"Brad Steiger's, REAL VAMPIRES, NIGHT STALKERS, AND CREATURES FROM THE DARKSIDE will certainly become the immortal Vampire book of all times." "And I am truly vampirised!" ... Karen Beals ~ September 2009
"This Book Has Real Bite! " As The Number1 Writer and authority in the world of paranormal research, Brad Steiger, now reveals to the world that real vampires are not just those immortal movie monsters. Nor or they just old Transylvanian mythic tales. "The Undead" and " Human Blood Suckers" do walk amongst us, and many do not have fangs or sleep in mud filled caskets. By this great work I believe the symbiotic relationship of the Nosferatu and the living is finally exposed to the light of day. ... Lisa Lee Harp Waugh, The Great american Necromancer ~ September 2009
In devouring my copy of "REAL VAMPIRES, NIGHT STALKERS, AND CREATURES FROM THE DARKSIDE by Brad Steiger," I realized that "This book has real bite!" It mesmerizes you from the instant you see the cover art.
This is the of course definitive book on real Vampires that we the living have been waiting centuries to read.
I actually believed through my personal Vampiric research and that by reading many vampire tales, books and articles over the years that I personally knew all the facts and the fictions there were. But Steiger's work has opened my eyes to a world of the undead that I never really knew or believed existed.
We, in the paranormal investigation field, assume that we actually know and understand everything about the undead creatures that prowl the shadows. When in truth we know we do not.
What funny mortals are we...
Of The Real Night Stalkers
I personally love the way that Mr. Steiger entwines informative personal views, accounts and reference material for this volume. The Creatures that haunt these pages are more flesh and blood then would or could be imagined. His depth as a writer, historian, researcher and cataloger expresses the understanding that only he can make us aware of.
Vlad the Impaler, Elisabeth the Countess of Blood, Jack the Ripper, the Zodiac Killer, Jeffrey Dahmer and actual interviews with modern vampires themselves. Those the real blood sucking sub culture of today. And least we forget the El Chupacabras and those midnight cursed humans, aliens and beast that roam the fringe of civilizations still. This Book does cover it all.
Some might relate to you that the book does come across as a text book as well as case book rolled into one. I am sure any student of the Paranormal or Vampire lore will not want to let this great work pass them by. The Key Points on Vampires is they always come back to haunt the living. But the how's and the why's have always eluded us until now.
My personal favorite tale is that of "The Blacked-Eyed Beings" This did set me on a new quest of investigation. It also sent a chill through my soul for I know now the deep truth behind the myth.
As for the artwork, this book is beyond compare. I would almost state that it could be a table book, from the artwork of the great Ricardo Pustanio. His works are so "alive". If I could only take the artwork from the book, and "blow" them up and put them on my walls as posters, I would feel like I was in my own little heaven. Great job, Mr. Pustanio!!!
Everyone, go and buy this book, read it, memorize it, hand it down to your children!!! This is a must read and must own best selling book for every library, a proud item to own.
Thank You Again Mr. Steiger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lisa Lee Harp Waugh
American Necromancer
Reviewed by Brent Raynes
Visible Ink Press
Brad Steiger carefully, thoroughly, and yet entertainingly examines the vampire legend from multiple levels of perceived reality in order to more accurately and potentially extract relevant data and to more meaningfully define the true implications behind such reported occurrences and states of being, ever mindful to separate fact from fiction in an attempt to better discern the proverbial and all important truth of such matters. A skilled author and a most knowledgeable, seasoned researcher and investigator of subjects dark and mysterious, Brad recounts for his readers reports of frightening encounters with what he calls parasitic spirits that may possess their human hosts, feeding upon their life force, and judging from the lurid descriptions of horrible crime scene murders perhaps even feeding upon the life essences of others. Brad assures us that the real vampire, the parasitic, shape-shifting variety, is nothing like the romanticized, seductive version of popular Hollywood fame. They walk freely in the light of day, crucifixes have no affect on them, and they don't offer immortality, only pain and death.
But as I stated, Brad explores other levels and categories of reality and perception with regard to the vampire phenomenon and legend. Besides spirit possession and encounters with presumed parasitic entities of various descriptions (and this book has some fascinating first-hand accounts), and exploring in detail the historical background behind ancient encounters with supernatural beings like Lilith, the Jinn and the Nephilim, Brad skillfully traverses with us through numerous other landscapes and scenarios.
While the main focus of this book is on the supernatural elements of such matters, we are also introduced to a subgroup of people within our society who call themselves "vampires," the majority of whom claim to feed on the psychic energy of other humans rather than using their blood. Brad also introduces us to porphyria, the so-called "vampire's disease," or Renfield's Syndrome, or to what psychologists refer to as a werewolf psychosis popularly called lycanthropy, to crazed serial killers who imagine themselves to possess a supernatural need to kill others, for whatever reasons.
