An Incredible 80% Of The Magnesium Peroxide In Each Capsule
Converts To Oxygen And Goes Right Into The Bloodstream!

"I've been fighting my own medical issues and Oxy-C raises my blood oxygen levels when I have a crisis.
It brings my readings on mild episodes up to 99%! In bad episodes, it raises my blood oxygen up to between
96 - 98% for 20 minutes to two hours! This is.a phenomenal product. - CZ


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180 capsules per bottle

Proven For Nearly 100yrs - Discovered By A Brilliant German Scientist In The 1920s
Restores Magnesium To Your Body (Most people are severely Magnesium deficient)
Almost Immediately Begins To Oxygenate Your Blood - Major Energy Boost In Minutes
Greatly Enhanced Oxygen In The Blood Destroys Most Bacteria And Pathogens
Keeps Most People Regular As A Clock - Goodbye To Constipation!


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Here Is The Science...And The Results From Real People!

Advanced Activated Oxygen Technology - Oxygen is Life - the primary element for virtually all life on Earth. Oxygen permits proper metabolic functioning in the body, increased digestion, assimilation and elimination of waste products. Every cell of the body needs it to function. Plentiful oxygen provides for the strengthening of the immune system and is critical in all tissue rebuilding functions. When oxygen levels decrease within the body, an acidic, anaerobic environment is established within which bacteria, viruses, molds, and fungi flourish.

Oxygen deficiency can result in everything from low energy to life-threatening disease. Unfortunately, many people are seriously oxygen-deficient from sedentary lifestyle, poor diet, and numerous environmental factors and toxins.

In centuries past, there were vast forests that covered much more of the Earth than today and the oceans were healthy and teemed with life. The result was an atmospheric oxygen content of as much as 38%, This has been confirmed by deep core ice drilling, among many other techniques. The Earths oxygen levels today have dropped to 18% and even lower in many large pollution-choked cities. The result is a major increase in disease and ill health stemming directly from oxygen deficiency.

is a 100% natural oxygen-producing and releasing magnesium supplement. It has been derived and upgraded from the original formula developed by famed German homeopathic physician Dr. Eugene Blass in the early 1930s. Dr. Blass found that stabilized oxygen in the form of magnesium peroxide not only destroyed bacteria and viruses, but also fungi, protozoa, and parasites. His research strongly suggested that hyper-oxygenation of the body could also help the system purge heavy metals, chemicals, and a wide range of other dangerous toxins. Blass also determined that increased oxygen enhances the bodys ability to utilize vitamins, minerals, and amino acids from the food we eat.

German scientist Dr. Otto Warburg - who won the Nobel Prize twice - determined that the prime precondition for cancer is oxygen deficiency.

He stated flatly:


Cancer has only one prime cause...the replacement of normal cellular respiration with anaerobic (lacking in oxygen) cellular respiration. In other words, the more oxygen at the cellular level, the better your health.


Learn More About How
Important Magnesium Is

The Great Magnesium Scare
Hoax - Guess Who Profited?

Magnesium & The Nutritional
Treatment Of Heart Disease


Oxygen Is The Key To Vital Health!

 Real results from
real people...

I would like to order another bottle of Oxy C immediately. I ran out about a week ago and I am starting to feel the difference, everything from energy drain to sleepless nights and general waning health. I am even discernably more forgetful. I feel more laggish with my thinking, etc. Oxy-C really does make a wonderful difference when used on regular basis. When I don't use it, I feel the difference with ill health.
P.D. Phd
I am just finishing up my first two bottles of Oxy-C. I have extremely painful fibromyalgia and my pain has diminished by at least 80%! I could barely turn my head before...and now have almost complete mobility. Absolutely amazing. Please send me two more bottles of Oxy-C.
Thank you,
Carl C.

Please send me one bottle of Oxy-C. I have been taking your
product for over three years and believe in it 100%. I think it saved me from cancer.

MD, Washington
Please send me 3 more bottles of Oxy-C. I have tried lots of products but this is the best by far. My life has been very stressful to say the least and I ran out of Oxy-C before I was able to reorder. I want to feel good again, please send the 3 bottles as soon as possible. This is a GREAT product.
Thank you very much,

Please send me two more bottles of Oxy-C. I have NEVER had a product that provided me with so much help. I have a very low oxygen level. Oxy-C has helped to bring that up and my energy level has increased. I have run out of Oxy and can really tell the difference!

Please rush my next order for 180 caps of Oxy-C. This stuff really works. I recommend it to as many as will listen to a 61 year old man who, since a kid, has had problems with the 'inner works.' Talk about getting rid of pains, irregularity, etc. Besides that, the Oxygen and Vitamin C is a real energy booster while it is doing the gentle cleansing number.

God Bless you and your fine product.
Frank Mason, Jr

Magnesium Importance Far Greater Than Imagined - Vid

More Magnesium Slashes Heart Risk By 30% - Harvard Study

Oxy-C provides a simple, convenient way for everyone to substantially improve the level of oxygen within the body. This remarkable powdered magnesium has oxygen (02) and ozone (03) bonded to it through the use of Tesla technology. It's effectiveness has been proven for decades and presents an extremely efficient way to oxygenate the system, detoxify tissues, clean and improve digestion and elimination and rejuvenate health.

