Secret USAF RamJet Overflys Boston Area?
 Mars Once Land of Lakes Says Nasa In New Announcement
 Highest Radiation-Producing Cell Phones Revealed 
 NASA To Announce Dried-Up Sea Beds Found On Mars 
 New PBS Documentary - Tesla: Master Of Lightning 
 Scientists Discover Possible Bacteria From Outer Space
 Were The Dark Ages Darker Than We Imagined?
  Plasmas - A Revolution Or Just Another Mirage?
 Revolutionary New South African Car Runs On Air
 Cloning Teams Cross Pig And Human DNA
 18 Rogue Planets Found - Astronomers Perplexed
 Mankind 'Extinct In 1,000 Years' - Hawking
 NASA Finds Mysterious Square Craters On Eros
 Traces Of Ancient Structure Found 95 Meters Below Black Sea
 The Scientific Absurdity Of The Mythical 'Ice Age'
 Rabbit Gene-Spliced With Jellyfish Glows In The Dark
 Dozens Of Star Trek Devices Now Reality
 The Cosmic Time Bomb Waiting To Go Off - Deadly Asteroids
 Human And Cattle Genomes Contain Many Identical Genes
 Strange Fossil Rock Formation
 Star Trek Type 'Phasers' Now A Reality
 Babies May Feel Pain Of Abortion
  Scientists Discover Key To Invisibility
 Joe Firmage Sheds ET Aura For Science Site
 Prying Eyes, Round Two
 The Tesla Files
 The MGS 'Face On Mars' Image In A Different Light
 Amazing - Anglo-US Scientists Unveil Tiny Motors Made Out Of DNA
 Ten More Planets Discovered - Total Now Over 50
 Martian/Lunar Anomalies Fulfill 30 Year Prediction Made By Carl Sagan
 Perfect Fossil Shows What Yorkshire Monster Had For Its Last Supper
 FBI Debunks Spontaneous Human Combustion

 Scientists Strengthen Prospects For Life On Mars - New Information
 Curious Martian Anomalies - Part XI
 Curious Martian Anomalies - Part X
 Space-Borne Force Fields And Plasma Shields Now Being Designed
 New Clues About Earth's 'Great Dying' 251 Million Years Ago
 Curious Martian Anomalies - Part IX
 'Right Brain' or 'Left Brain' - Myth Or Reality?
 Can The Scientific Community Be Trusted?
 Scientists Break Speed-Of-Light Barrier
 Darwinism Vs Creationism - A Checkered History, A Doubtful Future
 Joe Firmage Interview At
 Curious Martian Anomalies - Part VII
 Curious Martian Anomalies - Part VI
 Riding Laser Beams To Space
 Egypt's Second Biggest Pyramid Reopens After Year-Long Restoration
 Take A Look At The World's Highest-Performing Bipedal Robot
 Mars May Have 2-3 More Times Water As Previously Thought
 More 'Tubes'? - Or Just Canyon Bottom Dunes?
 The Real SMOKING GUN As To Life On Mars?
 IBM Unveils Fastest Supercomputer Yet - Will Test Nuclear Weapons Tests
 Another Massive Solar Eruption - Dramatic Pictures
 Levitation Physicist John Hutchison Raided At Gunpoint By Canadian Police
 Changing Times - One In 80 Now Born In Britain Is A Test Tube Baby
 Undersea Mountains Yeild Astonishing Living 'Fossils'
 How A Virus Can Be Used For Mass Sterilization And Population Reduction
 New Inner Solar System Map Shows 900 Asteroids - Some Dangerous
  Mapping Of Entire Human Genome Largely Completed - Astonishing Implications
 Mars Water Speculation Began In The 1870s
 Martian Water Comes In Explosive Bursts - NASA
 Are Mars 'Tubes' Actually Fulgurites?
 Mars May Have Had Saltly Oceans 

