The Steiger Questionnaire
of Mystical, Paranormal,
and UFO Experiences

Updated April 22, 2005
This extraordinary survey has evolved to its present state from its beginning in 1967 as an effort by Brad Steiger to form a pattern profile of paranormally-talented individuals.
In 1968, Steiger developed the questionnaire further, and it became associated with the worldwide phenomenon known as 'The Star People.' In 1987, he combined elements from the research of Sherry Hansen, who had developed a similar questionnaire in 1970 as a counselor at the State University of New York at Stoneybrook. Both Steiger and Hansen found that their interviewees were often the 'helpers' here on Earth, and they found such individuals in all ethnic groups, all social strata, all occupations and professions.
The number of respondents to the questionnaire now number over 40,000, from nearly every part of the globe. Here is the current update [April 2005]. (Note - The questionaire is available elsewhere on this page.)
Religious/Spiritual Background
Protestant church background: 40%
Roman Catholic orientation: 39%.
New Age spiritual expression:12%
Judaism: 9%
Hindu: 2%
An "Eastern" religion: 3%
Other/Free Form: 4%
93% believe that their physical or spiritual ancestors came to Earth from some other world or dimension.
Marital Status and Family Support
Had parents who were sympathetic to the mystical, the metaphysical, the paranormal, or to UFOlogy: 22%
Parents violently opposed: 45%
Siblings interested in UFOs/paranormal: 58%
Siblings strongly opposed: 16%
Married: 46%
Married to a spouse interested in UFOs/paranormal: 29%
Married to a spouse strongly opposed: 9%
Divorced/separated: 16%
Have children who share an interest in UFOs/paranormal: 49%
Dream Scenarios
59% have had dreams or visions in which they were viewing a city or a planet made of crystal or diamonds.
48% describe being in a doctor's examination room with smallish figures examining them. [possibly an abduction experience]
58% state that since childhood they have "dreamed" that they were taken during sleep to receive special teachings in an unusual classroom or temple setting.
79% regularly experience flying dreams
64% have had vivid dreams in which they are in a spacecraft and viewing Earth from a perspective far away from the planet.
36% have memories of having been asked to eat a strange food during a dream.
39% recall having to drink a peculiar liquid that was offered to them.
53% experienced dreams in which they see Earth as it might have appeared in prehistoric times.
47% perceive themselves in dream scenarios as being an actual member of a UFO crew.
39% state that they have in dreams observed themselves coming to Earth as a Being of Light.
41% have dreams in which they who sense themselves encircled by smallish entities [perhaps suggestive of an abduction experience] .
39% have regular dreams or visions in which they are drawn aboard a UFO to receive counsel and instructions.
78% have viewed themselves in "biblical" times communicating with known religious figures, such as Jesus, Moses, Elijah, or one of the Disciples.
Mystical Experiences
94% have experienced a sense of oneness with the universe.
67% report an intense religious experience.
82% claim an illumination experience.
91% have experienced telepathic communication with another entity, material or nonmaterial, human or alien.
68% have seen a ghost.
72% have perceived the spirit of a departed loved one.
71% accept reincarnation as reality and have experienced prior-life memories.
83% believe that they have lived a prior existence on another planet or in another dimension.
91% report out-of-body experiences.
62% claim the ability to perceive auras.
68% have experienced a white light during meditation.
64% have been able to accomplish dramatic hearings of themselves or others.
41% practice automatic writing.
85% believe that they have received some form of communication from a higher intelligence.
69% have perceived spirit entities.
75% have experienced clairvoyance.
66% have made prophetic statements or experienced prophetic dreams or visions that have come to pass.
Interaction with Light Beings, Angels, and Guides
78% report the visitation of an angel.
77% reveal the manifestation of a Light Being.
52% feel that they have been blessed by the appearance of a Holy Figure.
89% are convinced that they have a spirit guide or a guardian angel.
83% admit to having had an invisible playmate as a child.
41% state that they once spotted an elf, a "wee person."
73% have perceived devas or nature spirits.
84% are certain that they have encountered alien entities
of an extraterrestrial or multidimensional nature.
Physical Anomalies and Elements in a Pattern Profile
Chronic sinusitis: 94%
Extra or transitional vertebrae:44%
Unusual blood type: 57%
Lower than normal body temperature:89%
Low blood pressure:71%
Hypersensitivity to sound, light, odors, etc.:84%
Swollen or painful joints: 83%
Pain in the back of the neck:74%
Adversely affected by high humidity:87%
72% have difficulty in expressing or dealing with emotions
96% experience a persistent feeling of great urgency to accomplish one's mission.
39% have survived a life-threatening illness.
54% have been involved in a severe accident.
69% have had a near-death experience.
86% are "night people."
87% have been told that they have unusual or compelling eyes
83% have experienced the "activating vision/experience of seeing an angel, elf, alien, Light Being, Holy Figure," etc. around the age of five.
81% have experienced a life-altering event around the age of eleven.



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