Ozone Water Oxygenation
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ClearwaterTech UV-275

The UV-275 ozone generator features a built-in air compressor for pressurized ozone delivery. Ideal for use in odor control situations and any low pressure water treatment protocol.
Dimensions: 10"H x 7.5"W x 5.5"D 7 lbs Electrical: 120V/60Hz, .5 amps Ozone Output: 1 gram per hour @ 10 SCFH on ambient air
This is the world's best small, portable unit to ozonate, purify, and hyper-oxygenate a glass or pitcher of drinking water. Just put the small output tube into a large glass of water for a few minutes and the water will be ultra-purified and loaded with oxygen. The UV-275 will also purify the air in your home or office quickly and efficiently, eradicating viruses, bacteria, mold, fungi, etc..

Ed McCabe, Mr. Oxygen on using Ozone and Oxygen to defeat disease and cleanse the body. (Edited from Ed's guest appearance on 11-4-04.)
"Why did oxygen come out as being the most efficacious, safest and best way to take care of your body, to heal your body, to prevent disease, to get rid of disease?
Because the viruses, bacteria, the funguses and the pathogens that cause all diseases are 'anaerobes' which means, simply, that they cannot live in oxygen-rich environments.
Oxygen is the most important thing in your life.
We're talking about all the ways to put oxygen into the body. And folks what we're talking about here is ACTIVE forms of oxygen. Not just regular breathing oxygen you get in a tank, that you put in a mask or you get into an oxygen tent for. That's great. Even, as you said, a hyperbaric chamber - which is like an iron lung or a dive chamber. You go in there, they put oxygen inside and they pressurize it so that it's forced through the pores of your skin into the capillary beds of the body and is then carried all around the circulatory system. That oxygen does wonderful things.
Another great way to get oxygen into the body is things like Jeff's favorite: Oxy-C, which is magnesium with oxygen bound to it. You take that, it's a powder and it releases oxygen right into your body...
There are two critical factors in the human body that are essential in terms of disease prevention and treatment of poor health. Number one is the buildup of toxicity. And what does the body do when it gets the oxygen it needs? It flushes the toxins right out. Number two is the buildup of anaerobic bacteria. In fact, viruses, funguses, pathogens, mold spores and yeast, all the stuff of disease and poor health, it's ALL anaerobic. All these things that are causing diseases cannot live in activated ozone/oxygen.
So, if you put oxygen in an active form, in an aggressive form (ozonated oxygen) into the body, what's going to happen? It's going to take care of toxins that cause disease. And then it's going to wipe out the things that are living on the toxins...all the microbes I mentioned... because they're primitive anaerobic microorganisms which die almost instantly in the presence of aggressive and high levels of oxygen.
How do we get the active oxygen into the body?... Basically, they are hyperbaric chambers, pushing oxygen through the pores. Then you get into supplements...we talked about Oxy-C... these are all 'home' supplements. In clinics around the world, people are getting treatments of pure unadulterated oxygen - O2 - turned into an active form, which is O3...the same thing created by the sun in the upper levels of our atmosphere.
That ozone/oxygen gets into the body and it simply eats up bacteria, viruses, funguses, pathogens and burns up all the toxins. On the spot.
You can also take ozone (from a UV-275, for example) and bubble it through water which you can drink, you can wash your vegetables with it and detoxify putrid water if you bubble it long enough.
Jeff: The UV-275 unit available through New Earth at the top of rense.com is a wonderful little UV ozone generator. It's used commercially for spas and hot tubs. But many people buy one and not only can they clean the air in their homes with them, but they'll take the little plastic tube that comes with it, stick it in a big glass of water, bubble the ozone/oxygen through it for 60 seconds or so, and then blow the top air away from top of the glass and drink that highly-charged oxygenated water. And what a cleansing jolt that is.
Ed: Yes, it goes right through the stomach walls, right into the bloodstream. It's a very safe and natural way to do it.
The whole point of doing this is to get your body clean. And once it's clean, how can the bacteria, viruses, pathogens, funguses or even cancer cells... how can they invade and cause disease if your body fluids are filled with oxygen, if your cells are filled with oxygen, if your muscles and your even your porous bones are filled with oxygen? The answer is, they can't!
Ozone/Oxygen is death to pathogens. And what do we do to purify water all over the world? They bubble ozone through the water! Now think about it: your body is 2/3 water. So a doctor said, wait a minute, what if we bubbled Ozonated Oxygen through the body's water? Wouldn't it sterilize it? Wouldn't it purify it?
And, indeed, that's exactly what it does!"

Helpful Uses For Your UV-275 Oxygen Generator

The UV-275 is primarily used to ozonate/purify and oxygenate drinking water and indoor air.  Oxygenation of the blood stream is essential for life and health...and drinking oxygen-rich water will help clean out mold, yeast, fungus, bacteria, virus and energize the body's cells.

Put the UV-275 plastic hose in a large GLASS of water and bubble for about 90 seconds and then drink the water.  Several glasses of oxygenated water a day are extremely beneficial.

The little square stone that fits on the end of the plastic output hose is a nice feature...an aerator...and diffuses, the oxygen gas into the water a little more efficiently. The water is good to drink or even use, as a vegetable wash for about 20 minutes after treatment.

Sterilizing Cuts and Scrapes.  Wash thoroughly with soap and water, dry the area and then use the plastic hose, to blow oxygen all over the scrape or cut for a couple of minutes.  This will disinfect and destroy nearly all pathogens instantly.

Air Purification.  To purify the air and kill mold, yeast and fungus it's best to place the unit up high, like on a book case, as high in a room as convenient and let run for 30 minutes or so..., longer if desired. The oxygen/ozone mixture will spread out down toward the floor and will clean the air in the room, and deal with mold, yeast and fungus in the carpet and wherever else it falls., If there is a small fan available, that will assist in spreading the ozone/oxygen out all over the room.

You can also plug in your UV-275 and place it right in front of a RETURN AIR duct in your home or office heating and A/C system while it is operating.

The oxygen/ozone will be pulled right into your system and will clean it and the air that comes back out into your home or office will be far cleaner than what went in and will be oxygenated as well.

There is no 'on' and 'off' switch...just plug the UV-275 in and it will work.

Suggest buying an extra lamp for your unit.  The lamp should be replaced about once a year with normal use of the unit.

Good health to you!

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Additional Bulb Information

Your UV-275 lamp will last for 1-2 years depending on the level of use.  As a general rule, we recommend replacing the lamp every 12-14 months to insure optimum output.  If you use your unit infrequently, we suggest replacing the lamp every two years.

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