Flying Triangles Make A
Triumphant Return To Israel
By Barry Chamish <>
The summer of 1999 saw the return of flying triangular formations over Israel and as always, their appearance was greeted with video cameras to solidly document them. With the media uninterested in the phenomena, it is Israel's old guard of skywatchers who made certain that the aerial invaders were captured on film.
Take July 22, as a case in point. This was the evening of Tisha B'av, a sad Jewish fast day, recalling the destruction of the Second Temple by the Romans. The triangular craft was first spotted in the north of the country at 7:30 PM, sundown, in the cities of Tsfat and Yokneam. It was videotaped in both places. Then the phone network went to work. Rafi Malka, a professional photographer who, in 1988, videotaped Israel's first UFO, over Haifa, was told of the triangle. He managed to tape it from his home in Ashdod and earned the distinction of being the first Israeli to videotape two separate UFOs.
He phoned his nephew Doron Cohen in Yavne who spread the word in that city. Among those he contacted was professor Rami Shkalim, who produced an absolutely brilliant videotape of the craft. He was one of over two hundred people in three groups viewed the craft in Yavne until it disappeared at approxomately 12:30 AM. But he was the only one to have just purchased a Sony 320 zoom video camera, essentially professional equipment.
I drove to Professor Shkalim's home and watched his film. It ranks as one of the most exciting in Israel's brief UFO history, and that is no mean accomplishment. For ten minutes we see a craft with two silvery lights, both surrrunded by a perfectly circular red aura twice their size. Then the craft seems to turn and we see a tiny third light to the left. Then it seems to turn again and we have a triangle of lights. Then the craft becomes two lights, which emit spirally turning lights, like twisting fireworks, before the craft disappears to the west. During the night the craft traversed an oval shaped path in the upper northern sky.
Dr. Shkalim is some witness! He has a PhD in both physics and philosophy and is currently a professor of Kabbala at Bar Ilan University. And he took the courageous step of going public with his videotape. He called the popular television morning news program, Goof Morning Israel, and volunteered to present his tape on camera. He appeared with the Israeli establishment's prime debunker, Prof. Ariel Cohen and tore him apart with the solidness of his evidence. Cohen, meanwhile was more ignorant than usual. In a classic statement of perverted misknowledge, he claimed that, "In 1947, the first UFOs were seen by Arnold Palmer."
It was a media triumph for Prof. Shkalim, and by its end the program's host chided Cohen, telling him, "This film is too weird to be written of as a planet or anything else we know."
The fact that the UFO appeared nationwide on Tish B'av follows the pattern of major incidents falling on Jewish holy days. Without going into the details of each encounter, (they are summarized with photos at, the Shikmona Beach incident occured on Rosh Hashana evening, the Kadima sightings were on the Sabbath, the crop formation at Tel Adashim was also formed on Rosh Hashana evening, while an even more spectacular formation at Bet Zarzir was formed on Passover evening. Israel's most documented UFO incidents occur with undeniable regularity on Jewish holy evenings and the latest Tisha B'av sighting has convinced many local observors that this can no longer be dismissed as accidental.
On August 27, ufologist David Ronen was skywatching as usual and spotted a triangular UFO over Tel Aviv. He quickly phoned Gil Bar and told him, "The craft is heading towards Rishon Letzion. Get your camera." Gil rushed to his roof and managed to film the craft before his camera's batteries gave out. He only had two minutes to work with but it was enough. Gil captured precisely the same triangular UFO that Adrian Dvir and his group of "alien healers" had filmed the October before over Rishon Letzion.
In November 1997, fifteen year old Gil filmed a UFO over downtown Rishon Letzion being chased by an earthly plane in broad daylight. Now he, like Rafi Malka, joins the elite club of Israeli skywatchers who have filmed two separate UFOs.