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Climate Data


People, Zoo Animals Flee Minnesota City Flooding

Globalists Switching Gear - CO2 Not Affecting Earth Temps

Two Months Of Rain In Just 30 Hours for England

Heavy Rains Force Evacuations In Florida Panhandle

UN Control Freaks Want $100b For GW In Latin America

Eco-Fascist James Hasen Admits Warming Not Manmade

Wall Of Rain, Flash Floods, Evacuations In Montreal - Vid

North Korea Hit By Drought

Climate Change Wiped Out Indus Civilization 4,000 Years Ago

Britain Colder Than Arctic, Antarctic 2 Weeks To Summer

Snow Falls In The UK...In May


TV Show Giving Voice To Climate Skeptics Criticized

Warm Water Melting Antarctica Ice Shelf, Raising Seas

Britain Freak Weather Brings Tornadoes And Floods

Warming Idiots Refuse To Give Up

World Temps Have Barely Risen In Decades

Lovelock Admits He Was Too Alarmist About Warming

Coldest May In 100 Years - Forecasters

Deadly Airborne Fungus Reaches Pacific Northwest

Storm Dumps Waist-High Hail In Texas Panhandle

Record Winter Snowfall In Anchorage

Climate Shills Losing Debate On Global Warming Scam

Could Space Dust Be Causing Climate Change?


High Temps Shatter OKC March 1910 Record

'If You Don't Believe In Climate Change, You Must Be Sick' - Prof

Plan Now For Climate Disasters Says UN 

Scientists Pin Down Historic Sea Level Rise

Wind Map Of US Patterns Blows You Away

Did Europeans Move To Africa To Weather Out Ice Ages?

Climate, Food Pressures Require Rethinking Water Says UN

Climate Skepticism Begins With Climate Scientists

The Arctic Is Heating Up -- Politically

With Climate Change, Consciousness Change


Tornado Outbreak One Of Largest Ever In March

4 Volcanic Eruptions Caused 19th Century 'Little Ice Age'

Dozens Freeze To Death Across Eastern Europe

4 Dead In Freezing Weather In Serbia, Bulgaria

18 Dead In Severe Ukraine Freeze

Fracking Needs No More Regulation Says EUSSR

Ultra Harsh Alaska Winter Brings Fuel Shortages

Collecting Rainwater Now Illegal In Many States

DOJ Joins Britain 'Climategate' Leaker Scandal Manhunt

First BP Criminal Charges Over Gulf Oil Disaster?


6 Jailed After 300 Million Carbon Permits Tax Evasion

Warming Shocker - Did US Govt Help Hide Climate Data? 

Coldest Australian Summer In 50 Years

Rare Tornado Hurtles Across The Mediterranean

Philippine Authorities Bury 700 After Floods

Flash floods In Southern Philippines - Photos

Heavy Rains Flood Southeast Brazil


Philippines Storm Kills Hundreds

Carbon Dioxide Has Zero Effect On Global Warming

China, India Pollution Affecting World Weather

Storm With 165 mph Winds Batters Scotland

World Climate Talks On Brink Of Disaster

Britain Battered By Gale Force Winds

High Winds Wreck Scotland Wind Turbines

Glaciergate Pt 2 - Climate Chief Reeheats Himalayas Row

UK Govt Climate Advisers Call For Biomass Push

Mexico Drought Worst In 70 Years


Super Storms To Pound Regions Of N Europe

Washington State Fighting Massive Tree Die-Offs

Early Earth Atmosphere Much Like It Is NOW

BBC Accused Of Global Warming 'Sensationalism'

Climategate Emails Expose BBC Global Warming Agenda

Climategate Emails Expose High Level US, UK Collusion

'Global Warming' Scare The Biggest Fraud In History?

Cameron's Green Guru Reveals Warming Doubts

2000 People Stranded By Oz Floods


BBC Backpedaling On Global Warming Fraud

New E-Mails Rock Global Warming Debate 

Death Toll From Thailand's Floods Tops 600

BBC Mr Climate Change Took £15k from 'Climategate' University

BBC Hidden 'Warmist' Agenda Rapidly Unravelling

Wind Farms 'Absolutely Useless' Says Duke Of Edinburgh

UK Climate Minister Buys Castle With Huge Carbon Footprint

Climate Change Worsens Extreme Weather

CIA Urged To Be More Open About Climate Change 

Wireless Technology And The Rise In Autism  - PDF


BBC Drops Frozen Planet Climate Propaganda Episode

Mongolia Bids To Keep City Cool With 'Ice Shield' 

Warming Idiots Claim Irreversible Climate Change In 5 Yrs

Irreversible Climate Change In 5 Years

Pakistan Facing 'Unimaginable Flood Catastrophe' 

Italy, France Hit By Flooding After Torrential Rains

Big Siberian Freeze To Hit Britain

Early Snow Pelts East Coast - Cuts Power To 1.7 Million

NYC Expecting Earliest Significant Snowfall Since Civil War


One Foot Of Snow Expected For Connecticut

Climate Change Propagandist Faces Lie Detector Test

Villages All But Wiped Out As Storms Batter Italy

Did Arctic Ice Shelf Break Up 1,400 Yeasr Ago?

