WW2 Memorabilia

A private collector of World War 2 autographs and photos from leading
Third Reich figures is making these rare photos and post cards available
to other collectors - All prices are in US dollars and are negotiable...


1. Heinrich Hoffmann – NS-Bildverlag, Munich
17th sept.1928, letter of thanks to gauleader Terboven, orig. ink-autograph of Hoffmann, size 210x147mm, $250



2. early ink-autograph of Dr. Joseph Goebbels
at photocard no.169 from Germany awakes (size 170x120mm), "Dr. Goebbels auf dem Königsberger Flugplatz"
Goebbels at airfield of Königsberg/East Prussia), $800




3. ink-autograph of Olt.z.See Amelung von Varendorff,
who was officer at german submarine U-47 at Scapa Flow, coloured propaganda-postcard,
reverse Varendorff wrote "Heil der deutschen U-Bootwaffe!", $290




4. ink-autograph of later gauleader of Sachsen – Mutschmann
on bl/w postcard "Leipzig Hauptbahnhof" 1930, $120





5. ink-autograph of Eicke
at photocard no.8 from "Germany awakes" (size 170x120mm), "these are the standarts of victory",
rev. seal "Der Führer der SS-Totenkopfstandarten, Briefstempel", without envelope, $600





6. ink-autographs of Hanna Reitsch + Trude Mohr
(early BdM-Reichsleader) at photocard showing a glider,
reverse are various autographs with poetry "Wir toten Flieger bleiben Sieger ...", special seal of Rhön-Segelflug, $540





7. ink-autograph of Heinrich Himmler
at carinthian photocard "Gruß aus Petschnitzen – Oberferlach, Melcher's Gemischtwarenhandlung",
greeting from Oberpetschnitzen (=small village near carinthian village of Ferlach), Melcher was illegale ss-member, $600





8. ink-autograph of Hermann Esser
(NSDAP-member no.2), ministry of tourism, photocard showing Saalfeld/Saale, rev.with postal seal 1944, $250





9. ink-autographs of Adolf Hitler + Halder
(early Chef des Generalstabes des Heeres, chief of general staff who organized Stalingrad's aerial supplying) at photocard "Aufzug der Wache am Ehrenmal, Berlin"
(guard of honour marching, Berlin), postal seal cannot be read – during war, $1,800.00





10. Berlin – Unter den Linden,
photocard during night at festival, reverse two ink-autographs of Gerda Bormann + Felix Albrecht
(artist of cigarette-album "Germany awakes"), $290




Part Two


11. letterhead of Reichsführer-SS,
short message about promotion of SS-Tengelmann (SS-Number 53 091) with orig. autograph
of SS-group leader Schmitt, blue seal, meas. 142X210mm, punched, $ 160



12. letterhead of Reichsführer-SS – Adjutant,
message to SS-Hauptsturmführer Dr. Fiegel of 90´th SS-standard in carinthia,
that Himmler's foto plus his signature is transmitted (foto is not part of this offer),
letter is signed by SS-Oberführer Wolff, meas. 142X210mm, punched, $ 120



13. orig. ink-autograph of Eva Braun at early letterhead of NSDAP-Munich + two sheets of Braun‘s
private stationary (A5) with her private address at Munich, all three at US$ 1,100.00



14. letterhead of SS-Führungshauptamt, Amt II/Org,
(i.e. office II, organization), service-letter of SS-Gruppenführer Jüttner
to set up a convalescent company of styrian „Leion Graz“, I.to IV.platoon,
this order was given by SS-Gruppenführer Krüger of Kommandoamt Waffen-SS, meas.
Din A4, punched, w/out distributor‘s list, $ 120



15. letterhead Der Führer der SS-Totenkopfverbände,
Leader of SS-skull formations, letter signed by Eicke in which
he claims Max Koegel (SS-number 37 644) to come to the SS-standard “Oberbayern”,
various seals, good condition, $ 960



16. letterhead of Gauleitung der NSDAP-Oberdonau
with seal and ink-signature of the Gau-economic adviser regarding
buying a house from the israelitic comunity, punched, $ 100



17. letterhead of NSDAP-Kreisleitung Linz-Stadt,
political management certificate with seal and signature of Kreisleader,
green seal of police-office and chief of police, reverse handwritten commense, punched, $ 90



18. letterhead of Reichsstatthalter in Wien,
message of promotion addressed to upper school teacher,
seal and signature of Dr. Dellbrügge‘s deputy, $ 60



19. letterhead of NSDAP-Hitlerbewegung Gau Groß-Wien,
early office letter to viennese printing office about edited version of brochure „Religionsfeindlich“ (i.e. antireligious).
Within june 1933 the Austrian NSDAP plus all ns-organizations were forbidden,
seal and ink-signature of Gau-Leader of Propaganda, punched, $ 140



20. orig. ink-autograph of early BdM-leader „Reichsreferentin-BdM“ Trude Mohr at motto of BdM with BdM-seal, US$ 240



21. original ink-autographs of Erwin Röhm and Adolf Hitler
at 4th NS-party-congress at Nuremberg, rare document when they were still friends & comrades



Picture no.38 from cigarett album „Germany awakes“, US$ 1,600.00



22. Black/white postcard of Frauenkirche at Nuremberg with orig. ink-autograph of Julius Streicher, rare, US$ 660



Third Reich photobook,
86 pages with a lot of copper-prints about
Germany‘s flights against England, mainly Stukas,
inside orig.ink-autograph by Stuka-As Ennecerus, US$ 400




24. orig.cufftitle Leibstandarte-LSSAH,
early RZM-made type, handsewen, full length, cond.2 – rubbed through, rare, SS-paper-tag inside, US$ 1,200.00




25. rare SS-armshield of freekorps “Danmark”.
The danish volunteers assisted the Totenkopf-Division at Demjansk 1942 and had heavy losses, US$ 1,900.00




26. single collar-tab of SS-volunteer legion “Netherland”, worn, good condition, US$ 660




27. commemorative drinking-cup with seal for 1000 days activities in action,
Sergeant Schudel Eugen 08, dated 30.9.1944, GZ.Füs.Kp.III/266, good condition, US$ 400



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