National Guard Wants To
Fingerprint My Girl Scout Troop!!!
On Wednesday night, we had a girl scout troop leader meeting to discuss future business and collect cookie money, among other things.
Much to my surprise, we were introduced to a head of the N.Y. state National Guard who informed the ladies that the Guard was interested in getting ready to deploy, and in the interest of learning how to deal with the "community" it intended to become more involved in community service.
So, to that end, he introduced the idea of making ID cards for each girl in all of the troops in our unit: hundreds of girls. The date selected to employ this deployment training effort was "FAMILY DAY." A day of family oriented events replete with barbecue, activities, game booths, etc.
The idea presented was that not only girl scouts, but sibs, would be finger printed and an ID card issued with information identifying parents, address information, date of birth.
My first reaction to my co-leader, and the words that came out of my mouth was "Y2K." She's a liberal, but even she was wide-eyed.
I asked the army leader: "Who is going to have this information, what is the purpose of it, where will it be stored?"
He assured me that the computer data would be emptied from the computer once the ID cards were issued to the parents, and that there was no interest on anyone's part in keeping this info, that it is strictly a community service!
I was the only woman of 20 others to question motives and purposes. The others blankly stared or looked at me disapprovingly.
Sorry for the vanity, but family encouraged me to let you know...