Announcement: The AMC channel will repeat Fang vs Fiction three times Halloween Week: 10/27@2:45pm; 10/30@7:10 pm; 10/31@10:30pm [all times EST]
Therefore, all those who missed the thrilling special involving Brad Steiger sharing his vast erudition regarding werewolves, his old friend Dr. Gordon Melton disseminating his accumulated knowledge about vampires, and his new friend Linda Godfrey spooking everyone with accounts of werewolves in Wisconsin will have three more opportunities to view Fang vs Fiction.
Those who took delight in the special when it was first telecast on September 17 and 19 will once again be able to study the skillful manner in which the quotes from the scholars were interwoven with action scenes from the recently released motion picture Underworld.
And those who made the conscious decision not to view the special when it was previously telecast will have three more chances to avail themselves of this masterwork of Halloween Horror.
On July 20, 2003, Director David Grabias and Cameraman Clarence arrived at the Steiger home to film an interview with Brad for the television special "Fangs or Fiction." The special, which was shown on AMC (American Movie Classics) channel on September 17 and 19, was sponsored by Sony to promote their new horror flick "Underworld," which premiered on September 19. The motion picture portrays a shadow world in which vampires battle werewolves for supremacy. Brad, author of "The Werewolf Book: An Encyclopedia of Shape-Shifting Beings," defines both real and legendary werewolves for the television special.

{Photos by Sherry Hansen Steiger}



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