Rense 22nd Anniversary Fundraiser


It's hard to know where to start to express sufficient gratitude for having the privilege of presenting so much extraordinary information and newsmakers and fascinating personalities for over two decades. 'Thank you' doesn't come close.

The many who contribute to and the Rense Radio Network are some of the most talented, intelligent and wise people on the planet. Their contributions are truly as good as it gets.

We are requesting your help and support in our first fundraiser in years so that we can better fight an ever-worsening economy. Our costs, just like your costs, continue to escalate while we are in the midst of a growth and expansion of service to you. We are, for example, continuing to develop the Rense Radio Network as something you can tune into anytime around the clock anywhere on the planet and be seriously informed and even entertained from time to time...which we all certainly use more of.

We sincerly hope that you will be able to make a gesture of support to help sustain what we have built over 22 years and to assist us in elevating and the Rense Radio Network to ever higher positions of power and influence.

Please use the PayPal link below or, if you are using a Credit or Debit Card, use that handy link.

With our most sincere appreciation for your kindness and making your voice heard as part of our family in helping us to sustain and grow in these unprecedented and challenging times.

My best, as always...

Jeff Rense

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