 Joe Firmage Announces 'Project Voyager' - An Integrated Media Network
 First Transgenic Mosquito Opens Way To Elimintating Malaria?
 Science Probes What Dreams Are Made Of
 Giant 10 Foot Tall, 1,000 Pound Bird May Have Gone Extinct Only 300 Years Ago
  Scientists Break Speed Of Light
  Scientists Solve Martian Oxygen Problem
  Strange Block & Rectangular Objects On Surface of Eros
  Light Exceeds Its Own Speed Limit - Or Does It?
  Showtime For The 'Big Bang' Machine
  Eight New Possible Planets detected
  Curious Martian Anomalies
  Curious Martian Anomalies - Part II
  Curious Martian Anomalies - Part III
 Brain Controlled Switches Coming
 Unknown Massive Projectile Strikes Sun - 6 Hours Missing On SOHO-111 Film Of Impact!
 Robot Controlled Taxis And Journalists With Camera Eye Implants - In Ten Years?
 Scientists Rejuvenate Animals Cells - Could Double Life Expectancy

 Universe Proven Flat - No 'Big Crunch' To Come After Original 'Big Bang'
 If Rescue Failed, Apollo 13 Would Have Crashed Into Earth
 New Mars Cydonia Images Creating More Intrigue
 Humans Are Not Descended From Neanderthals
 Geneticists Show That Irish Are A Race Apart
 Smart Scalpal Knows Which Cells Are Malignant
  Meteorite Fragments In The Northwest Called 'Cosmic Bonanza' For Scientists
   NEAR Spacecraft Slips Into Asteroid 'Eros' Orbit
  Magnetic Chips End Era Of Heavy Batteries
  Asteroid Eros May Have Broken Off From A Planet
  Mars Photos Show Major Differences In Polar Caps 
  NASA Considering Nuclear-Powered Missions To Mars
  Scientist Finds Frozen Prehistoric 'Zoo' In Siberian Ice
  Scientist Says Earth's Petroleum Supply Is Replenishing Itself
  Bringing The Mammoth Back To Life
  New US Rifle Can Shoot Around Corners 
  Asian Scientists Hone In On Geologist Berkland's Animal-Earthquake Theory
  Mars Weather - Snow, Dust Devils, Wind Confirmed
  Nanocircuits Coming Soon As Silicon Chips Near Theoretical Limit

  Freeze Or Fry - Physicist Predicts Solar System's Ultimate Fate
  Russians Discover Fossilized Life in Meteorites
 Why People Really 'Fall In Love' - Science Of Sexual Attraction 
  Chinese Doctors Hail Cancer Treatment Breakthrough
 Human Cell Immortality Switch Found - The End Of Death?
 Scientists Create Half-Human, Half-Silicon Chip 
  Valentine's Image From Mars
  Major Media Sneers At Chemtrail Controversy
  Ordinary Air Fuels Futuristic New Engine
  Scientists Create Mini 'Big Bang' In Lab - More Research Called For
  New Russian Reusable Space Launch Vehicle Disappears After Test
  Enzyme Lets Algae Produce Hydrogen To Use As Clean Fuel 
  Live Forever - Uploading The Human Brain...Closer Than You Think 
  Found - The Hibernation Gene That Could Send Man to the Stars
  Researchers Find Evidence Of 16th Century Epic Drought Over N. America
  NEAR Spacecraft About To Orbit Eros Asteroid
  Smart Cards Will Soon Contain Biometric Data
  US Seeks DNA Analysis Of 'Kennewick Man' Skeleton
  Asteroid May Hit Earth In 2022 

Stealth Aircraft - Nowhere To Hide
Pentagon Now Developing Teleportation - The Next Scientific Realm
Is An Asteroid About To Land On Our Head?
Lunar Lore - Eclipses Through The Ages
Tiny Video Camera Hooked To Brain Helps Blindman 'See'
Black Holes May Be Seeds From Which Galaxies Grow
Three Monster Black Holes Found Near Earth
Did Bacteria Survive Trip From Mars?
Britain Appoints Team To Save World From Asteroids 
Satellites To Stop Cars From Speeding 
Company Says It's Sequenced 90 Pct Of Human Genome
Extrasolar Planet Discoveries Raise Questions About Life
Has Dr. Randall Mills Discovered A Entirely New Unified Physics?
Scientists Find Glitches In RHIC 'Big Bang' Machine - Test Delayed
For The First Time, Light From Another World Has Been Found 
Human Cloning Hits A Natural Barrier
What Is NASA Up To? And Who Was Robert Monroe, Really?
Technological Wonders Just Ahead...
Cloning Of Frozen Mammoths Remains Elusive
Possible Life On Jupiter`s Moon Io: 'It's A Great Environment'