Northern Lights Get Southern Exposure In US

Climate Change Biggest Threat To 1/3 Of Humanity

20-25 Foot Waves Forecast For...Chicago - Vid

Floods Ravage Thailand - Worst In Half A Century - Pics

Weather Modification Is Real - Vid

Co2 Psycho Tax passed in Oz


Texas Driving Its Cattle North Amid Drought

Climate Change To Make Chocolate A Luxury Item?

Solar Activity Causing Cold Winters Admits Met Office

Britain Faces Decades Long Mini Ice Age

Britain To Shiver In -20C Within WEEKS

9,300 Tremors Have Hit El Hierro In The Canary Islands

Earth In Crosshairs Of 62,000 Mile Sunspot 

Typhoon Leaves 18 Dead In Philippines


'Hurricane' Of Moisture Over Central US - Vid

Massive Waterspout On Lake Michigan - Vid

Nobel Laureate Resigns In Disgust Over 'Global Warming'

Al Gore's Inconvenient Problem With Reality

Ugandans Expelled & Killed For Carbon Credits

Branson's 'Carbon War Room' Picks Sacramento, Miami - Or?

Global Warming And The Twisting Of Childrens Minds

Times Atlas Must Be Pulped Over Climate Lies

Global Warming Idiots Caught Lying Again

Britain Forecast - Snow To Arrive In October


Britain Sees 'Two Autumns' - Trees Turn Differently

Guatemala Hit By Four Quakes

Italian Scientists On Trial For Failing To Predict Quakes

Time To Monitor Changing Oceans

Warming Idiots Claim 'Missing" Global Heat Is Hiding

Scientists To Make Fake Volcano For Climate Experiment

Greens Give Gore Alarmist Goreathon 2 Thumbs Down

Admitted Weather Modification In TX 2011 - Vid

Weather Modification In Texas

Biggest US Dam Removal For Salmon (& nuke industry)

Nobel Physicist Resigns Over Global Warming Scam

Firing Lasers Into The Sky Could Make It Rain


The Other Climate Theory Al Gore Won't Hear

MSM & USDA On 'Climate Change' Crop Shortages

1,000s Acres Burned, Forced Evacuations In Central TX

Weather Derivatives As Risk Mitigation Device

Trading Weather Derivatives - Betting On Weather

Iran Says West Using Weather Mod To Steal Its Rain

Extensive Flooding Expected From Lee

Louisiana Preps For 20 Inches Of Rain From Lee

Tropical Storm Leaves 17 Dead In Japan

Climate Change Deniers Are Like Racists Says Gore

Irene Could Never Take What The Banks Already Have 


Britain suffers coldest summer for 20 years

EPA, FDA Gulf Seafood Safety Lies Exposed - Vid

Gore 'Racist' Smear Campaign On Climate Skeptics

8 Dead As Typhoon Slams Northern Philippines

Tropical Storm Irene Now A Hurricane

'Monster' Hail Storm In China - Vid

Flash Flood Devastation - Monsoon Rains Hit Britain

UN Climate Models Grossly Exaggerate Warming Effect 

New York Hit By Record Rainfall

New Zealand Blizzards Heaviest In 50 Years

Once In Lifetime Snow Storm Hits New Zealand 


Chile - Snow, Rain HIt World's Driest Desert

Florida Alert As Tropical Storm Emily Gains Power

Deadly Twister Hits Russia - Vid

Etna Erupts 8th Time This Year, Flames Soar 

Extreme Weather & Natural Disasters - How Do We Prepare?

South Korea Landslides Kill At Least 17

24 dead, 9 Missing In Philippine Storm

Bill Gates Artificial Clouds Have Hidden Dark Linings

Temperature Records Smashed All Over US 

Extreme Weather Pounds Southern Oz


Genetics Prof To BBC - No Airtime For Warming Skeptics

'Impartial' BBC To Ignore Global-Warming 'Deniers'

MPs To Probe Global Warming 'Quality Of Science'

Uproar As BBC Muzzles Climate Change Skeptics

BBC To Censor Climate Change Skeptics

Oklahoma Hit By Relentless Heatwave

Al Gore's 'Climate Reality Project'

Whatever The Weather, It's Always 'Climate Change'

Fatter Planet - Melting Ice Adding To Earth's Girth

Hyper-Arid Atacama Desert Hit By Snow

Climate Change Causes Blurred Vision


Warmists Ignore Cold Reality - Cling To Co2 Scam

Worst Africa Drought In 60 Yrs Threatens 10m

Global Warming Is Toast - Earth Gets Colder 

China Pollution Masks Climate Change Say Warming Dolts 

Climate Scientists Cry Harassment Over Fraud Investigations

Weather Modification - Covert Weapon Of Mass Destruction

Worst Drought In 60 Years Hits Horn Of Africa 

Whales, Plankton Migrate Northwest Passage

Water Spout Forms Over River In China  

NASA Blames Wild Weather On 'La Nada'

UN Climate Propaganda Exposed

Georgia Hammered By Floods


China Near Critical Point In Cntrolling Floods

China Floods Bring Steep Food Price Rises

A Blunder Of Staggering Proportions By The IPCC

More Than 5 Million Affected By China Flooding

2" New Snow On 30' MT Snowpack All Going To MO River

Floodwaters Might Hit KC By Midweek

Satire - The Ice Age Is Coming...Don't Panic!

