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When submitting, be sure your subject line reflects the contents properly. The subject line "hey!" or "article for U" doesn't tell us much. The subject line should reflect the submission, briefly.

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Note: When submitting a comment or rebuttal, address the author of the piece, not this website. We have absolutely no interest in attacks on us for doing our job. If you object to a piece, address the issue properly and stick to the issue. We will not entertain verbal assaults on or Jeff Rense personally. Don't waste our time. We deliver information and believe the reader has the intellect to determine what is and is not true for him/herself. Formal rebuttals and comments to articles are always welcome. Just don't shoot the messenger! If you don't like, we don't care. Keep it to yourself.

Submitting Articles/Stories:
All submitted articles should be attached Word files (.doc or .docx). This is best for converting to html. Please do not format your Word document with styles other than the basics, bold, italic, etc... -- keep it simple. Articles should be single spaced between paragraphs, font size should be 13pt. Leave the rest to us regarding formatting. Hyperlinks will be intact if you did them right in Word.

If you don't have Word, you can paste your article "in" the email body -- Provide all relevant information -- author, date, source, etc. Hyperlinks will not carry over as html in many cases, and we do not have time to convert all links manually. Keep this is mind if you are planning on submitting this way.

If you are submitting an original piece, you may submit as 'anonymous.'

PLEASE be aware that Jeff receives more than 250 Article submissions a day. Many are expressing information or views we have already covered, so be familiar with our current story line-up before submitting. Jeff cannot always get to all of these submissions. He does the best he can. If an article is selected for publication at, you will be notified, otherwise email correspondence back and forth will not be very likely. We simply don't have the time.

Submitting Images/Pics:

When sending images/pics, please size them properly! We generally have no need for images larger than 600 pixels wide. Using a basic graphics program, knock the resolution down to 72 dpi. If you have something larger, or cannot resize, email us first telling us what you would like to submit and special instructions on emailing will be sent to you. Never send movie files without first contacting us. If possible, send images one at a time, not grouped and not in .zip, .exe or stuffit (.sit) files. These will go unopened without prior written communication.

Chemtrail Pics: Please try to resize. We receive far too many images in LARGE size. 600 pixels wide is all we need. 72 dpi is all we need. Images larger than this will likely be ignored as they are time consuming to resize.

Submitting Forwarded Material:
Please do not place us on email-lists, email-groups, humor or joke generators or any kind of forum news emailers. We simply filter these out. If you want to forward an article to us, be sure it will NOT come as an 'attached document.' Test it by forwarding it to yourself first. Emails outside of this guideline will be deleted.

Submitting Artwork:
We welcome art submissions. If what you have is larger than 600 pix wide, let us know in advance. Make your subject line

Splash Screen Art:
Size to 600 pixels wide if you can and take the normal depth of our splash art into consideration. We will consider all submissions carefully. We will display the best of the best on our main page. Be sure to give us all pertinent info: artist, website link, email (if desired).

Spams & Floods:
Nice try, but we are able to filter out 99.9% of all incoming Spam and repeater email-bombs delivered by those who dislike our website. Sorry, Charlie! You're wasting your time.


We're intrested in your moans and groans, but if you're just going to rag on us... we won't read it. Intelligent critique is welcomed. Before making a complaint, read our

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