Dangers Of Creating Life In The Lab Cause Great Concern
Superhuman Computer Speech Recognition Breakthrough
 Another Costly Mars Probe Apparently DOA 
 Did Man 'Invent' An Animal? 
 Germany Bans 'Live Cell' Therapy That 'Holds Back' Aging
 Giant Planet-Wide Methane Explosion Theory Cited For Dinosaur Demise
 Hale-Bopp Comet May Have A Satellite
 Computer In A Speck Of Dust - Miniature Airborne Intelligence Technology
 Astronomers Prove Extrasolar Planets Are Real
 The True Story Of Laika The Dog And Sputnik 2
 Archeologists Make New Finds At Miami Circle
 Ever-Vigilant Wonder Dog Helps Keep Heart Patient Alive
 Underwater Structures Found Off Malta
 Amazing Vision Chip Gives Sight To The Blind
 NASA Rethinking Mars Landing Site Due To Surface Hazards
 A Chronology Of Major Space Accidents
 The Trashing Of Space - Orbital Pollution
 Tracking Earth's Mysterious Magnetic Field
 'Blood Type Diet' Meat Claims Demonstrate No Science
 Virginia Tech Prof Proves Waters Exists 'Out There'...
 Mars 101- What We Know About the Red Planet
 The Moon May Not Be Completely Dead

 Complete Frozen Mammoth Removed From Siberian Ice
 On NASA's 'Metric Mistake' Causing The Latest Mars Probe Loss
 NY's Giant Squid Unveiled But Its Living Peers Stay Hidden
 Well-Preserved Mammoth Skeletons Coming To Ebay
 FAA Investigators Probe Mystery Payne Stewart LearJet Crash
 Fed's 'Mosaic 2000' Program To Spot Potentially Violent Students
 David Irving's 'Nuremberg, The Last Battle' - Free Download
 The Ranch On The Edge Of Forever
 Never Too Old To Learn - People In Their 80's Sharp As 20's
 The Future Of Warfare
 Accidental Deletes Cost US Business $15 Billion A Year!
 Evidence Indicates Modern Humans And Neanderthals Coexisted
 Larry Flynt's Daughter Blasts Pornography
 Entire 32-Volume Encyclopaedia Britannica Goes Online For Free
 Major 7.0 Quake Shake So California - 100 Miles East Of LA
 Giza Millennium Bash Decried As Plot
 40% Of Americans Believe World Will End As Bible Predicts
 Ancient Metropolis Hidden Under Giza?
 Hitler's Mountaintop Retreat Gets New Information Center
 20,000 Dead In 1999 Earthquakes To Date
 California Quake 25% More Powerful Than Thought
 The Legend Of The Piri Reis Map
 Free Energy Maverick Dennis Lee Drawing Intense Controversy
 Ultra Orthodox Jews Running Drug Empire

 Metal Screw Found Inside Leg Of 2600 Year Old Mummy
 Explosive Japanese WWII Secrets Revealed - Hirohito's Gold
 Ancient Buried City Near Dallas...30,000-100,000 Years Old
 Hitler Suicide Bunker Unearthed
 China Executes Millennium Sect Founder For 'Satanic Activities'
 End Nears For The '99-Year' Century
 Telecom's Future With Flying Wings And UAVs
 2 Ton Alien Hairball In Oz - Holy Water On Moon - 7 Year ET Marriage Anniversary *ahem*
 Piercing The Gloom And Doom With Facts
 US Doctors Kill More People That Guns And Traffic Accidents
 Original Zechariah Sitchin Remarks On The 12th Planet
 Was There Millennial Madness In Year 999? Debate Heats Up
 The Real Legacy Of Christopher Columbus
 Theologian OKs Stock Deals For Catholics...Only If For 'Honest Profit'
 Search For Moon Water Comes Up Dry
 Looking Through Cats' Eyes - Pictures
 Professor Hopes To Excavate And Clone Woolly Mammoth
 Mars Lander Due December 3 - MGS To Relay Science Data
 Breakthrough - Machine Recognizes Words Better Than Humans Can
 Mission To The Moon - The Coming Silver Eruption
 NASA To Make Virtual Reality Maps For Airline Pilots
 Massive Planet May Lie Beyond Pluto
 Staggering Implications: US Scientists Use Computer To Watch What Cat Brain Sees
  Mysterious, Beautiful Egyptian 'Hall Of Records' Site Opens
 Neanderthals Were Cannibals
 Giza Millenium Pyramid Party Spectacular
 String Of Mars Failures Raise More Concern
 Lost Dead Sea Scroll Found?
 Old Spacecraft Makes Surprise Discovery 6.8 Billion Miles Away
 A PR Ploy Gone Awry - Hilton Not Planning Space Hotel

