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(FOUR STARS) Vintage, Wonderful Steiger - February 19, 2007 Reviewer:Michele B "Dreamseeker" (Olympic Peninsula, WA) - See all my reviews. "Brad Steiger is one of a handful of writers in this difficult field who is able to keep a clear head, tell a great story, and inspire a person to think for him or herself. He has elegant common sense and is a man who writes very, very, well. Many people have borrowed his research and ideas and then written poor imitations of the original work. This is the real thing. If you haven't read this book yet, be sure to do so."

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A Seminal Work Republished, May 21, 2007

By D. Allen "Wolfman" (Sparks, Nv USA)

Reading through this book, it's hard to believe that it was first published nearly 30 years ago. The information contained within is very intriguing, and written in a form that has seem to be lost in the last two decades, a form which Brad has mad Brad a master in the field of research of the unknown...straight forward research journalism. Contained within are arguments which platform thesis of which have gained scaling reviews from academic science...proof that takes both creation and darwinism back to square one... that humans and advanced societies have been around far longer than any textbooks have supposed.


This is the phrase that open the forward, and has been pertinent with the treatment of this book by contemporary academia. At the time of it's original publication, it was one of two books that gave this topic a "serious" platform, the other being "Chariots of the Gods". The difference between this book and the works by Erich von Danikan is that von Danikan provided sloppy research and laughable conclusions that could be easily refuted by any layman. Brad's research, however is rock solid, and backed up by serious scientists. I a world where academia fights for grants, scientific prestige, and an unwillingness to change the information contained within textbooks, when unable to refute the evidence put forth within this book, all that "academia" could revert to was smear techniques, or outright denial that this book ever existed. Down through the ages, when any work has become so revolutionary as to outright disprove all that "science" has held as solid reality, the result has always been a call to ban or burn such a text (and let's be thankful it's not the middle ages, where such an author would have been burned at the stake as a heretic as well).

Contained within you will find evidence that humanity and advanced societies have not been around for merely 40,000 years, but perhaps millions. Evidence has been put forth that humans may have shared the earth with dinosaurs, giants and monstrous beings written in lore and the bible have a basis in reality, there is more than a good possibility that ancient societies knew about flight and may have produced flying machines, produced batteries and artificial light sources beyond torches, and we have had metal working techniques predating Greek and Roman civilizations. All are presented with scientific backing, and no theories of help from "little green men".

If you've ever proposed that civilization is far older than what the mainstream scientists have decreed, this is a must read. All evidence within is presented in a manor very difficult to refute, much of it provided with mainstream scientific data, such as geological strata. This book will cause you to question everything you learned in school.


Worlds Before Our Own - Review By Stephen Wagner

Evidence for a New History Stephen Wagner, the guide to Paranormal Phenomena, reviews one of the most famous of all books that detail the evidence of a history of the world before the current history of the world. That book is Brad Steiger's Worlds Before Our Own. First published in 1978, Worlds has been due for a reprint for many years, especially in light of new discoveries, and Anomalist Books has made this exciting book, as well as other Steiger books, available once again.