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Smart Meters

Federal Energy Act of 2005 Made 'Smart' Meters VOLUNTARY

Smart Meter Legal Action Filed Against PG&E In California 

Smart Meters Federal 'Offer' Scam

Evil PG&E Sneaks Smart Meters On Home GAS Services

Smart Meters - More Radiation Than A Cell Phone Tower - Vid

The Truth About CENTRON Solid State ('Non Smart') Meters

Deagle Letter To SDG&E On Daughter's Health & SDG&E Shocking Reply

Dr. Deagle Gives SDG&E OK To Install An Analog Meter

Michelle G. Deagle's Response


Dr. Bill Deagle Responds To San Diego Gas & Electric Threats

Dr. Deagle ACTION Plan Executed vs NotDO Smart METERS, SDG&E, CPUC

SDG&E Threats To Force Dr. Deagle To Use A Smart Meter

Refuse Smart Meter Stickers

Devvy - 'Smart' Meter That Does NOT Save Energy

Smart Meters - Utility Industry Secrets

PG&E Blinks...Offers Smart Meter 'Opt-Out' But It'll Cost - Vid

'Smart Meters'... The New Silent Killer - Pt 1


'Smart Meters'...The New Silent Killer - Pt 2

Smart Meters Costing £11.3b - An Expensive Flop

Rense & Dr Bill Deagle - Death By Smart Meter Part 2 - Vid

Rense & Dr Bill Deagle - Death By Smart Meter Part 1 - Vid

Deagle - Smart Meters...A Call For Public Outrage

Conversations With The Smart Meter Man - Vid

Dirty Electricity And Smart Meters - Vid

The Smart Grid's Next Step

Proof Feds Cannot Force Smart Meters On Americans


Oz Remote Control Power Cuts By Smart Meter

Oz Smart Meter Hatred Growing

Attack Of The Deadly Smart Meter

Public Health Doc Warns Of Smart Meter Danger - Vid 

CA Decides On Privacy Standards For Smart Meters! 

Privacy Warning Over Smart Meter Personal Data

Smart Meters, Dirty Electricity And Disease - Vid

Smart Meter Slavery

Smart Meters - Massive Environmental Group Coverup

'Smart' Meters Are Dependent On Your Ignorance

USDA Attacks Rural America With Smart Meters

USDA Investing In Smart Meters In RURAL Areas

Why Smart Meters Producer Higher Bills

Rense & Devvy - Dangerous Smart Meters

Banning Smart Meters

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