 The 'Ultra Card' To Hold One Gigabyte Of Data
 Cassini Flyby Wednesday - NASA Says Chance Of Re-Entry 1 In 1.2 Million
 The Lost Cosmonauts
 First Scientific Proof That Babies Listen From the Womb
 Mosquitoes Have Discriminating Tastes - Prefer Certain People
 NASA Launches Project To Install Internet Across Solar System
  British Scientists Claim To Inhale Plutonium 'Without Risk'
  Soap - From Pharaohs To Pompeii To Today
  Famed Geologist About To Be First Man Buried On Moon
  Experts Warn Of Space Junk 'Catastrophe'
  Oily Ocean Found On Mysterious Saturn Moon
  Gigabit Per Second Delivered To Desktop Computer
  NASA Moon Crash-Landing Experiment Fails To Show Water Vapor
  Who Needs Bionics? Recycled Humans Are Here
  The Bacteria That Changed The Earth
  Hawking Searches For Everything
  Computers One Billion Times Faster Coming...
  Tunguska Blast To Get Major Look 91 Years Later
  Scientists Teach Chimp To Speak English - 3,000 Word Vocabulary
  'Mozart Effect' Strikes False Chord
  Intact Mammoth Found In Siberian Tundra - Cloning Possible
  Total Solar Eclipse Said To Give Cosmic 'High'
  Scale For Asteroid Threats

  Crystal Computer Chip Uses Chemistry For Speed
  New X-Ray Vision Will Let Cops See Through Walls
  NASA Looks At Beaming Solar Power Down From Space
  Our Sun Has Its Own Seasons
  The Sight of Sound - Photo Of F/18 Hornet Creating Visible Shockwave As Air Cools! 
  Total Solar Eclipse Coming August 11, 1999
  Solar Eclipse Views From Cities
  NASA Cancels One Comet Mission - Announces Another For Same Comet
  Wrong Moves Can Be Deadly With Lightning
  Asteroids - The Solar System's Misunderstood Freaks
  JPL's New Deep Impact Asteroid Mission OK'd By NASA 
  Israel Archaeologists Find Rare 'Jesus Coins'
  Giant Meteor Explodes Over New Zealand
  Scientists Find Evidence For A Sixth Sense In Humans 
  New-Fangled Engine Uses Old Idea
  Father Of Neutron Bomb Says US Gave The Technology To China
  Two Huge Planets Drifting Alone In Space Found
  Swamp Safari Seeks Living Brontosaurus In Africa
  Building Detailed Map Of Human DNA Will Take More Time Than Thought
  Sharks Loathe Taste Of Humans - Study Suggests 
  US Scientists Believe Sound Can Power Engines
  Biological Computer Created From Leech Neurons

  NASA Said Misleading On Dangers Of Cassini Space Flyby
  NASA Hopes Probe's Moon Crash Will Reveal Water
  The Moon's Underground Shadow
  Britain Extends Ban On Human Therapeutic Cloning
  Eyewitness Account Of The Great Leonid Meteor Storm of 1833
  Thermoacoustic Source Makes Electrical Power Without Moving Parts
  Evidence Mars Had Vast Seas And Big Rivers Mounting Quickly
  Track Comet Lee Here:
  Hubble Telescope's Serious Deficiency - A 'Compulsive Liar' in Orbit?
  Trees And Plants Grow Up To 50% Faster With New Discovery
  Cassini Picks Up Speed Around Venus - Earth Next...August 17
  Is The Comet C/Lee Nostradamus' Comet?
  Leonids Coming This November - Big Show Expected
  Lava Tubes May Make Lunar And Martian Homes 
  Star Trek 'Warp Drive' Said Possible
  Why Size Mattered For Einstein
  Celestial Ice Cream Trucks - Comets Play An Important Role
  First Cloned Human Embryo Revealed