Climategate Part 2? - A Worrying Conflict Of Interest

Why Do We Pretend To Understand Climate Change?

10 Reasons To Be Cheerful About The Coming Ice Age

IPCC Loons Talk Of Space Mirrors To Fight Climate Change

Global Weirding - Extreme Weather Ahead

Flash Flood Warning Issued For Missouri


Record Snow Melt Threatens Western States - Vid

Stop Pandering To Climate Scaremongers

Australian Camels To Be Shot For Climate?

Floods Destroy Homes In China - Vid

Drought Spurs Early Wheat Cutting In Kansas

Unusual Number Of Lightning Storms Hit Hawaii - Vid

14 Dead In China Floods

Oz Climate Change Scientists Receive Death Threats

High Winds Propel Devastating AZ Wildfires

No Rain? No Problem - Dew Pond Construction Plans

French Drought Fears Yields Govt 'Surveillance Cell'

Dramatic Water Tornado Off Australia Coast

UK Deports Anti-Child Abuse Speaker Annett


World Soccer Body Fifa Growing Bribe Scandal

Six Climate Realist Specialists Speak Out - Vid

FOIA Used To Harass Climate Scientists Says Warming Shill

Flying Bacteria To Blame For Bad Weather (huh?)

China Facing Worst Drought In 50 Years

The Inconvenient Truth Is That Warmists Are Dead Wrong

Lack Of Rain Already Causing UK Crop Failures

UK To AllowTB-Infected Milk Into Food Chain?

Scientists Discover Habitable Earth-Like Planet

LED Bulbs Hit 100 Watts As Federal Ban Looms


'Climate Scientists' May Have Broken Freedom Of Info Laws

Giant Ocean Whirlpools Puzzle Scientists

Historic Mississippi Flood Waters - Evacuations - Vid

Mississippi Flood Disaster Unfolding

Mississippi May Flood Until June - Vid

Lake Champlain Flooding In VT, NY

EPA Whistleblower Study Exposing Warming Hoax Banned 

Washing Away The Fields Of Iowa

Using Nature As A Weapon


Tornado Hits New Zealand's Biggest City

Day Of Tornadoes Enters Record Book

Alabama Boy Sucked Into Tornado...And Lives

Historic Flooding Along Mississippi, Ohio Rivers

River Bend, Louisiana Nuclear Plants - Could Be In Trouble

'Climategate' Academics Funded By Taxpayers And The BBC

Columbia Floods Said An 'Unprecedented Tragedy' 

Texas Wildfires Force Evacuations 

22 Die In VA, NC, East - Photos 

18 Dead, Scores Injured In Southenr China Storms

Utility Global Warming Case Headed To Supreme Court

Another Massive US Storm Heads East


Cold Weather Destroying Ozone In The Arctic

Record Breaking Fargo Floods Create Inland Sea

Role Reversal: Is Europe About To Exchange Places With Africa?

Tornadoes Destroy Homes, Farms In Iowa

Wildfires Sweep Through Texas 

Red River Valley Flood Fight Continues

Nitrogen Footprint Warning From European Agency

Global Warming Scam Mocks Hard Science 

Look Who's Spreading Global Warming Myth

Russian Heat Wave From WEATHER Not Warming Hoax



Extreme Winter Caused By Global Warming Says NOAA

30 Inches Of  Snow Forecast For Parts Of NE

Flip-Flopping Through The Snow Drifts

Taurus Rocket Carrying Climate Satellite Crashes

UK Minister Cites Oil Crisis To Push Climate Scam

Gloomiest Winter Ever...Spring Won't Arrive Til April

Scientists Slam 'Moonman' Earthquake Predictor 

Climate Change Flooding Risks Hype Will Cost Us All

Massive Snows In South Korea

Persecution Shows Gross Intolerance Of Climate Debate

Tough Action On Climate Change 'Cost Effective' Says EU

Gritting Icy Roads 'Kills Thousands Of Trees Yearly'


China To Make 1 Million Electric Cars A Year By 2015

Temp Swings 100 Degrees In One Week In OK Town

New Cyclone Hits Australia

Heavy Storms Cause Deadly Floods In Ecuador

Record Snows Collapse Roof Of S Korean Market - 7 Hurt

South Korea Troops Mobilized After Record Snow


Piers Corbyn Warns 3 Weather Dangers Coming

Spacecraft Flotilla To Provide Space Weather Forecasts 

Oz Cyclone Victims Warned About Giant Birds 

Powerful Quake Hits Chile Year After Disaster

Another Arctic Blast Heading For UK

China Tries To Ease Drought With $1bn In Aid

Crop Freeze To Cause Major Price Jump

Latest Winter Storm Moves Into Southeast US - Vid

More Snow In South, North Freezes

Icelandic Volcano Ready To Erupt

Epic Fail - Global Warming Solutions


CA Judge Bars Global Warming Solutions Act

Big Storm Moves East From Rockies

Bush Fires Destroy Dozens Of Homes In Western Oz

US Braces For Still MORE Snowstorms

Oz Cyclone Yasi Clean-Up Facing Floods

Sleet, Freezing Rain Cover South - Chemicals >From Gulf?

