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A Ghostly Soldier

The Haunted Road

Our Little Ghost



The following is a true story that happened to me and my family on a vacation trip to the Little Big Horn National Battlefield.
My wife, kids and I went out to the Little Big Horn National Battlefield, Crow Agency, MT in 1992. I have a Great Uncle named Myles Keogh, who rode with Custer and was the Commander of Company "I". I wanted to see just where he died. I had to explain to the Rangers who I was and how I was related to Myles and after I told them in detail my relationship they allowed me and only me to go to where he died and do a rubbing on his stone where he died. When I finished, we decided to go further into the Battlefield
It was about 11:00am and 105 degrees with heat lightning flashing in the distance as we drove out to Reno-Benteen (Ridge) Battlefield on the South end of the site. We were the only ones foolish enough to go out there in that heat, and there was not a soul in sight. When we parked and got out and started to snoop around for a while when a "Soldier" in full uniform came up over the ridge from the direction of the river! We started talking with him about the battle and the kids were asking questions and he looked wiped (bushed/tired) so I went to the cooler and gave him a cold soda (Pepsi)He looked at it very STRANGELY, but didn't open it. We explained our relationship to Myles and the Soldier started telling us things that only a person who knew Myles could know. Like, Myles was a spy/informer/assassin for President Grant. Grant hated Custer for a slight at the end of the Civil War, and Custer was going to run for President after the battle. (Common knowledge) Then the soldier told us how Uncle Myles was loved by his men because he shared his liquor, (this was something I always wondered about but, I didn't want to ask him if Uncle Myles was a mean DRUNK. Myles supposedly had numerous casks of whiskey with the pack train). How Custer was shot as he tried to cross the Little Big Horn River in a flanking maneuver. The soldier told us that Uncle Myles was a crack shot with a rifle. How after they (Custer's Battalion) was pushed up onto Custer Hill by the Indians, Myles tried to save his own Company but, before he left, and knowing it was a futile effort to escape, he (Uncle Myles) put a round into Custer's head for getting all of Uncle Myles's troopers killed.
Suddenly the soldier said that he had to get going and we thanked him and he turned and went back over the ridge, still carrying the can of Pepsi, and out of sight and we went to the car. I/We thought this was pretty interesting and didn't give it to much thought. But, than I started to wonder how he could have known all this because everyone that went with Custer was dead and the story couldn't be told unless that soldier was there himself!
We'll never forget the soldier...
· Honestly, the air seemed/was charged with electricity (Heat
Lightning) when he came into view.
· His eyes were piercing, like he was looking right through me.
· His voice sounded "Hollow, Distant" with a slight drawl.
· He was a Sergeant; his uniform was dusty-dirty and well worn.
· He wore a Kepi.
· He wasn't clean shaven but, he wasn't bearded. He looked weathered and raw.
· He seemed awestruck by my wife and kids: Like he had a wife & kids
and missed them very much. (If he was a re-enactor he could have won
an Oscar with his performance)
· He never acted or sounded like a Ranger in a Living History mode; he
just referred to each area as "Over there" not by its common
Battlefield name. And, he didn't point with his finger but, just like
a Native American, he pointed with his nose (Throwing his head back
and using his nose as a pointer).
That area around Reno-Benteen and the path to Uncle Myles' marker stone was the most electric/spirit filled places I've ever been. I could almost hear the war cries of the Sioux warriors. Not spooky but, this'll sound stupid or crazy, almost like the old Twilight Zone episode about the National Guardsmen who go back to the time of the Battle of the Little Big Horn.
I, myself am a very believable Civil War re-enactor but that Soldier never strayed out of character, I've never see anything as authentic as he was. That's something me, the wife and the kids still talk about. And, everything I've said is very true.

Submitted by Dan


In January 1977, two well-known musicians from Cairns, Australia (Bluey Morgan & Gary Ward), were driving an old 1960 British made Commer van, carrying Gary with his double bass home to the Gold Coast, and Bluey with his drum-kit to Melbourne, as both of them were looking for work due to the lack of it in the tropical city of Cairns.
I had been driving all day, so we pulled in to get an evening meal at a hotel in Rockhampton (about half-way between Cairns and Brisbane), as the rain was beginning to come down pretty heavy. Whilst having dinner, we were talking to some locals who recognised us from a few past concerts in Rockhampton, and in various bands over the years. We were also told that strange things had been happening on the road ahead, and in the local area, and that we should be careful whilst travelling in this area, so we also decided not to drink alcohol whilst eating, and to keep our wits about us (something musicians learn well).
We were then introduced to the hotel owner, who told us of many weird traffic accidents, with some mysterious disappearances, strange lights and sounds in and around the areas we were about to drive through. These "stories", were apparently very well known and also recorded by the local people. Needless to say, we were not prepared to stay overnight either, thinking that their stories were merely a ploy to get more overnight customers to stay at the hotel, so we decided to press on in the rain anyway.
About forty minutes after leaving the hotel, and whilst the van lights were on high beam, we noticed a chap standing at the edge of the road, in the rain. He was clothed in a check shirt, jeans and a straw cowboy type hat, and was also waving for a lift. We immediately looked at each other, didn't know what to think, said nothing but began slowing down. We were also remembering what was told to us by the locals and the owner of the pub, so we decided to slow down, drive past and check him out, and then decide what whether to give him a lift or not. We noticed one strange thing in particular, and that was quite clearly, he was NOT wet! We did not stop, and to this day, I still feel very odd about the situation.
A few miles down the road, I felt bad about this man standing in the rain, and what he must have thought when we didn't stop, but at the same time I also remembered that after passing him, we could no longer see him in the rear view mirror, so we thought he had ducked under a tree maybe, and never gave it another thought. Settling back to the drive ahead of us, we began conversing about work maybe at the Gold Coast.
Now I want everyone to picture and remember this. There were only five cars on the road ahead, coming toward us in all of this time period, but at NO time did any vehicles go past our vehicle, at all, travelling in the same direction. Forty or so minutes later, we noticed the rain was now becoming much heavier, so the wiper blades went to top speed, and the demister was turned on. However, not more than ten minutes into this heavier rain, there he was again!
The same man, with the same hat, the same clothes, the same wave, standing at the edge of the road, but this time, he had a grin on his face, and he was very much still as DRY as a bone!
Hey man! We're in the middle of nowheresville! Where had this man come from? He never passed us on the road. He never got out of the clothes he was wearing, because they were dry! Gary freaked out! I freaked out! I also had no idea that an old Commer van could actually move so fast....I think we set a new land speed record for old Commer vans! We never spoke, never looked at each other for at least twenty five minutes.....we just watched that bloody road till the next town........every inch of it.
When we arrived at the Gold Coast, we said NOTHING to anyone at all. Who would believe us? For at least a whole year nothing was said by either Bluey or Gary, to anybody, till I (Bluey) approached the police to basically find out whether or not this incident should have been reported or not. Whilst cross-checking the dates with incidents happened, we discovered there were two mysterious disappearances the same week we travelled, on the same road! The police were all of a sudden wanting every piece of information we could give. It seems that the chap we both saw hitch-hiking on the edge of the road, had been killed in a crash......13 years before we actually saw him!
About ten years later, the conversation arose once again, because two people were found dead in their car, on the same stretch of road, in the pouring rain, with no signs of an accident anywhere!
Even as I write this, I still get goose-bumps, thinking of what events may have taken place, if we had stopped!
Recently I watched an Australian movie called "Wolf Creek", and the goose-bumps began again!
Most people I know, will only travel that stretch of road in included!
Submitted by Bluey Morgan