  What Happens When People And Lightning Connect
  Ray Gun Freezes Victims Without Causing Injury
  Return To Tunguska - 91 Years After The Big Impact
  Einstein's Brain Found To Be Anatomically Distinct
  Star 7500 Light Years Away Doubles Brightness In One Year
  When Worlds Collide - Velikovsky's Amazing Visions Of Planetary Clashes
  Theorists Predicts Life in Universe is Common, Waiting for Discovery
  'Flying Saucer' Model Uses Lasers As Energy Source
  World's Largest Bacteria Found
  NASA Is Testing A Laser Propelled Flying Saucer
  Pathfinder's Legacy - Opening The Doors To Mars' Past And Present
  Men And Women's Brains Are Much Different
  Montreal Company Produces Triplet Goat Clones
  Mystery Sounds Made By Meteors Said Explained
  Earth Set For VERY Close Asteroid Encounter In 2039
  Astronomers Discover New Solar System Much Like Ours!
  Link Established Between Solar Cycle And Earth Climate
  The Amazing Billion Dollar Gyro On Missiles, Satellites And Space Probe
  Pathfinder's Legacy - Opening The Doors To Mars' Past And Present
  Radical New Digital Technology May Revolutionize Communications
  Canadian Study Questions So-Called 'Gay Gene'

  Warning - Solar Flares May Cause More Havoc Than Y2K
  Martian Water - Definitely Bad For Your Health
  Do Big City Conrete and Asphalt Spark Thunderstorms (?)
  Gamma Ray Blast From Ancient Cosmic Cataclysm Detected
  Incredible - Brain Scans Turn Thoughts Into Words
  Race To Clone The First Human Said Underway In Earnest
  Our Solar System: A Sharp Contrast To Recent Finds
  Scientist Claims Cloning Can Be Fountain of Youth
  Cold Fusion Is 100% Real Says Physicist
  Cold Fusion - Ten Years Of Revolutionary Science and Technology 
  Stunning Evidence Of Ancient Egyptian Advanced Technology
  Scientists Say Collision Likely Ripped Moon From Earth
  New Genetic Plant Modification Technique Discovered
  2000 Asteroids Could Hit Earth - Only 200 Located So Far
  Hawking Predicts Genetically-Modified Humans
  Science Is Warming To The Idea Of Immortality
  Stunning Evidence Of Ancient Egyptian Advanced Technology

 Robot Pharmacists Filling Prescriptions Flawlessly
 Faking It - Where Science Goes Wrong - Ethics Eroding
 Secrets of Cherchen Man - An Unexpected 3,000-Year-Old Mummy
 Artifical Muscles To Be Used On Robotic Space Explorers
 New Pentium III Computers Classed As Supercomputers!
 Pocket DNA Labs Set Off Crime Scene Forensics Revolution
 More Big Asteroids Found - Many 'Too Close For Comfort'
 Scientists About To Present New Claims Of Life On Mars
 'Global Hawk' Tests To Australia - Awesome New UAV Surveillance
 NGST - Awesome Space Telescope 40 Times More Powerful Than Hubble
 'Sensational' Anti-Matter Discovery - No 'Mirror Image'
 Video Camera Watch Getting Fine-Tuning
 New 'FanWing' May Mark Advent of Silent Planes
 Testing Begins On 9,000 Year Old Kennewick Man
 Pure Oxygen To Be Produced From Martian CO2

