Brad Steiger's Rules For
Playing The Reality Game
By Brad Steiger
As I wrote in my book, Mysteries of Time and Space: "It may be that humankind has been invited to participate in a bizarre kind of contest with some undeclared cosmic opponents. We may have been challenged to play the Reality Game - and if we can once apprehend the true significance of the preposterous moves, if we can but master the proper moves, we may be able to obtain a clearer picture of our true role in the cosmic scheme of things. The rules of the Reality Game may be confusing, extremely flexible, and difficult to define, but play we must - for it is the only game in the Universe."
Through personal experiences, I have learned certain rules which I consider essential to helping me play the Reality Game. These rules have also become personal mottoes and guidelines for me, and I want to share them with you now:
1. In the Beginning was the Word, and the word was "Adjust."
2. Life is a series of intelligent compromises.
3. Most of what people believe to be absolute fact is really a matter of taste, opinion, or perspective.

4. That which you fear most and try to avoid will only rush after you. Face with it...before it attacks you from behind.
5. The striving is very often more important than the goal.
6. It is all right to use an occasional crutch - as long as you never mistake it for a third leg.
7. Learn to work creatively with your Ego.
8. In order to use good judgment, you must attempt to know yourself as completely as possible.
9. Letting the cat out of the bag is a whole lot easier than getting it back in.
10. What others call reality is not necessarily what is real.
11. Accept responsibility for your actions - good or bad.
12. Do the best you can.