I used to work for a major department store as the night manager, I was fairly new to the store. As one of my general duties, I was required to be the last employee out of the building each night, with the exception of 2 security guards who were on duty all night.
My usual routine would be to walk the entire store. Starting on the first floor and working my way to the top, checking for merchandise that was not in its proper place, and or associates/customers, if any, that were still in the building.
As I went along my nightly routine, once I "cleared" an area, I would shut off the lights. I did this for the first level women's apparel, the second level Children's clothing/toys/appliances and the third, men's apparel. Once I got to the top floor I would make my way back through the departments in the dark, and give the store one final check, checking each floor once again before heading down to the next floor, and out for the night.
On this particular night I had just done my first "walk through" (from the first floor to the third, shutting off lights and checking merchandise along the way). I had finished checking the 3rd floor and headed down the elevator to the second floor.
As the elevator doors opened (once on the 2nd floor) I thought I heard what seemed to be a child laughing, and what sounded like footsteps running away from the elevator doors. I thought to myself, "there must be a child still in the store" so the 2 guards and I proceeded to turn on all of the lights and search the 2nd level for the child that we presumed, was still in the store.
The 2 guards and I looked in every possible place that a child might hide. After an hour of searching for the child, we heard and found nothing.
So I instructed the 2 guards to go ahead and turn off all of the lights and prepare to lock up the store. As the 2 guards secured the rest of the building for the night I decided to sit on the second floor, at the night guards desk, and wait to see if maybe the child would come out of hiding, before I left for the night. As I waited at the desk, in the dimly lit building, I once again heard the child's laugh.
Not only did I hear the child laugh, but I also heard the sound of a ball being bounced on the ground. I quickly and quietly got up from the desk, with flash light in hand, and headed for the most likely isle that the child might be in, the "toy isle".
Upon nearing the isle, the sound of the ball and child's laugh grew louder, as I was about to turn the corner to enter the toy section of the store a large rubber ball rolled out from the isle, as the child's laughter faded away.
Startled from the ball rolling past my feat, I quickly but cautiously entered the isle. Upon turning the corner, I used my flash light to search the isle for the child, all the while noticing, that where my light had shown on the shelves, and down the isle there were toys. All of these toys were once on the shelves, high and low, and now they were all over the floor.
The toys were from the bottom shelf, top shelf, and everywhere in between, half being far too high for a child to reach on its own.
Yet still, there was no child to be found.............
I called for the Guards, who helped, to once again, search the 2nd floor for the child that was "apparently" still in the store. Placing the merchandise back on the shelves, and further searching for the child, proved uneventful, we found no child. I notified the police about a child possibly still being in the store, and had the police check their records for any children reported missing in the area during the day (the police had no reported missing children in the vicinity).
After doing everything I could, I decided to head home, after instructing the Guards, before I left, to "keep their ears and eyes open for the child" and to notify the police when they eventually found the child.
The next day I headed to work at my normal time, eager to find out about the child's well being who was left in the store the night before. As I entered the building I was greeted by my boss, who asked me to come into his office.
As I sat down, my boss began to speak "SO!....I see you ran into our little ghost last night!". I, now a little confused, began to tell him what had occurred the night before.
My boss then proceeded to tell me a story about a little boy and his mother who came to shop at the Department Store back in the early 1950's.
As the story goes the little boy and his mom were shopping on the second floor. As the mother was heading to the elevator with her little boy, the child let go of her hand and ran back towards the toy isle. When the mother noticed that her little boy had run away (she was already in the elevator), called for him to come back. The boy heard his mother's call and ran back towards the elevator. Nearing the elevator, the boy tripped, just as the doors started to close...............
Unfortunately...........the boy's head was crushed between the closing elevator doors, and he was killed on the spot. (This was before they had safety doors on elevators)
My boss further explained that ever since that incident, every few months, weird things would happen on the 2nd floor mainly in the "toy isle" just as I had described.............