HAARP Involved In Giant Snowstorm? - Vid

Oz Monster Storm Trail Of Destruction - Pics

50% World's N Hemisphere Covered In Snow, Ice - Pics/Vid

Blackouts Anger Dallas Hospitals

US Snowstorm Seen From Space - Wild Weather - Pics 

Winter Storm Covers Half Of US

Most Of Northern Hemisphere Is Covered Under Snow, Ice

Buildings Crushed By Snow, Ice -  Half Of US Blanketed

Winds Of 186 mph Strike North Queensland

Cyclone Yasi - Preparations Saved 1,000s Of Oz Lives

Big Storms Drive Trade In 'Snow Derivatives'

Is Rain A Good Investment? - Rain Derivatives!


Wild Weather - Major Blizzard & Major Hurricane

Giant Winter Storms Cripples 2/3 Of US - Vid

Storm Surges Threatens Northern Queensland

Colossal Storm Paralyzes Midwest

Huge Storm, Record Snows In Midwest - Vid

Storm Cancels Thousands Of Flights - Vid

Giant Cyclone Hits Oz Tourist Coast

Blinding Snows Pounds Plains, Midwest - Vid

Monster Storm Hits One Third Of US

LIVE Coverage Monster Cyclone Yasi Nears Queensland

Queensland Braces For Worst Ever Storm

Lord Monckton Denied Reply To BBC Climate Show

Water Flowing Into Arctic Ocean Warmest In 2,000 Yrs

Super Monster Cyclone Aims At Soaked Queensland

20 Inches Of Snow Set For US Heartland

Snowstorms - A Warning


Pakistan - Six Months After The Floods

Cars Washed Away In Amazing Saudi Flooding - Vid

How BBC Warmists Abuse The Science

Can Scientists REALLY Make It Rain?

Cyclone Headed For Of Flood-Ravaged North 

Polar Bear's Long Swim For Food

NYC Digs Out Of 19 Inches Of Snow

Australia Imposes Flood Tax To Aid Recovery

Pakistan Flood Crisis Bad As African Famines - UN

Himalayan Glaciers Growing, Not Shrinking

James Bond Villain Lair Volcano Erupts In Japan

Obama Motorcade Slowed In Snow Storm For An Hour

70 Trillion Cubic Feet Of New Arctic Ice Formed

Cars Frozen To New York Streets - Vid


Cutting Down Meat Might Reduce Greenhouse Gas 

Wildfire Rages In Oklahama

Snows To Affect 100 Million Americans Next Week

US East Coast Grind To Halt, Battered By Worst Snowfall In 30yrs

Meteorologists Blame Freak Arctic Weather Phenom For US Snowstorms 

Some Americans Recall Worst-ever Winter of 1789 

'Thundersnow' Storm Causes Havoc in US East Coast 

Ghengis Khan Killed So Many, Carbon Plummeted

East Braces For Even More Snow - Vid

Climate Change Means Colder Weather Say 'Experts'

South Africa Flood Death Toll Rises - 33 Disaster Zones

Four Die As US East Coast Shivers As Low As -50F

Luxembourg Size Floods Bear Down On Oz Towns 

BBC A Propaganda Machine For Climate Change Zealots

MPs Slam 'Secretive' Climategate Probes

36 Degrees Below Zero In Part Of New York State!

Australian Town Prepares For 'Inland Sea'

Oh No, Not Another 'Unbiased' BBC 'Climate Change' Show

Most Exciting Weather Year In A Century Begins - Piers Corbyn

Co2 CANNOT Cause Climate Change - Facts Are Facts - Vid

Australia Facing Another Week Of Floods 

Oz Floods Not Unusual- Historical Data

2010 Coldest Since 1986 Says Met Office


Family Rescued In Oz Flood Disaster - Vid

Snake Gives Frog A Ride From Oz Floods

UN  Nutters - Freezing 2010 Tied For 'Warmest' Year Ever!

Death Toll In Brazil Mudslide Disaster Nears 1,000

Brit Challenges Fluoridation Bid In High Court

Thousands Of Fish & Animals Die In Oz Floods

NW China - Worst Snow, Cold In Decades

Peaking River Splits Australian Town In Half

Oz Govt Considers Special Tax To Pay For Damages

Is It Possible To Modify The Weather? (Is grass green?)

Warmists Can't Win The Game, So They Change Rules

Rense & Piers Corbyn - Solar Lunar Forecasting

OZ Victoria/NSW - Red Alert Floods

Oz Floods - Crisis Moves South To Victoria

Flood Warnings Issued As UK Rivers Rise


10 Ft Walls Of Water Due In CA Month-Long 'ARKStorm'

Biblical Storm Predicted For CA

Climate Change And The Fall Of Roman Empire

What Was Warmist Role In Oz Flood Disaster?

Horrifying Pictures Of Brazil Mudslides

Huge WX Radar Ring Appears Over Oz - Pics

Man Escapes Death As Yacht Sinks In Oz Floods - Vid

Sun Rises 2 Days Early In Greenland - Pole Shift?

