Introducing The Finest Rife Research Instrument Yet
The BCX Ultra
And New, Advance Beam Ray Accessories!
Shift Your Frequency And Transform Your Life
By exposing disease organisms to highly-modified forms of their own unique frequency, viruses and bacteria can be eliminated by the millions leaving healthy tissue unharmed. Validated by nearly 80 years of research, this technology can be used for experimental research purposes on pathogens and other metabolic deficiencies like Arthritis, Fungus, Virus, Candida, Migraines, Infections, Herpes, Lyme disease, Depression, Kidney Insufficiency, Lupus, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Liver Congestion & many other conditions.

Physicists Kill Viruses With Rife's Genius - NO Credit Given

The Advanced BCX ULTRA Radio Frequency Plasma Ray Tube brings Rife- type radio frequency instrumentation into the 21st Century with unequalled precision and performance.
The NEW BCX ULTRA features -
** 1236 Pre-programmed channels for many common conditions
** 256 channels to program with your own frequencies
** Frequency plasma tubes with a range up to 50,000 hz
** Electrode delivery with a range up to 1,000,000 MHz
** An exciting range of Wave forms · square, sine, triangle
and more to assist with the advanced research



Learn how specific frequencies can help recharge your body by cleansing and strengthening your immune system. Balance your energy field to help bring in higher energies for body mind & soul. You may also charge your water, crystals, healing grids, your space and yourself.

Charge your body and cells with the right frequency and you can prevent disease. Why wait?

The BCX Ultra comes standard with handheld state-of-the-art Beam Ray Tubes, stainless steel foot plates for optional simutaneous use, and optional use hand cylinders



There is no finer frequency research instrument available than the BCX Ultra


The BCX Ultra Ray Tubes Versus Pads
The Importance Of Using Ray Tubes In Rife Frequency Research
1. Royal R. Rife always used ray tubes with his fredquency devices.
2.  The BCX Ultra Hand Held Ray Tubes complete the circuit by running through the body between the Ray Tubes held in each hand, thus guaranteeing that the frequencies flow through the entire subject.  
3. The Ray Tubes produce a much higher voltage than pad devices and push the frequencies far deeper into the research subject.
4. There is also the Magnetic Effect produced by gas-filled Ray Tubes (this can be tested) that especially - when used in conjunction with the radio frequencies (RF) - penetrates thoroughly into the subject.
6. Most people prefer the "soft" "energetic" "warm" feel of the glass tubes compared to the electrical bite felt from the stainless steel metal electrodes.
7. Many people report that the glass Ray Tubes 'glow and flow' has a relaxing calming, softening effect on their body.



Standard Included BCX Ultra Accessories

(2) RAY TUBES hand-held glass tubes, (2) Metal footplates, (2) Metal hand held cylinder and (2) Gel pads




Our Classic Hand Held Ray Tubes

BCX Ultra Hand Held Raytubes

(included w Standard Package)

Operate at a 100,000 hz carrier frequency
.Can be modulated 1 to 100,000 hz w any wave form (square, sine, etc.)
.Variable Intensity
Power - 30 watts maximum
Connects right to your BCX Ultra unit


Our New Double Beam Ray Tube
(Beam Tube- Plasma Carrier Modulator)

Generates Plasma discharge and minor Electric Field
Operating frequency: 1Hz to 4 MHz
Wave Form: (square, sine, etc.) Variable Intensity
Power: 125 microjoules/pulse (96 watts @ 4.00 MHz)
Phanatron Tube Connects right to your BCX Ultra
Cost: $2675

The Rife Vortex Ray Tube

More Vortex Ray Tube Photos


Operates at a 100,000 hz carrier frequency
Can be modulated 1 to 100,000hz with any wave form (square, sine, etc.)
Frequency range goes up to 50,000 hz
Variable Intensity
Power - 48 watts maximum
Connects right to your BCX Ultra unit
Cost - $1195


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Comprehensive Paper On Rife And His Instruments - 2011 (pdf)


The magnificent BCX Ultra comes with a complete manual of
experimental frequency recommendations, a highly-informative DVD,
and complete phone support with the experts when needed.


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Royal Raymond Rife

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