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Library Journal,
September 1, 1999

"...dynamic plot, mesmerizing ideas...Marzulli's book is the first, one hopes, in a thrilling new series."

It is very clear to me after reading through the reviews, "Nephilim" is quickly dismissed by those that want to believe their own innocent (and equally unprovable) ideas about UFOs... And it is loved by those that either simply enjoy good "fiction" or by those that have truly studied Biblical prophecy. Hmmmm... either way a book that is only loved or hated deserves to be read. In the case of "Nephilim", it unearths some possibilities that are intriguing.

I quickly dismiss the criticisms from the UFO lovers community because this book steps all over their romantic notions of UFOs. The fact that they hate it is all the more reason to read it.

For the Prophecy community, the more steeped in scripture you are the more slowly you will be apt to dismiss the theory surrounding the storyline. Nothing L.A. Marzulli comes up with in this book is able to be disproved by a soul on this planet.

Regarding the use of the Book of Enoch, don't be too quick to be offended... This book was found in the caves of Kumran along with the rest of the Old Testament books that sealed the near thousand-year gap from Christ's birth to the King James translation. It has massive credibility.

The Left Behind series has been excellent and biblically accurate reading so far. "Nephilim" goes one deep step further in attempting to answer the question that "Left Behind" seems to gloss over - how will those left behind be deceived regarding what really happened at the rapture?

Cheers Marzulli! For a first time effort, "Nephilim" is BRILLIANT!

-Jay Sever



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"...enough realism to keep me glued to my seat until I read the last page. I believe Nephilim will set the market ablaze!"

-Bill McGee - actor/director

"A very provocative scenario. It appears Lynn Marzulli has done his homework."

-Chuck Missler, author of Alien Encounters

"The truth is out there, and journalist "Mac" MacKenzie must find it. This is an XFiles-type story with demons masquerading as aliens. Marzulli is one masterful storyteller with a chillingly believable tale."

-Houston Chronicle, October 16th, 1999

A reader from Dellwood, Minnesota November 29, 1999
"I started this book on an airplane and when I landed 4 hours later, I couldn't stop reading. I actually read on the rental car bus! Marzulli does a great job of weaving religion, science fiction and wonderful writing style to keep the reader wanting. Many passages reminded me of Michner - especially the level of detail in describing surroundings. Character development was great and you want Mac to learn it all. A great surprise at the end. I hope there's a Nephilim II."
A reader from From Southern California November 9, 1999
"In reading this book, not only does it take you on a journey of a man (Mac's) personal inner battle,it also takes you on a journey for the reader to make a decision on how they feel about this hot topic Aliens vs God, and what really is the truth about aliens. L.A. Marzulli does a great job in weaving you through this thought provoking subject."

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