Flooded Brisbane A Disaster

More Than 500 Dead In Brazil's Worst-Ever Disaster

Sri Lanka Floods - 325,000 Forced From Homes

New England Digs Out From Winter Storm 

Earth Twice As Dusty As 100 Years Ago

Major 7.3 Quake Hits South Pacific Islands

Why Will No One Listen Anymore? - Warming Propagandists 

Oz Biblical Floods - Illustrated Map

Victoria Swamped With Floodwaters - Photo Gallery


Oz Floods Sweep Victoria

Big Bull Sharks Swimming Down Town's Main Street

Queensland Floods - Latest Updates

Flights Cancelled After Fresh New York Blizzard

Brazil Landslides Leave Hundreds Dead

Nearly 1 Million People Affected In Sri Lanka Floods

Floods In Brazil Leave More Than 250 Dead

Graphic New Flood Tape From Brisbane - Vid

Brisbane Floods Leave City Centre Deserted - 1,000s Flee

Oz Floods Reach Biblical Proportions - Vid

US Shivers As 49 Of 50 States Are Hit By Snow Storms

Snow In 49 States Including Hawaii 

'Weather Bomb' Bears Down On New York

Winter Storm That Shut Down The South Turns North

Oz Govt Secretly Preparing For Noah's Flood?


Pastor Blames Oz Floods On Rudd's Israel Views

Nearly 1 Million Affected In Sri Lanka Floods

Piers Corbyn - Jet And Gulf Stream Dynamics - Vid

Piers Corbyn Queensland Floods Eclipses & Solar Flares - Vid

Oz Floods -  Brisbane Mayor Orders Residents To Evacuate

Close To 100 Missing In Oz Tsunami-Type Flood

Flash Floods, Heavy Rains - Havoc In Queensland - Vid

Amazing Footage - Toowoomba Oz Flood - Vid

South Staggered By Cold, Snow And Ice

Floods Continue To Batter Australia

Germany - Rain And Melting Snow Produce Floods


UK Gas Supplies At 5 Year Low

Canada - Newfoundland Frozen Ocean Waves - Vid

The Day Niagara Falls Ran Dry - Newly-Found Photos 

Europe Under Snow - Slideshow

Heavy Snow Hits Air Travel, Roads Across Europe

Coyote Rescued From Ice On Lake Michigan

Winter Blast Brings Britain To A Halt

No 'Tipping Point' For Arctic Ice Cap Melt

Global Warming Rebranded Desertification

Sweeps Through Southeast - At Least Five Die

Traffic Chaos As Snow Hits Turkey

UK Eyes Worst Winter Since 1963

Hundreds Of New Cold And Snow Records In US

Germany Brought To Near Standstill By Snow, Cold

Huge Storm Traps 300 Motorists In Ontario


UK Big Freeze Could Last Until Mid-February 

Global Eruption Rocks The Sun

Rain Collapse Old City Block In Astoria, Oregon

Germany Freezes Over (wrath of 'warming' again)

Snow & Storms Cause Chaos US Midwest

Race To Rescue 70+ Snowbound Indiana Motorists

Deliberately Wrecked Weather From Coast To Coast

20 INCHES Of Snow Falls On Midwest In 1 Day

35,000 UK Deaths Feared During Arctic Winter

EIGHT More Inches Of Snow To Hit Brits This Week

Storms Bring Flood Threat To WA, OR Rivers

Sandstorms, Snow, Floods Hit Middle East 

Sand & Snow Cause Mideast Chaos 


Pacific Northwest (WA & OR) Floods Threat

Coldest Ever December Low In Cancun 

Minneapolis Metrodome Collapses In Snow Storm

Eisenhower's 'Military-Industrial Complex' Warning

35,000 UK Deaths Feared In New Arctic Blizzards

Britain Freezing To Death - Vid

UK Petrol Hits Record £1.22 Litre ($7.30 Gal In US!)

Big UK Freeze To Last Thru December

UK Braced For Coldest December In 100 Years

Heaviest Snows In 25 Yrs Leaves Paris Paralyzed 

After Copenhagen Disaster, Chaos Rules In Cancun 

Brits Urged To Impose £15b In Green Taxes

Russia Will Not Renew Kyoto Protocol

How To Destroy US Economy - Regulate Carbon Dioxide

The Plain Truth About Glorious Carbon Dioxide

Eiffel Tower Closed By Heavy Snow

Britain's Big Freeze To Continue Until Christmas


Droughts May Be Legacy Of Christmas Big Freeze

Australian Floods - Brisbane Threatened By Rising Waters

Sudden Death For Thousands Of UK Trees

Oz Floods - New Storms Hit Stricken Region

Piers Corbyn - Winters Will Be Coldest For Centuries - Vid

How Piers Corbyn Became A Weather Forecaster -  Vid

Piers Corbyn - Warm Weather Not Causing Cold - Vid

Coldest US January Since 1985?

40,000 'Devil' Crabs On UK Beach w/Hypothermia

How Doomed Met Office Tried To Squirm Free

Mocked Meteorologist Gets Last Laugh - Vid


Met Office Knew Big Freeze Was Coming

UK Govt Still Preparing For 'Global Warming'! 