Magnesium is a superior carrier of oxygen and is also essential for proper enzyme activity to occur at the cellular level. Among the many benefits of magnesium peroxide is its multi-tiered approach to colon cleansing. Oxy-C increases bowel activity and removes old, impacted matter as it detoxifies and oxygenates your entire digestive tract.
Oxy-C is also unique in its oxygen/ozone process as the magnesium peroxide is actually broken down by the vitamin C in each capsule. An amazing 80% of the magnesium peroxide in each capsule actually converts into oxygen. This pure oxygen is quickly absorbed and taken into the blood stream.
Take Oxy-C with your favorite fruit juice for an even faster liberation of oxygen. Oxy-C is superior to psyllium and other fiber/vegetable products which simply push matter out through the center of a clogged colon and can weaken colon muscles.
Oxy-C actually breaks down and dissolves the hardened deposits built up over the years on the walls of the digestive tract. It is safe, gentle, and also will help keep your digestive tract free of toxins and pathogens. A clean digestive tract adds up to a major increase in the assimilation and absorption of vital minerals and nutrients which might otherwise pass right through the body. It is best to begin with two capsules of Oxy-C three times a day. Many people take more. Some take less, even just one or two capsules at bedtime. Experiment and determine what works best for you. An increase in bowel activity can be expected for the first few days or weeks as the digestive tract is purged of built-up waste. This will subside as you determine the correct daily amount of this extraordinary 100% all-natural supplement for your system.
Supplemental psyllium can cut down on the effects of loose stool created by the amount of oxygen released by the magnesium peroxide capsules.
Feel a cold or flu coming on? Try 3-4 capsules of Oxy-C three times per day and see what happens. Oxy-C can also be applied topically to the skin to aid in a wide range of problems such as acne, faster healing of cuts and abrasions, calming the pain and itch of insect bites.
It is even helpful in relieving the discomfort and symptoms of psoriasis and sunburn. Simply open a capsule or two, make paste with a small amount of water and apply it to the skin as often as necessary.
Oxy-C is the same as homozone but yields even more oxygen with the magnesium. Oxy-C is 100% safe and has been used by many women during pregnancy and nursing.
Though most of us are deficient in magnesium to begin with, it is not the magnesium that produces the primary benefits of this product. In fact. the high amount of oxygen that is released can easily be measured with peroxide test strips.
Oxy-C is many times more oxygenating than food grade hydrogen peroxide or oxygenated waters produced by 'liquid oxygen' drops. Furthermore, Oxy-C is far more cost effective and does not produce hydroxyl radicals in the body, which destroy cells as does hydrogen peroxide. The oxygen produced by Oxy-C reduces toxins in the intestines, which subsequently allows for far more oxygen to enter the blood stream and then to the rest of the body cells.
This wonderful product is also considered by many to be the best intestinal cleanser on the planet. The oxygen produced by it will break down old, impacted deposits on the inside of the intestinal walls which can result in a softening or liquefying of this material for a short period of time.
Oxy-C is best taken between meals, at bedtime, and the first thing in the morning. Find out why many consider this the most important nutritional supplement of all.


From Frances...
Thanks so much! My mother is doing much better and her oxygen level has gone from 86 or lower up to 93 or higher. She is 81 years old! No more wearing bottles of oxygen! Oxy-C !


Well, okay, I must now admit that I have now succumbed to something other than fresh fruits and vegetables, and the most holistic vegan diet possible - I am now taking Oxy C.

I just don't get sick because I don't allow myself to get sick...or, so I thought. I travel to any jungle of the world and just refuse to let anything catch me. However, when I came down with this sinus infection like I have never faced in my whole very long life...I felt as if I had let something slip with the 'miracle formula' of the healthiest, freshest foods in the world I was eating.

I waited 10 full days before I finally weakened and went to see my doctor (whom I really love but just feel I need to share what I am learning with him) and was given all the usual 'killer' drugs - antihistimines, antibiotics, and steroids - the strongest he had in his book - because, he said, "Joyce, you must be really sick or you wouldn't be in my office."

Unfortunately, the doctor's drugs just didn't do the trick - no medical miracles like I had hoped for. Then my friend, Jeff, sent me some Oxy C. I refuse to even take a vitamin but trusting his wisdom and experience, as well as being in confusion over what could possibly have gone wrong in my healthy life, I am taking them - have been for over a week - 8 per day.

First day, my sleep habits changed. I had forgotten that before the onslaught of the sinus attack I had been totally out of energy - for several months. I was sleeping 12 hours per day and had even been diagnosed with a dysfunctional thyroid. But the first day on Oxy C, I got energy back like I remember from my teens. I'm not kidding...I began began running through the house full of vibrant energy. I was able cut my sleep to 6 hrs per night for the first few nights, naturally. I then noticed that my sinus condition had gotten much better - whether Oxy C or miracle drugs I don't know. But the Oxy C continues...and the 'miracle drugs' have gone down the toilet.

- Joyce Murphy, Beyond Boundaries Research Expeditions

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