Bizarre Creature Photographed
In Brazilian Cave?
Note - We received the following note and url via our colleague Philippe Van Putten in Brazil.
Dear Friends,
Forgive for my bad English, but I have some strange event to share with you.
Here, in Brazil, we have a very good mail list of Ufology, called TERRAQUEOS. There is a young Brazilian UFO researcher called Leandro da Silva. Leandro also is a speleologist (cave explorer) for a hobby.
Some days ago, Leandro and two friends, went in a cavern in a town called Baldim. Baldim is placed in Minas Gerais State (as Varginha) and also has good UFO activity.
Marcelo (one of Leandro's friends) was walking in the cavern when suddenly, he stared at a very strange and ugly animal, the size of a man. He cried out very loud and Leandro and the other young man started yelling, too. The animal, ran and hid behind a rock for a brief instant. Exactly then, Leandro took a picture of Marcelo, who was standing, dazzled, and the animal.
Shortly after, the animal passed throuh an opening in the wall and Leandro and the two friends of him run in fear out the cavern.
Leandro put the picture of the animal in his web page. I think that it is very similar as Chupa Cabra has been reported. Please, have a look at it. I never see nothing like it. Please, give your opinion.
Leandro asked the University near him to take a look in the cavern. So far, he has not received an answer.
Take care,
Lydia Ribeiro