Prospect Of Fuel Protests Increasing

Financial Cost Of Natural Disasters Doubles

Australian Floods Raise Fears Of Wheat Shortage

Second Quake In 2 Weeks Hits North Of England

Abu Dhabi WX Project Yields 50 Manmade Rainstorms

7.1 Quakes Drives Masses From Southern Chile Coast

Russian Ships Stranded In Foot-Thick Ice

Australians Facing Plague Of Deadly Snakes In Floods

NYC Workers Drank Beer Instead Of Clearing Snow 

Households Left With Month Of Trash After Snows 

December In Recorded History In Tallahassee, FL

NYC Supervisors Sabotaged Snow


Coastal Queensland Braces For 30 Foot Flood Waters

Unprecedented Tragedy - Oz Floods & Mass Evacuation

Oz Floods the Size Of France & Germany - Vid

Incredible Snowfall At Frankfurt, Germany Airport - Pic

Tornado Kills Six In AR, MO And IL  

Magnitude 7.0 Quake Hits Northern Argentina

Agenda 21 Global Warming Hoax

Heavy Snows HIt US Southwest, West - Pics

West Coast Hit By Blizzard, Heavy Rains

Obama's $1.5m Holiday As US Battered By Storms

Mass Pile Up On US Interstate

NW England An 'Arctic Wasteland' 

Australian Floods Send Coal Prices Soaring

Oz Floodwaters Rise As Brushfire Threat Looms


Time Magazine - A New Ice Age?

UK Winter May Be Coldest In 1,000 Years

The Man Who 'Invented' Global Warming 

NY Loses Patience With Bloomberg Over Snow Chaos

Oz Tells Town Floods May Last A Week

NE Blizzard May Have Cost Retailers $1 Billion

Heavy Snow Grips Northern China

Australia Swamped By Floods

China Would 'Kick Butts' Of US In Snow Handling

Why So Cold? Time To Reassess Climate Change?

NYC Moron Clean-Up Crews Wrecking Cars - Vid

Sun Activity & 'Solar Max' - Big Solar Turbulence Ahead 

Take THAT, Magnetosphere! G1 Geomagnetic Storm

Global COOLING Causing Food Shortages - Scientists

Atlanta's First Snow Since 1882!

32 Inches Of Snowfall In 40 Seconds - Vid


Two Feet Of Snow In NY From Blizzard

Mocked UK Meteorologist Has Last Laugh - Vid

Travel Nightmare As Blizzard Pounds East Coast

Snow Blankets US East Coast - 20" In NYC - Travel Snarled

First Snow In Columbia SC Since 1887 

East Coast Blizzed Ends Much Post Christmas Shopping

Air Travelers May Be Stuck For Days By NE Snows

Rense & Robert Felix - Ice Age Now? - Vid

How The Jet Stream Is Freezing The World

The Gulf Stream and The Next Ice Age - Vid

There's A Mini Ice Age Coming


Evacuations Ordered As Storm Saturates CA

6,000 Passengers In 7 Hour Wait For Eurostar

Christmas Plans Ruined For 500,000 Euro Air Travelers

Cold Turns UK Gas Demand Up To Record Levels

Europe Struggles Under Bleak Early Winter

Monbiot - Big Freeze Caused By Global Warming! (huh?)

Panic, Fear Close Icy Tentacles Around Doomed Met Office 

Mid-Atlantic, Northeast Brace For Monster Storm

New York Braces For Blizzard - Big Storm Approaches

Paris Airport Terminal Evacuated Due To Snow On Roof

Hundreds Of US Flights Canceled Because Of Snow

December Set To Be The Coldest In A Century 

If This Is Global Warming, I think The Species Will Survive 

Just 10 Years Ago - 'Snow Is Disappearing From Our Lives'

Global Warming To Blame For Everything Say 'Scientists'

Mount Bromo Volcano Erupts In Indonesia


Panama Canal Closed Due To Deadly Floods

Now Scientists Say Climate Change Can Cause Cancer

Cancun - Leaked Docs Reveal Alternative Deal

Camcun - Japan Defiant In Face Of Diplomatic Pressure

Britain - The Day The Earth Froze

Brtain's Christmas May Be Canceled Because Of Deadly Cold 

'Monster' Storm To Cause Chaos In US

UK Freeze Drives Temps To -20C

Colombians, Venezuelans Displaced By Floods


Cancun Climate Conf Using Full Village Energy For  A Year 

All-Time Coldest Fr. Lauderdale On Dec 7

Learn To Live With Natural Climate Change - Expert

Cancun Hack Scientists Call For 3rd World Rationing

Atlantic Ocean Quake Felt On Long Island

'Frozen Britain' Photographs

'No Let Up' For Blizzard Britain As Snow Heads South 

US Energy Sec Warns Of Green Tech Race Gap

Climate Change Protesters Justified - NASA Scientist 

UN Considers Putting 'Climate Mirrors In Space

Cameron Refuses To Attend UN Climate Talks

'Wealth Redistribution' Goal of Cancun Climate Talks

Wintry Weather To Last For 10 Days

How Greenhouse Gas Con Steals Private Property - Vd

UN Climate Treaty To Bypass Congress

Copenhagen Targets Not Enough For Climate Scammers


Cong Climate Change Report Derived From Wikipedia!

