Reviews for Revelation: The Divine Fire
"This book has stood the test of time. It was groundbreaking when it first hit the world, and it is still groundbreaking today - because nobody has been able to surpass it. Brad Steiger aims at the heart of the subject and finds the Divine, the Higher Consciousness, the Universal Mind - call it what you will, but this book cannot be avoided if you search for truth. There are millions of us who cry out to know about our own connection to the greater universe and this book is not an option on the road to that knowledge - it is an absolute must." Philip Gardiner, bestselling author of The Serpent Grail and Gnosis: The Secret of Solomon's Temple Revealed.
"Steiger's 'divine fire' is something. . . which, from the beginning of recorded history down to the present, has communicated a revelation to man. [Steiger] is properly objective in his evaluation of the significance of such phenomena, setting forth the opinions of various scientific - or at least thoughtful - observers on the subject and, where necessary, synthesizing such opinions." Kirkus Reviews
"In the tradition of William James' Varieties of Religious Experiences we have an important collection of valuable data that should be read and considered by anyone interested in the pursuit of man, his meaning, and destiny. For me this book was an exciting adventure." Paul Severson, Fate magazine
"Steiger enormously expands the definition of revelation. . . . What emerges is an engrossing compilation of esoteric events reported by those experiencing them." Library Journal
"The message of this book - even if only partly true - is possibly as vital as [we] have heard from any quarter, and we are doubly blest that it comes from such a pen as Steiger's. Of the serious writers in the English language today he is one of a small company that can utilize a clarity of language to blend his deep insights of his material with a story-telling style that literally sweeps one along as an involuntary speed-reader. Having devoted a large portion of my life to the careful reading of technical material I found myself. . . racing along with the excitement of the story, and thus having to re-read whole pages that were too important for racing - they wanted some thought and some memorizing and meditating upon." Frank C. Tribbe, Journal of the Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship .
"When interview journalism works it crackles with an electric life that no other kind of writing can capture. Brad Steiger's Revelation: The Divine Fire is not just interview journalism, it is good interview journalism that has an immediacy of impact and breadth of overview that puts human flesh on the core of the New Age: revelation . . . The breadth of Steiger's investigation and the sheer numbers and types of revelators and students of revelation he has consulted is staggering. He has gone beyond the forms to touch the life-pulse of our age-- renewed revelation calling humanity back to the responsibility of love." Occult Trade Journal. "Since God spoke to Moses out of the Burning Bush on Mt. Sinai, priests, prophets, physicians, and laymen alike have sought to reopen that hotline to heaven. Through prayer, rituals, and the construction of stone altars in the countryside to cathedrals in city centers, these symbolic cell phone Towers of Babel have yearned to reestablish more open communication with the Creator. Now the foremost scholar on all topics paranormal, Brad Steiger, has reexamined the evidence for such striving from the mists of recorded history as well as interviewed modem-day clergy, scientists, and psychics that have reported direct contact with the cosmic consciousness of creation itself. What he discovered about the apocalypse - the unveiling - to come may well strike you speechless! Read this book again and again to rekindle that flame inside of you that desires to reconnect your whole body-rind-spirit to the ultimate revelation about the relationship between God, Man, and Nature." Dr. John Jay Harper, author of Tranceformers: Shamans of the 21st Century REVELATION: The DIVINE FIRE
A Biblical prediction says that "In the latter days, your sons and daughters shall prophesy." Brad Steiger has communicated with literally hundreds of individuals who c1aim to have received messages directly from God--or from spaceman, angels, "guides," or other superhuman entities. It would be easy to dismiss these latter-day prophets as deluded, but amazingly, their revelations all have an internal consistency, a common theme: a time of judgment is at hand, and mankind must change its ways to avert disaster. Moreover, contemporary housewives, businessmen, and "Jesus people" are experiencing the same symptoms of revelation-- a blinding light, a voice out of nowhere, an impulse to take on a new name and a new life.
On the track of the elusive source of these messages, Steiger examines the spread of glossolalia and faith-healing; the folklore of elves and leprechauns; the awesome cases where a revelator's body is briefly occupied by an outside personality; the mysterious "Elijah" tradition of the Bible that suggests that the great prophets (perhaps even Jesus) were possessed by a single entity; and the latest laboratory research into consciousness-expansion.
Revelation: The Divine Fire presents actual warnings, predictions, and messages from a wide spectrum of contemporary revelators. In addition, there are interviews and evaluations from a number of clergymen, scientists, and psychics who have met the Divine Fire.
The following review appeared in {March 24, 2005}. "Oakshaman truly caught the essence of the book and respectfully placed Revelation: The Divine Fire in its rightful "groundbreaking position in the literature of the field more than 30 years after its original publication:
Mankinds' dialog with a Higher Intelligence has never ended
When this book first came out in 1973 it was a groundbreaking work. It was perhaps the first to bring the idea of continuing communication with a higher power to the attention of the general public. Until this book, the unquestioned assumption was that all such communication had ended in biblical times- and that anyone who claimed differently was obviously mentally unhinged. This book ,however, made a detailed, painstaking study (with personal interviews and case studies) of people in modern times who had experienced the same symptoms of revelation (the Divine Fire.) Steiger interviewed a wide variety of people from respected scholars and churchmen, to everyday housewives and business men, to "Jesus people" and New Age channellers.
Then he examined the different types of contact and the different contents of the information recieved. He came to the conclusion that while some of the material seemed to come from conflicting sources, the vast majority appeared to be historically consistent in tone and content down through the ages- a universal theme coming from an outside intelligence.
As the book points out early on, why should we think that the era of divine revelation is over? The eastern religious traditions have never made such an assumption. In the Vedic tradition the canon has never been "closed"- it is accepted that valid revelation continues to this day. Only the modern (as opposed to the gnostic) tradition has slammed the door shut in the face of God. And this seems to have been done more in the name of social control and the protection of a bureaucratic heirarchy than for any valid spiritual motivation.
Thank you Andy Honigman and Fate magazine for reprinting Paul Severson's original wonderful review of Revelation: The Divine Fire (July, 1973) in their current issue (February 2007).