The Steiger Questionnaire of
Mystical, Paranormal, & UFO Experiences

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 The following questionnaire evolved to its present state from its beginning in 1967 as an effort by Brad Steiger to form a pattern profile of paranormally talented individuals, contemporary mystics, and/or spiritually oriented men and women. In 1968, Steiger developed the questionnaire further and it became associated with the worldwide phenomenon known as "The Star People."
In 1987, he combined elements from the research of Sherry Hansen, who had created a similar analytical questionnaire in 1970 as a counselor at the State University of New York at Stoneybrook. Both Steiger and Hansen found that their respondents were often the "helpers" here on Earth, for they spoke of being often sought out for advice and counsel by friends and strangers alike. Steiger and Hansen found such individuals in all ethnic groups, all social strata, all occupations and professions. Although these men and women expressed the feeling of being "strangers in a strange land," great numbers of them actively served in such helping professions as nurses, doctors, teachers, clergy, social workers, law enforcement, media professionals, and psychic and psychological counselors.
In 1993, Brad Steiger and Sherry Hansen Steiger fashioned the questionnaire that you now perceive. Over 90% of the approximately 30,000 individuals who have returned the questionnaire report having experienced a sense of "oneness with the universe." A remarkable 86% claim some kind of contact with other-worldly or other-dimensional beings. The greatest single commonality is a desire to be of service to the planet and to all of its creatures, great and small.
Thank you for participating in our ongoing research. Please feel free to write as much as you wish in response to the questions. (Your responses will remain completely confidential).


Age______ Sex___ Birthdate______
Date of Questionnaire Response___________


Zip or Postal ID #_____________
Place of birth________________________________
Education level achieved__________________

Marital Status____________________

Religious affiliation or spiritual philosophy___________________________

Ethnic background: Paternal_________ Maternal_________


Does any member of your family share your interest in subjects of a

paranormal nature?



Do you or any member of your family have demonstratable psychic abilities?



How would you characterize your relationship with your parents?



With your siblings?



How would you characterize your basic attitude toward life?



How would you characterize your basic attitude toward a Supreme Being?



What are your expectations for the future of our planet?



List your primary hobbies, the ones that give you the most pleasure



In your own personal research, what are your special interest areas?




Please tell us....


Your favorite reading matter ___________________________________________


Favorite types of motion pictures_________________________________________


Television programs___________________________________________________


Types of music________________________________________________________


Sports activities_______________________________________________________



Have you experienced any of the following?

Please indicate your age(s) at the time of the encounter(s).


An out-of-body experience_______________

A near-death experience________________

A life-threatening illness_______________

The death of a family member or a close



An altered state of consciousness,

such as that experienced under hypnosis_________________

A trance state_____________________________________

A deep meditative state______________________________


A psychological "peak" experience_______________________________

An illumination experience _____________________________________

An intense religious experience__________________________________

A clear answer to prayer________________________________________

The presence of the Holy Spirit___________________________________

A state of grace_______________________________________________

A sense of Oneness with all of life and the universe_______________________

The appearance of a holy figure, such as Mother Mary, Jesus, Moses, Buddha


The appearance of angelic beings___________________________

The use of hallucinogenic or mind-altering drugs_________________


The viewing of the human aura______________________________________



Past life memories________________________________________________

Feeling that you've recognized someone from a past-life experience____________

A dramatic healing________________________________________________

A dramatic healing of others_________________________________________


Seen a ghost______________________________________________________

A Deva or nature spirit______________________________________________

An elf or fairy_____________________________________________________

An entity from a UFO________________________________________________


Contact with a UFO being_____________________________________________

An abduction by a UFO being___________________________________________


Hearing unseen voices________________________________________________

Automatic writing___________________________________________________

Precognitive dreams_________________________________________________

Teaching dreams____________________________________________________

Warning dreams_____________________________________________________


Made prophetic statements that came true__________________________________

ESP with a pet_______________________________________________________

ESP with a wild animal_________________________________________________

Spoken in tongues or a strange language___________________________________


Communication with a Higher Intelligence__________________________________

Communication with an Unknown Intelligence________________________________

Communication with benevolent spirit beings_________________________________

Communication with disruptive spirit beings__________________________________



Were you interested in the paranormal, UFOs, and the unknown before

your initial personal experience occurred?



Have any members of your family or close personal friends had

paranormal or UFO experiences?



Were there any unusual circumstances occurring in your life before

any of the above experiences manifested?



Describe your emotions and any physical responses that you

experienced before the onset of your encounter



What were your feelings immediately after the experience?



Did you feel in any way that you underwent the above experiences against

your will?



In retrospect, would you now assess the experiences in general as having

a positive or negative effect on your life?



Please explain briefly your answer



Were any of the aforementioned experiences life-altering for you? If so,

in what way?