Greenhouse Gases At Record Levels - UN (right)

Climate Costs Set To Rise

Climate Change Is New Global Terror Says Gore

Discredited US Climate Scientists Fight Back

Britain Set For Arctic Blasts

China Feels Heat Of Climate Rifts

More Climate Fear Mongering - Methane New Enemy

Net Users Unite For Climate Change Project

Storms Cause Flooding Chaos In Cornwall

Greek PM Says Carbon Taxes A Scam

'Climategate' Jones Wants To Be Known For 'Science'

Glut Of Holly Berries Means Harsh Winter


Bloomberg Pushes Agenda 21 Bogus Carbon Hype

Britain Braces For Big Freeze Winter

Climate Change Scam For Computer Gamers

IPCC Will 'Probably' Make More Mistakes

Indonesia Death Toll 300+ After Twin Disasters

Happy Climate Fools Day

Indonesia Hit By Quake, Tsunami, Volcano Euption

Severe Storms Batter US Midwest

Indonesian Tsunami Kills 113, Wipes Out Resort

Britain Coldest Oct Night In 17yrs (damn warming)

Typhoon Megi Leaves 200,000 Homeless 

Climategate - The Fox Connection 


Philippines Braces For Super Typhoon 

Royal Society And Global Warming - Duh! 

'Warming' Strikes! - Snow To Hit Britain Next Week

Met Pushing GMO As Climate Change Solution!

Global Warming Summit Heads For Failure

Who Will YOU Kill To Save The Planet? - Vid 

US Physics Prof - Warming Is Greatest Fraud Of His Life

Monckton, Watts, Presley, Bin Laden Join 10-10 Campaign 

Ten Ten Classroom Debate - Vid

Global Warming Scam Revealed In NZ Court

World's Rivers In Crisis State


Coldest Winter In 1,000 Years On Its Way Due To Slow Down Of GulfOfMexico Stream

UN Agenda - Global Warming Treaty Is Crucial

At Least 29 In Indonesia Flash Floods

Flood-Stricken Villagers In Pakistan Still Marooned

Locust Plague Biblical Proportions Threatens Oz Crops - Vid

Climage Change - The Final Solution - Vid  

Britain Facing Another 'Big Freeze' Winter

Climate Change Talks Open In China

'Go Green Or We'll Kill Your Kids' Says Richard Curtis

Massive Storm - Heavy Rain From NC To Maine

Prop 23 Battle Heats Up In CA

Royal Society Climate Change 'Uncertainties' 

Human Impact On World's Rivers Threatens 5 Billion

Offshore Wind Power Costs Double Coal And Gas 


NZ Puts Squeeze On Foreign Farmland Purchasing

Observations On A Damaged Society

Did Pakistan Flooding Involve Foul Play? - Vid

UN Warned Of Major New Food Crisis 

'Climate Change' - The Game's Over

Northern Lights Waterfall - Astounding Pictures

80 Pilot Whales Stranded On New Zealand Beach

Scientists To Drill 13,000ft Into Active Volcano 

Machu Picchu Train Halted Over Water Protests

UK Energy Secretary Backs £22b Green Tax Scam

Britain Now 'Worst Place To Live In Europe'

Powerful Coalition Seeks To Own World Climate

Battle To Save Russia's Pavlovsk Seed Bank

'We Have Lost The Climate War!' Admits Monbiot

Typhoon Fanapi Hits Taiwan


Bermuda Lashed By Hurricane Igor

47 Die In Indian Rains And Landslides

Ozone Layer 'No Longer Disappearing' - UN Report

China Goest To Blackouts For Energy Efficiency

The Power That Wants To Engineer World Climate

Global Warming Dead - Now 'Global Climate Disruption'!

WH Renames Warming To 'Global Climate Disruption'

World's Largest Mining Group Calls For Oz Carbon Tax

Darkside Working To GeoEnginner World Climate

Igor Seen Strengthening From Space - Vid

Failures Of Warming Probes Let Public Down

Massive Walrus Migration In Alaska  

We Must Adapt To 'Inevitable' Climate Change 

Arctic Iceberg Splits In Two Near Greenland

Prince Charles 'Straw Man' Hit On Climate Skeptics 


Surprising Idea For 'Solving' Climate Change - Vid

Severe Weather Warnings - UK Braces For Deluge

New Landslide Buries 100 Rescue Workers

Guatemala Mudslides Kill At Least 38

NZ Quake Rips New Fault Line Across World

Mass Chemtrail Over Vancouver Island Area

Cunning Bid To Shore Up Ruins Of The IPCC

100 Yrs UK Temp Records To Be Published  

Mafia Cashes In On EU Wind Farm Handouts

Google, Galaxy Zoo May Aid  World Climate Project

All-Time Low Temperature Tied In L.A.

Gulf Loop Current Dead, Gulf Stream Dying - Pics

Europe Descends Into An Early Winter

Half Meter Of Snow In Norway In August

Early Snows Hit Russia

Coldest August In Southern Oz In 35 Yrs


Drastic Cooling - Near Record Antarctic Sea Ice

But Lomborg Was Always A Warmist... 

Hot Not...Farewell To Coldest August In 17 Yrs

Climate 'Skeptic' Bjørn Lomborg Makes $100bn U-Turn

How BBC Pretended Balance On 'Climate Change'

IPCC Told To Stick To Explaining Climate Science

Chemtrail Spraying Intensifies Over Dallas - Vid

Pacific El Nino Growing More Intense

Amazing, Rare Fire Tornado - Vid

My Holiday Is Being Ruined By Global Cooling

Floods Halt Shipping At China's Three Gorges Dam

Pak In Allegations Of Flood Aid Corruption

No Human Population Factor In Climate Talks - Why?