Growing numbers of psychologists, psychiatrists and clergy though are recognizing that mental delusion, illness and psychosis does not fit the profile of all of these cases. Sometimes it's of a more inexplicable, supernatural character, and Brad has a lot of those stories, too.
Be sure and read his chapters Haunted by the Dybbuk, The Secondhand Sofa Came with the Spirit of a Vampire, Vampires from UFOs, Black-Eyed Beings, The Shadow People, and Multidimensional Mimics to further generate an extra little chill going up and down your spine! This book also has 90 illustrations and photographs. Some truly talented artists contributed some great artwork to this volume.
A true must read, though you might want to read it in the daytime rather than late at night on a full moon.
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Brad Steiger's Real Vampires
Friday, September 18, 2009
First, I have to say that, in my own opinion, this is one Brad's finest books - and for several reasons, upon which I'll now explain and elaborate.
There can be very little doubt that even the merest mention of the word "Vampire" conjures up imagery of either (a) the classic vampires of yesteryear as portrayed on-screen by the likes of Bela Lugosi and Christopher Lee (you know the ones I mean: they rather resemble pale-faced waiters in cloaks!); or (b) the latter-day vampires with whom Hollywood is so enamored and who resemble the offspring of some dark alliance between Marilyn Manson and TV's hottest Goth: the delicious Abby from NCIS.
As Brad is very careful to make abundantly clear to his readers, however, the cinematic vampire with which all of us are acquainted is - largely, at least - a creation of enterprising, enthusiastic and skilled screenplay writers, authors and horror-devotees. Separating the fictional vampire from the factual one, is a key aspect of the book - and a very welcome and informative aspect, too.
The genuine vampire, we learn early on in the pages of the book, is a far darker and ominous entity than anything Hollywood could ever throw at us - it is a predatory beast that stalks us by night; one that feeds upon the human life-force and drains us of emotional energy; that dwells in some darkened, elusive dimension of undetermined origins; that oozes negativity; and that has been using, abusing and exploiting us for thousands of years.
And, it is in getting this particular point across that Brad's book scores major points. Digging deep into ancient texts, manuscripts and tales, Brad acquaints us with the likes of the diabolical Lilith; with demonic entities of a truly black nature; with belief systems pertaining to the shedding of blood; and the way in which the vampire can (both metaphorically and literally) get its teeth and claws into us.
Brad also addresses what he calls "A Gallery of Classic Vampires," in which you will find much on disturbing characters like the notorious Elizabeth Bathory; as well as other vampire-style souls, including Vincent Verzini; Albert Fish; and John Haigh.
Of course, some of these were merely deranged souls - not literal vampires, in the sense we understand the term. However, Brad demonstrates that sometimes, those who we see as merely mentally-ill individuals drawn to drink blood may actually be the victims of something far more significant and sinister.
As Brad explains: "Many researchers believe that the spirit parasite can seize the controlling mechanism of the host body and direct the enslaved human to perform horrible, atrocious deeds. The spirit parasite might implant murderous thoughts into a host's mind, such as the desire to taste human blood, to slash a victim's throat, even to eat some of the person's flesh. After the crime has been committed, the vampiric spirit parasite withdraws back into another dimension of time and space, thus leaving the confused human being alone, charged with murder, while the true assassin has escaped."
Of particular interest to me, is the section of the book where Brad delves into the connections between vampires and werewolves - definitely a heady combination! Equally as parasitic as classic vampires, these hairy beasts of the full-moon are shown time and again as being entities that we would be very wise to avoid - both mentally and physically.
Real Vampires is also packed with insightful data on the history of blood-based cults; the way in which widespread hysteria can have an effect on tales and legends ofvampirism; those unfortunate souls afflicted by mental-illness and who believe themselves to be definitive blood-suckers of the night; ominous beings that feed on us - emotionally and spiritually - in our sleep; and the truly macabre Shadow People.
All in all, then, Brad Steiger's Real Vampires is a massively in-depth study of a phenomenon that is both ancient and very real; that is as dark and disturbing as it is misunderstood; and one that should not be dabbled in lightly.
They may not all resemble Bela Lugosi or Christopher Lee - and, unfortunately, they may not all look like Abby either. But, as Brad demonstrates time and again, the vampire is a creature of genuine, deadly and shadowy proportions.
Definitive and required reading for anyone wanting to learn the truth about real-life parasitic entities from the outer edge...
Another Great Review For Brad's Real Vampires