If you believe that you experienced "missing time" or "altered time"

during any

of the aforementioned occurrences, have you since received any memories of


may have taken place during those "missing" minutes or hours?



Do you believe that your mystical, paranormal, or UFO experiences were truly

physical, actually occurring in our finite, three-dimensional world - or

were the

encounters really mental/spiritual ones, taking place in a dream, a vision,

or an

out-of-body experience?



If you received communication from spirit entities, angelic beings,

or UFO occupants, do you feel that you were given any message or

information that should be shared with others?__________


If your answer is "yes," please briefly summarize the essence of that message.





Have you ever had dreams which contain any of the following scenarios?

Place a check mark in the blank in front of those descriptions that best

describe your dream experience.


___Meeting a deceased loved one and conversing with him/her.

___Receiving inspiration or information from angelic beings.

___Viewing a city or a planet that appears to made out of crystal.

___Being in an unknown doctor's examination room.

___Receiving teachings in an unusual classroom.

___Being able to fly, like Superman.

___Walking in a strange, unearthly terrain.

___Viewing Earth from a perspective that seems to be away from the planet.

___Reliving what seems upon awaking to have been a past-life experience.

___Seeing people from your present-life experience in what seems to

be a scene from a former lifetime.

___Drinking a peculiar, yet strangely familiar liquid, that an unknown

person offers to you.

___Seeing Earth as it might have appeared in prehistoric times.

___Perceiving yourself as a member of a UFO crew.

___Observing yourself coming to Earth as a Light Being.

___Being shown a strange, unknown mathematical formula.

___Observing unusual geometric shapes and patterns.

___Attending your own funeral.

___Having the sensation of being drawn aboard a spacecraft to be

given instructions regarding your mission in life.

___Watching yourself in what appears to be biblical times,

communicating with figures from that historical period.

___Visiting Heaven or a higher plane of beingness.

___Receiving a glimpse of hell.



Check only the items in which you believe.


___A Supreme Being

___A God of unconditional love

___A God of judgment and wrath

___A God who both rewards and punishes.



___An afterlife in Heaven

___in Hell

___time spent in purgatory

___a period spent in Limbo

___A spiritual plateau between incarnations and/or spiritual progression

or regression

___An astral realm

___A Summer Land where a vastly improved version of Earth life continues

___An afterlife created of our individual hopes, dreams, and memories



___All things eventually work for good

___Evil exists and one must be constantly vigilant

___It doesn't what we do, the earth plane is negative and destructive

___The reality of demonic entities

___Spirit possession

___Disruptive or negative entities





___The power of prayer

___The possibility of receiving direct communication from God

___The possibility of receiving communication from God through angelic beings




___The Akashic Records


___Channelled messages from the spirit world

___Earth Spirits

___Dream teachings

___The ability to channel healing

___Receiving valuable guidance from personal visions



___Extraterrestrial lifeforms

___Alien contact with humans

___A government conspiracy to suppress UFO information

___A secret government that works behind the scenes of our figurehead




___We are living in the End-Times

___We are living in an Age of Transition

___We are living in a time of Earth Changes

___We are living in a time that Native American Shamans call the

Great Cleansing



___There are several alien groups visiting Earth at this time, each

with its own agenda

___There are many secret alien UFO bases hidden throughout our planet

___Aliens from other planets have come to enslave us or to do us harm

___ETs are basically benevolent beings

___ETs are basically indifferent to us as individual entities and

have come to study us in an objective scientific manner

___Aliens have come to create mutants through a process of

interbreeding accomplished by their superior science



___The human species was seeded on Earth millions of years ago and

was assisted in its planetary evolution by alien intervention

___You, yourself, are a member of an alien species secretly visiting Earth

___You, yourself, feel strongly that you are descended from ancientastronauts

___You believe that your spiritual essence comes the stars, thus

making you often feel as though you are a stranger in a strange land

___You have experienced past lives on other planets

___You have felt since earliest childhood that you have a special

mission to accomplish on Earth



Place a check mark beside any of the difficulties listed below that

may have troubled you at some time in your life.


___Chronic sinusitis

___The sudden discovery of scars or marks from unknown or unidentified causes

___Unusual skin rashes

___A debilitating physical illness

___A severe accident

___Divorce--yours or your parents

___Abusive parents or family members

___Painful or swollen joints

___Chronic neck pain



Do you have any of the following?


___Extra or transitional vertebrae

___Very sharp eyesight

___Keen hearing

___Strong sense of smell

___Very low blood pressure

___An unusual blood type

___Rh negative blood type

___Hypersensitivity to electricity or electromagnetic fields

___The peculiar ability to interfere with or to disrupt the function

of electrical appliances

___A "normal " body temperature lower than the standard 98.6

___An adverse reaction to high humidity