Floods Cut Off N Korean City

Rain Batters China - 250,000 Evacuated In Flood

Heavy Rain Brings Floods, Chaos To S England

94,000 Evacuated Following China Floods

Floods Push Pakistan Economy To Brink Of Ruin


Desperate Pakistanis Fight Over Food

Rising Temps Slow Plants Intake Of Carbon

Pak Floods 'Slow-Motion Tsunami'

TN Rains Wash Away Home, Derail Train

China Train Falls Into River As Floods Hit Bridge

Russians Fear Worst - Fires Hit Chernobyl Fallout

Solar Blast Makes Spectacular Northern Lights

Blocked Jet Stream (HAARP?) Causing Pak, Russia Wx

What China Really Thinks Of 'Manmade' Warming 

China Braces For More Floods

China Landslide Raises Fears Of Dam Burst

Pakistan Flood Toll Soars - Intl Aid Trickles

Ship Lanes Disruption From Giant Ice Shelf

Sex Poodle Gore - Climate Bill Dead For Now

UK Wx Office - Sun, Moon Position Causing Heat

Climate Changers - Pak Floods Caused By Warming

Moscow Death Rate Doubles From Fire Smoke


State Of Emergency In Nuclear Town Over Wildfires

Supercharged Jet Stream Causing Pakistan Flooding

Pak Flood Disaster Worst In UN History

Pakistan Floods Aerial Pictures

Hotter-Burning Sun Warming The Planet

Flash Floods Inundate Central Europe

Landslides Raise Death Toll In Pakistan 

Russia Drought To Push Up Food Prices

Australians Change Mind About Climate

Tornado Hits MN Farm Home - Vid

Climate - Behold, The Gospel According To The UN

Russian Heat Kills 5,000 - Massive Fires Rage

Giant Fires, Heat, Drought In Russia 

HAARP Used In Pakistan Floods?

Pak Floods, Storms Ground US Supply Helicopters

Pakistan Floods Now Affect 14 Million 

Huge Ice Island Breaks Off Greenland Glacier


July Was Las Vegas Hottest Month Ever

Pak Floods Put Third-Largest Dam At Risk

Pakistan Floods Deaths Go Above 1,500

Russia State Of Emergency As Forest Fires Rage

Jellyfish Invasion Closes Beaches Across Spain

Peru Emergency Amid Plunging Temperatures

China's Worst Flood Season In A Decade

Desperate Days For Global Warmists

Mongolia Winter Of White Death Hits Nomads 

China Flooding Causes Worst Death Toll In Decade

Whither Climate Change?

US Wilting Under Humid Heat Wave

World Simmers In Hottest Year On Record

Heavy Rains Destroy Haitian Tent City

Heat Scorches US East

UK In Worst Drought In 71 Years

Record Temps Cause Blackouts In New York State

Climategate Review Whitewashes Scientists Lies

UK Climategate Prof Gets Job Back  

Chinese Have Truth About Global Warming 


Even Computer Models Turn On Warming Alarmists

IPCC Report - Warming Conclusions 'Well-Founded'

Climategate Changed Science 'Forever' - Scientists

Five Meter Crach Rips Open Malaysian Road

Wind Farming Carbon-Trader Whitewashes Climategate

Gillard Bids To Revive Stalled Oz Carbon Scheme  

'Climate Change Skeptics Have Uglier Wives, Dumber Kids'

Why The Great Buzz About Bees?

Bee Collapse From Toxic Chemical In Brains

Anger Over Plan To Pump Water Into Dead Sea

Brazil Floods - Over 1,000 Missing And Dead

Climate Change Skeptic Scientists 'Less Prominent'

Thatcher Joins Monckton's Climate Skeptic Ranks

Margaret Thatcher - Climate Sceptic

Strong Quakes Hit Papua, Indonesia

Southern France Hit By Deadly Flash Floods

Bangladesh Landslides - Dozens Buried Alive

SoCal Being Hit With Amazing Earthquake Swarm

Third Climategate Report 'Imminent' (more BS coming)


Arkansas 'Tsunami' Kills Dozens In Campgrounds

1.3 Million Flee As China Flooding Kills 155

Global Warming Doubts Soar After Big Freeze Winter

Volcano Expert Warns Of Another Icelandic Eruption

NASA, Met Office - Analysis Shows Record Warming 

Pacific Islands Growing Due To Climate Change

Sinkhole Eats 3-Story Building In Guatemala City

Spring Snowstorm Hits Northern NY, New England

Volcanic Ash Cloud Cost Euro Business ¤2.5bn

Vesuvius Eruption Italy's Biggest Public Safety Threat

Volcano - Common Sense Vanishes In A Puff Of Ash

Volcano Ash Fallout - Air Fares To Rise

Obama Energy Official Profits From 'Warming'

Safety Overhaul Coming After Gulf Of Mexico Spill

Deadly Gas Flares Of Nigeria Visible From Space 

Remember Ash Cloud? New Evidence Says It Didn't Exist

US Paper Questions Carbon Capture, Storage

Met Office Fiction Behind Ash Cloud That Never Was

Tolerance Set To Zero, Craziness To Sky-High



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