$20 Can Make All The Difference
Dear Rense Radio Family Subscribers...
We have never encountered more difficult, trying and dangerous times. The economy has been taken down, radio and media advertising dollars are vanishing, and we are being challenged as never before.
Your support as subscribers is the literal backbone of everything we bring you day-in and day-out, year after year. Without you, I hate to think where we would all be in terms of our access to the accumulated knowledge of TRUE history-in-the-making...and the wisdom so many wonderful guests and personalities bring to the program.
If each one of you, our wonderful subscribers, can somehow find the room to contribute only $20, we will be immediately lifted to a far stronger position to better serve you and the true patriots in our country.   It is not enjoyable to request support but the financial costs of waging the war for truth and reality is enormous and leaves us no choice.
We don't sell 'documentaries' and don't have a huge staff. But we do have YOU, the wisest, kindest and most well-informed audience in talk radio. Of course, $20 is impossible for some in these dire times, but perhaps others can can pitch in and help bring the average up.
Our archives now contain over 6,000 hours of extraordinary, unprecedented  information and we are quickly extending them back to our first program  in June of 1994.  These archives are truly the most complete portrait  of the most extraordinary times in modern civilization...and the takeover by the global elite which has been planning a one-world order for centuries.  
In this world today, when trillions are created out of thin air, every dollar we receive from you, every gesture of concern and care you can make, helps us stand against the enemies of our way of life and belief system.  We are ALL carrying heavy loads but true freedom does not come cheaply,  as our forefathers knew all too well.
You are the reason we are here...and why we will never bend to tyranny, treason, deceit and fear.
So, please help us sustain and grow by clicking this link...your support is truly crucial...or we would never ask. Thank you.
With every possible good wish in these incredible times... my very best to each and every one of you,

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