Personal VTOL 'Skycar' Unveiled By CA Engineer
China To Launch First Re-Usable Space Shuttle In 2000
Expert Says Cloning Won't Improve The Human Race
Military Jets To Get Amazing New Vectored Thrust System
Venus' Fate Could Foreshadow Earth's Future
Danish Physicist Slows The Speed Of Light
Lots Of Lights In The Sky - New Planet Discoveries Proliferating
Navy Makes Acoustics Breakthrough - Super Sound Absorption
The Car That Drives You
Physicists Succeed In Creating New Ultra-Heavy Element
Mir's 'Space Mirror' Fails To Unfold - Experiment Put On Hold
Gene 'Flaws' In Society Removed Through Sex
18th Extrasolar Planet Found - Saturn-Sized With Similar Sun
NASA Scientists Say There May Be Life On Pluto's Moon
Wristwatch-Sized Cell Phones Coming
World's Smallest Web Server Fits In A Shirt Pocket
Mars Global Surveyor Finally Ready To Map Martian Surface
Surveillance Camera Footage About To Get A Lot Sharper
Spacecraft Reveals Major Features Of Eros Asteroid

Astronomers Actively Seeking Another 'Earth'
Life Began Deep In Earth And Oil Reserves Much Larger Than Known (?)
X-33 Metallic Heat Shield 'Ready For Flight'
Setback for Animal to Human Transplants - BBC News
The Earth's Ring of Fire And Plate Tectonics
Life On Earth Said 600 MILLION YEARS OLDER Than Thought
Reality Of Noah's Flood Scientifically Proven?
Saturn-Bound Cassini Spacecraft Develops Problem
Professor Gets Chip Implant - The Wave Of The Future?
Researchers Create a "Machine" From Strands of DNA
Superwinds Racing Through Universe Discovered
Hustler Features Canadian Minister Sheila Copps In Lewd Contest
Conversational 'Hints' Used By Airline Co-Pilots To Correct Pilots
German Historian Says Top US Firms Did Big Business In Nazi Germany
NSA Bans Furbys From Premises As Threat
Balfour Declaration Author Concealed Jewish Ancestry
NZ Scientists Discover Planet That May Host Life

Astronomers Find Two New Planets Around Sun-Like Stars
The US Space Command Surveillance 'FENCE' Revealed
Experts Estimate 125 Billion Galaxies In The Universe
Second US Mars Probe Launched From Florida
NEAR Space Probe Sends New Asteroid Pictures
NASA Describes Three Almost Catastrophic Close Calls
Many Other NASA Space Shuttle 'Close Calls'
First Evidence Of Writing 5300 Years Old Found In Egypt
NEAR Spacecraft Closing On Eros Asteroid - Will Orbit It Up Close
NASA Poised To Launch Two More Missions To Mars
It's Official - Earth Has Heart of Solid Iron
Russia Launches New Generation Missile
Japanese Clone 8 Calves From Single Cow
How Does The Brain Gives Rise To Consciousness?
Radiation Belts Around Earth More Dangerous Than Previously Thought
Stunning Images Show Mars North Pole With Thick Ice Cap
New Search Locates 29 Killer Asteroids
Through a Cosmic Lens - Universe Larger And Older Than Thought

Underground 3,000 Year Old Egyptian City Of Ramses II Found
The Force of Nothing - Zero Point Energy
GEODSS Allows AF To Track 12" Object 20,000 Miles In Space
Genetically Altered Supercrops Are Already Here
Study Shoots Down Myth Of Smoking To Lose Weight
First Robot That Can Sense And Show Emotion Being Developed
Navy Building Next Generation Unmanned (LSV) Subs
US Robot To Enter Chernobyl Concrete 'Sarcophagus' To See Damage
Military's New Robotic Planes Sniff Out Biowar Germs
First Embryos Of Big Dinosaurs Found In Argentina
Human Cells `Cloned' Using Cow Eggs
Leonid Meteor Storm Won't Stop Hubble
Ion Engine On Deep Space 1 Probe Quits 2 Million Miles From Earth
Groundwater Movement Of Radioactive Material Faster Than Thought
Scientists Learn To Manipulate Plants While They Grow
Cloning Moves Forward At Full Speed In Japan
Ancient Giant Volcanic Eruptions Discovered in Antarctica

