The Most Advanced Frequency Technology Available
The New BCX RF Plasma
Frequency Instrument
True Rife-Type RF (Radio Frequency) Technology
The Most Advanced Instrument In Its Field
Introducing an extraordinary new, fully-programmable RF
plasma energy research instrument.
A major breakthrough in frequency technology, the BCX 211 controller is built with the ultimate standards for the professional scientific research community and independent home researcher. This is NOT just another off-the-shelf frequency generator but is an entirely NEW solid-state instrument. The BCX 211 is the result of many years of intensive laboratory research and testing which truly brings frequency instruments into the 21st century with unequaled precision and performance. Hundreds of scientists and researchers have validated the effectiveness the BCX series you can participate and share in the same brilliant technology. The future is here. Now.
A Current Example - A Minister In Oregon With Lyme Disease...
"Three years and four months after being positively diagnosed with lyme disease I began treatment using the BXC 211 Ray Tube instrument.
At that point, I was finally (and thoroughly) disgusted with conventional medicine. In that three-plus year period, I tried one antibiotic therapy after another. Each would hold the line against the diease for a short time and then I would plunge back into illness. I suffered daily from migrating pain, depression, loss of energy, and other common lyme disease symptoms.
Ten minutes after my first treatment with the BXC 211, I felt something break up in the back of my throat. That was just the beginning of what I feel has been real healing.
Nothing else I have used has surmounted the blood brain barrier so effectively. I use the machine regularly and now, for the first time in four years, I have a calmness in my nervous system that doesn't leave me.
My symptoms are falling away little by little and my energy level has returned to normal. I continue to use some antibiotics as well as herbs and exercise, but the main weapon I trust against lyme disease is the BXC 211."
The BCX 211 Features and Capabilities
In a major advance over other frequency devices, the BCX 211 has:
* Qualified for official UL listing "544 Patient Connected" for researchers.
* Standard stainless steel hand cylinders and foot plates and also sticky pad electrodes.
* The ability to raise and sustain a 60 volt output, peak-to-peak, without using a transformer.
Note - Transformers cut out the high harmonics that are so essential to this technology.
* Innovative circuitry to produce a very rapid rise-time for harmonic-rich impulses.
* Memorizes your favorite frequency sequences so you can automatically run them anytime.
* Infinite push-button tuning with fraction of a Hz increments below 10,000 Hz and up to a 40,000 Hz capability. A researcher can therefore tune the BCX 211 to ANY frequency, or fraction thereof, for the most precise investigative work possible. This is also extremely important because of the many new proven frequencies now becoming available. Many other units are pre-programmed and will not allow you to select any of the new frequencies.
Important - The BCX 211 can also be used in a pulsed mode, if desired. It has been determined that pulsing is more advantageous for longer periods due to the subject's compensations during a non-pulsed or steady frequency input.
The BCX 411 Plasma Ray Tubes

The Newest In Rife-Type RF Powered Gas Tube Technology
For Unprecedented Efficiency
Now you can reach the maximum capabilities and potential in frequency with the most advanced gas plasma delivery system available. Our new convenient hand held RF (radio frequency) Ray Tube technology accelerates and maximizes the potential of energy research in ways previously unavailable.
The Plasma Ray Tubes are radio frequency (RF) powered which means your selected frequencies are 'broadcast' WITHOUT LIMITATION. The days of limited efficiency with stainless steel footplates and hand cylinders are OVER! Simply connect your BCX 411 via a 5-pin cable to your BCX 211 programmable controller and the frequencies are routed directly to and through the plasma Ray Tubes via normal radio frequencies. This extraordinary delivery system is unmatched and penetrates the entire target area fully and completely.
Gas Tube Technology
Utilizing only the finest technology, our Ray Tubes use only the most durable glass available and are filled with a select combination of five inert (noble) gasses arrived at after two years of intense research in the lab and in clinical venues. The difference in effectiveness between stainless steel hand and foot electrodes is profound, and has been proven in scores of trials and settings, including a major study in conjunction with a well-known Colorado sports team in a clinic there.
The radio frequency (RF) energy ionizes the noble gases into a plasma state. The RF energy then passes through the capacitance of the glass evenly and thoroughly, permeating the desired research area and far surpassing the performance of standard stainless appliances.
The RF energy is produced by an electronic circuit that derives its signal from a pulsed repetition rate within the audio frequency spectrum. This pulsed rate has been shown over many years to be of superior value much like the benefits derived from normal exercise. The circuit between the two glass tubes is completed by the researcher holding the two glass Ray Tubes.
Important Lyme Notes
Diligent research has proven that 1 million hertz (1 meg) of RF (broadcast radio frequency) is needed to deliver the selected research frequencies throughout the entire subject. That's exactly what the BCX instruments delivers. This kind of penetration is especially crucial in confronting Lyme disease where research frequencies must have enough energy to pass through cell walls and into the cysts in which the Lyme organism often lies dormant and/or hides.
Stainless steel foot plates and hand cylinders - while locally effective - simply do not have the penetrating power of our broadcast radio frequencies (which is what Dr. Rife used) outputted through our cutting-edge RF gas plasma Ray Tubes.
Again, the BCX spikes with OVER I meg of RF power every time, and that is precisely why our Ray Tubes are receiving such rave reviews and extraordinary results.
For years, we saw excellent results with our stainless steel pads (hand cylinders and foot plates) but when we developed and began utilizing the Rife-style RF plasma tubes, our results often became spectacular in far less time than usual, even with some of the most severe viral and bacterial issues.
We have actively been in the Rife research field for over 15 years now and have established a spotless reputation for integrity, workmanship and dedication to this invaluable field of exploration.
Each BCX RF Plasma Frequency Instrument (consisting of the BCX 211 and BCX 411) comes with a full 30-day money back guarantee and a full six month warranty on all parts and circuits. (Warranty does not cover misuse or inappropriate use of this research instrument.) We stand behind our products 100%.
Price of the entire BCX RF Plasma Frequency Instrument package is only $2695 (includes UPS shipping). Remember - there is no substitute for the best. And this is it.
If you are ill or in poor health, see you health care professional immediately. This device is for your own experimental research purposes only and may not be used to treat others. Furthermore, there is no substitute for a meat and dairy free, all-natural vegan diet. We suggest that unless you are willing to work toward such a lifestyle, full, long-lasting and vigorous health will not be possible.
The Greatest Scientific Medical Genius Of Our Age
Royal Raymond Rife

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