please go away. I'm pregnant and you're scaring me!" Immediately Jenny relaxed and curled up on the foot of the bed. Whatever she had been reacting to was gone.
I was totally freaked for a while, but after about 10 minutes, I finally became convinced we were alone. I opened the door a crack and peeked out. Nothing. Jenny lifted her head, curious about what I was doing, but she was completely relaxed.
The next morning when my husband and I woke up, he said, "I had the strangest dream last night. It was so real that it felt like it was really happening." I got goose bumps, immediately suspicious that his dream and my invisible apparition were connected. I said, in as normal a voice as I could muster, "What was it about?" He said, "I dreamt that my grandpa visited me. He stood at the foot of the bed, and I could see him as clearly as l see you right now. Grandpa said, 'Don't worry, everything will be all right,' and he disappeared!"
Oh my! The goose bumps were really having a field day now.
"Uh .... why would he say that?" I asked. "Well," hubby replied, "I've been worrying about money with the baby coming. I guess Grandpa wanted to let me know everything would be okay."
I shivered and told him about my experience, and HE shivered, but we went on with our lives and eventually forgot about it.
Several months later, our baby was sleeping in his bassinette next to my husband's side of the bed. Both my husband and our son were sound asleep when Jenny began her "stare at nothing and growl" routine. She watched as "something" apparently came through the door and moved along the side of the bed toward the baby's bassinette. Being a normal protective mom, I was frightened that anything would come near the baby whether I could see it or not. Jenny stiffened and growled at the "something" that seemed to pause for a few moments near the bassinette. Then just as suddenly she relaxed and curled up on the bed, unconcerned. I thought it was strange that Jenny's apparition always seemed to enter through the door, but apparently vanished into thin air when it left the room.
My husband and his family believe that it was Grandpa again, coming to have a look at the new baby. I suppose that's possible, but I'm just as glad that it has never happened since!
Submitted by Barbara Carlson