Air-Breathing Rocket Engine Tests Successfully Completed By NASA
Insulation Burn Warning Fell Ignored By FAA 10 Years Ago
Solar EM Space Storms Will Disable Many Satellites In 2000
International Space Station Project To Launch On November 20
Swissair Cabin Temps Rose To 572 Degrees F Without Leaving Trace Of Fire
Israel Has 'Ethnic Bullet' - Bio-Weapon Could Target Arabs
The Earth Came Within Six Hours Of Obliteration On August 10, 1998
Scientists Grow New Thumb For Man - Organs 'Grown to Order' Coming
New Hard Evidence That An Asteroid Impact Killed Dinosaurs
Get This: Danish Scientists Develop Atom-Sized Computer Chip
Glow-in-the-Dark Genes From Undersea Animals May Make Tumors Glow
Cargo Ship Blasts off For Mir With Supplies and Giant Space Mirror
Russia Plans 'Space Mirror' For Lighting Dark Cities
Kinetic Energy Boost Phase Intercept Vehicle
'Brilliant Eyes' Space and Missile Tracking System
Successful Teleportation Experiment Brings Future Closer
Underground Seas on Jupiter's Moons - Under Pole Lakes On Mars?
Dolly Cloners Make Deal With US Company To Fight Mad Cow
Star Trek' Film Studio Helping Recruit Home Computers for SETI
Revolutionary New 'Radarless' Aerial Surveillance Technology Revealed
Russia and Belarus Pledge to Counter NATO Expansion/Strikes On Yugoslavia
Silent Weapons of Mass Destruction
Implants Can Now Allow Humans To Control Computers
New System Could Speed Warnings Of Giant Quake-Generated Tsunamis

Researchers Claim To Have Linked Gamma Ray Bursts And Supernovas
Mystery Illness Threatens Maine's Lobsters
Radio Waves From US Military Hardware Causing Trouble Overseas
Jupiter Moon 'Io' Laced With Volcanoes And Electricity
Massive Asteroid Said On Collision Course With Earth
Our Unknown Planet - Many Plant And Animal Species Unindentified
Scientists Learn To Bend Microwaves Around 90 Degree Corners
Insects May be Spreading Radioactive Contamination
Genetically Speaking, Race Doesn't Exist In Humans Says Researcher
NASA Explores Magnetic Levitation
Big Meteor Shower Coming November - Hundreds Of Satellites At Risk
Researchers Further Unravel The Mystery Of Cell Death
Ice Cores Show 90 Degree Temperature Rise In ONLY 50 Yrs 12,500 Yrs Ago
Vivid Close-Up MGS Photos Of Mars South Pole 'Inca City' Area
Deep Space Blast Disrupts Our Atmosphere

Physicist's New Fission Power Cuts Mars Trip From 3 Years To 45 Days
November Comet Dust Cloud And Meteor Shower Pose Threat To Satellites
US Snaps Up Tiny Flying 'Insect' Spy Invention Rejected By Britain
New Non-Toxic Compound Said To Destroy Anthrax Discovered
Researchers Say They're Closing In On Cure For Colds And Flu
Who Were The First Farmers? The Chinese? The Mayans? No...Try Ants
12th New Planet Outside Our Solar System Discovered
New Sighting Of 'Living Fossil' Coelacanth Intrigues Scientists
Feds Recruit 'Frog Force' to Find What's Killing World's Amphibians
Bell Labs Announces 10-20 Fold Increase In Radio Transmission Capacity
Amputee Gets Donor's Arm & Hand in Surgical First
Project Leaders Intend To Finish Mapping Human Genome Two Years Early
Speed Of Light Airborne Anti-Missile Lasers Now Being Built In 747's
Gravity Brings Asteroids Close To Earth

Discovery Of '10 Billion Gallons' Of Water On Moon To Open Development
Earth's Atmosphere Said To Have Shrunk 5 Miles In Last 40 Years
Is Gravity Broken? Back To The Drawing Board For Einstein?
Successful Anti-Matter Factory Set Up In Europe - 2,000 Atoms Per Hour
Deep Space Probes Are Not Obeying The Laws Of Gravity
Massive Black Hole Found At Galaxy's Center
Lunar Prospector Provides Bonanza Of Data On Moon
Even More Water On The Moon Than Thought
Mars Global Surveyor Still On The Job
The Shape Of Mars Missions To Come
Steering System Failure Blamed in Rocket Explosion
Study Says Estrogen - Not Testosterone - Makes Men Sexy
The Race to Clone the First Human Is On
Couple Pays $2.3M for Canine Clone

