NATO 'Firefly' - Black
Budget Stealth Aircraft?
By Graham M. Wilson <>
The craft is an equilateral-shaped triangle, each edge, from tip to tip, is approx. 184ft.
The 'Firefly' is one of the current generation of super-stealth aircraft, still part of the black-budget programme.
This is not the alleged 'HALO' product, which is a smokescreen designed to lure inquisitive researchers away from the 'Firefly', Warton are going to great lengths to keep ufologists interested in that facility and its craft.
Near silent in operational flight, near silent hover capabilities.
The underside lighting configuration is so designed as to give conflicting eye-witness accounts of the lighting and indeed shape of the craft, the three large circular red lights in each point can converge in the centre to form one very large red or white light.
The craft is fitted with various psychotronic devices, including certain beam weapons that can induce psychological and physiological effects on humans and animals alike, including pulsed phased lighting effects that can induce a fit, convulsions, or merely varied hallucinagenic states.
The disrupters, the sound weapons, can disoreintate individuals, this can then go on to cause physical displacement, and if the signals are strong enough, prove fatal.
I am informed that there are two of these craft in Europe in current operation, one is based at Boscombe Down, and shares flight operations with Macrihanish. The other craft is based in Germany. The USA have two craft, of slightly different configuration. The craft is manned or crewed by NATO personnel, it is believed all participating NATO countries supply flight crew. Flight simulators are located in the UK, Germany and the USA.
Graham M. Wilson (Chairman & Director of Investigations) Society for Paranormal & UFO Research

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