Hubble Shows We Are Only A 'Chevy' Of A Galaxy
Latest On Alleged Titan - Vortex Plutonium 'Disaster'
Humans Genes Closer To Dolphins' Than Any Land Animals
Greenland Meteorite May Be From Inter-Stellar Space
Galaxy IV Satellite Loss Explained - Tiny Space Crystals Responsible
Scientists Discover Brain's Remembering Mechanism
Fire Breaks Out At NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center - Extensive Damage
New Evidence Universe Will Continue Expanding Forever
Largest Group of Dinosuar Footprints Found in Bolivia
Pioneer 10 Phones Home - Most Distant Space Probe Ever
NASA Says 2 Big Asteroids Headed Toward Earth - In a Few Decades
Australia Debates Population 'Asianisation' And Huge Growth
Terminator Seeds Threaten 10,000 Years Of Farming History
Company Plans to Use Pig Livers On Critical Human Patients
Science Creating Self-Shearing Sheep - What's Next?
The Day The Dinosaurs Died
Devastating Win95/CIH Virus Set To Hit PCs On July 26
Top Scientist Says Micorbial Life Was Found On Mars In 1976
Astronaut Frank Bormann Clarifies Gemini 7 UFO Myth
Amazing Car-Boat-Plane Travel Technology Coming Soon
How Those Distant Extrasolar Planets Are Being Discovered

Japanese Clone Calves From Adult Cells - Humans Already Done?
Iowa Town's Meteor Blast Dwarfs "Armageddon"
8,000 Year Old Shoes Prove Cave Dwellers Were Well Heeled
Surprising Asteroid Discovery In New Region Of Near Earth Space
Huge Planet Discovered - Only 15 Light Years Away
Two Worlds Of Mars - One Warm And Wet - One Dry And Rocky
We Are 100 Million Years Overdue For Mass Extinction
Evidence Mars Cydonia Region Was Once Waterfront Property?
Frozen Water Apparently Discovered on Mars
US Cyber Law Chief Reports 'Substantial' Cyber Attacks
The End Of Aging - Average 140 Year Life Span Soon?
Scientists Discuss How To Warn About Asteroids Without Causing Panic
NASA Reviews 'Deep Impact' & 'Armageddon' - One Hit..One Miss
NASA Buys Powerful New Computers To Track Asteroids And Comets
Huge Comet Struck Earth Only 4,000 Years Ago

Hackers Tell Stunned Congressional Committee How They Operate
The Sphinx Is Back - 'He Is A Healthy Man'--Hawass
Giant Airships Due For Return After 60 year Absence
Mysterious Maps Found In Roman Ruins
Mars Surveyor Shows Major Water & Thermal Activity In Mars Past
The Great Galaxy 4 Satellite Pager Disaster
Arthur C. Clarke On Europa: 'I'm Beginning To Think The Unthinkable'
House-Sized Space Snowballs Said Raining On Earth
Biggest Explosion Ever Witnessed - 12 Billion Light Years Away
NASA Endorses Podkletnov's Anti-Gravity Research
NASA Rates 'Deep Impact' And Other SciFi Films
Asteroid Would Make Deep Impact Indeed
NASA And USAF Now Talking Asteriod Protection
Distant Galaxy Found - 12.3 BILLION Light Years From Earth

Building Materials On The Moon And Mars
8,000 Year Old Building Found Underwater Off Japan
New NASA Office to Focus on Asteroid Detection
New NASA Photos Of "The City"
Jim Berkland's 6+ Earthquake Prediction For Mammoth Mountain
Cloning Jesus From Blood Of The Shroud Of Turin?
Universe Discovered To Be Swimming In Water
Antimatter Power No Longer Science Fiction
Einstein Proved Correct Again - Time And Space Can Bend
Hubble Captures Turning Point in Star's Death - Our Sun's Destiny
Planet Explorers Tap Into Magnetic Fields For Power
Red China Heading To Manned Space Flight And Lunar Exploration
Latest Mars Surveyor Photographic Anomalies
We Could Have Stopped That Asteroid Anyway
Asteroid Now Said To Miss Earth By 600,000 Miles In 2028
NASA Says Its Calculations Put Earth Out Of Harm's Way
Huge Ancient 'Ocean' Discovered On Mars

Simply Looking At Something Affects It - Quantum Theory Demonstrated
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