Raviv Cancels - Chamish
Releases More Rabin Information
By Barry Chamish

Tuesday, July 6 was supposed to be the first day of Shabak provocateur Avishai Raviv's trial for not preventing the murder of Yitzhak Rabin. The truthseekers of Israel were ready and thanks to radio and newspaper articles by Adir Zik and Nadia Matar, hundreds were planning to attend as witnesses. So the plotters cancelled the trial and rescheduled it for September first, same place, Jerusalem Bet Mishpat Shalom, same time 8:30 AM.
Those protecting Raviv and the murderers of Rabin think they can outmanoeuvre and wear down those Israelis who want the truth of Rabin's demise revealed. They are wrong. The issue of Rabin's murder and Raviv's role in it will never go away until all the questions are answered.
Every time those in charge of the coverup pull one of their stunts, I will release more sensitive information that I have previously held back because I lacked the full story. Last month, right after Tel Aviv Police closed the complaint jointly signed by twenty citizens on March 10 to reexamine vital evidence and, essentially, reopen the Rabin murder investigation, I released the hint: Peres, France. I did not elaborate. A French Jewish journalist published an accusation that Mitterand advised Peres about his own staged assassination plot early in his career and that Peres was more than merely fascinated by the details. The journalist noted that Shabak chief Carmi Gillon was in Paris the night of the assassination, he believed, receiving post-murder intelligence commands. The newspaper which printed the story came under such heavy attack that the journalist suspects he hit the scenario on the head.
Since I was missing complete documentation, I did not include this episode in my book Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin. However, I believe the French Connection to Rabin's murder is real and that if Carmi Gillon wishes that it wasn't, he had better, once and for all, explain what he was doing in Paris on the night of Rabin's murder.
In the wake of Raviv's trial cancellation, I'm angry again. This time I will release the bizarre army and personal records of Yoram Rubin, Rabin's personal bodyguard, whose lies to the police, Shamgar Commission and the judges at Yigal Amir's trial I recorded in great detail in my book, and by process of elimination of those who were in Rabin's car for his final journey, is considered the prime murder suspect by many of my readers.
I received Rubin's army records from a soldier and patriot. I can say no more. He explained, "I've never seen a military career like it. Nothing matches his later career as Rabin's personal bodyguard. Such a position requires an altruistic and courageous personality; someone trustworthy who is willing to put another person's life first for an average salary. Rubin's file describes someone else, whose life should have sent alarm bells ringing in the Shabak."
The Secret IDF File On Yoram Rubin
From 23/11/83 to 10/04/84, Yoram Rubin began his military career in a combat soldiers' course, eventually achieving the rank of Master Sargent. On 24/4/85 he was made commander of a riflery squad, not a high ranking position, nonetheless a proud achievement.
Then on 24/4/86, he was suddenly demoted to truck driver, a position he retained until after the Rabin assassination when on 26/3/97, he was reinstated as an infantryman.
This is part one of Rubin's career that doesn't make sense to my informant, as he explains: "Rubin must have done something incredibly wrong, though whatever it was is not in his official record. No infantry squad commander would voluntarily switch to truck driver. It's the lowliest and dirtiest position in the army and most of the drivers have names like Peretz and Abutbul, not Rubin.
"But that's not the real problem. No truck driver is going to become the prime minister's personal bodyguard. That doesn't ever happen, even in something like Rubin's case, where he had a lot of family pull in the security world. An infantry sargent demoted to truck driver would never be considered for such a sensitive post."
Part two of Rubin's story feels far more sinister. From March 1994 to April 1995, while Rubin was a truck driver in the Reserves, and Rabin's personal bodyguard in civilian life, he began taking unexplainable trips abroad. On 3/4/94 Rabin took a three day trip out of Israel, returning on the 6th. Then four days later, on the 10th, he took a two day trip, returning on the 12th. He took a four day trip from 22-26/8/94 and finally, from 14-16/3/95, he took a two day journey. This was his last trip abroad until Rabin's assassination six months later. But after Rabin's death, the trips began again, as we shall see.
The informant asked me to do a bit of investigating for him. He noted, "Very few Israelis can afford the luxury of a two or three day trip, let alone two of them in a week. This is nearly out of the question for someone on a bodyguard's salary. I have discussed this with a few trusted friends and we came to the conclusion that as Rabin's bodyguard, he accompanied him on foreign trips. But we don't know this for a fact. We'd appreciate if you could find Rabin's itinerary for these dates. If Rabin was out of the country, fine, Rubin has an explanation. If not, he should be made to give one."
This bit of research was a piece of cake. While Rubin embarked on his first voyage, Rabin was testifying at the Shamgar Commission Inquiry into the Hebron massacre. During Rubin's second trip, Rabin was in Tel Aviv addressing the Histadrut convention. During the third Rubin trip, Rabin was in Jerusalem cancelling a planned meeting with the Meretz caucus. And while Rubin was abroad for his fourth and final trip prior to the assassination, Rabin was giving a major speech to the Knesset, condemning Islamic terror in unbridled language.
Rubin took his mini-trips on business unrelated to guarding Rabin. On hearing my results, the informant said, "I thought so but I had to be sure. Whatever these trips were for, and they were not weekend vacations, why did they stop six months before the assassination and start again right after?
"My colleagues tried to come up with any and every explanation. Maybe he had a gambling problem and took three day gambling junkets? If so, why did he kick his addiction for six months and start again? Why would the secret service employ a gambling junkie to guard the prime minister in the first place? Did he have a lover abroad? Why fly to her twice in a week instead of just staying a week? Nothing worked. These flights form an abnormal pattern for a bodyguard, in fact for nearly everyone. He obviously wasn't paying for them, so who was?"
And now part three of the mystery of Yoram Rubin's life: the Peres continuation. After the assassination Rubin utterly lied to the Shamgar Commission of Inquiry into the Rabin Assassination. ( It seems Chief Justice Meir Shamgar gets to preside over all the juicy coverups). He testified that after the first of Amir's shots, he pounced on Rabin. The amateur film of the event proves he did nothing of the kind. The same for his testimony that Rabin helped him get up and the two of them jumped into the limousine. Rubin blundered just as badly on his supposed wound. He insisted that Amir shot him from above and that the bullet travelled from the elbow to the armpit horizontally, a ballistic impossibility. But Shamgar accepted every one of his lies, thus providing the basis for the coverup of the Rabin assassination.
Undoubtedly the Shabak and its Secret Service division, were well aware of Rubin's lies: so why did they immediately assign him to be the new prime minister Shimon Peres' personal bodyguard? And why would Peres be insane enough to trust the bodyguard who bungled away the life of his predecessor? And why did Rubin's trips start again? He took his first in nine months from the 5th to the 12th of January 1996, as the Shamgar Commission was preparing its deliberations. It was the first of 16 such journeys abroad from then until the IDF records stop on 28/5/98. The trips now were more frequent, 16 in two years and five months and bit longer, averaging 5-6 days in duration.
The informant notes, "Rubin had travel expenses rivalling the wealthiest businessmen in the country. Do you think it makes any sense for a civil servant in a sensitive security detail to be a jet-setter? I'll tell you what my people think: we believe he was receiving and depositing money for services rendered and for keeping quiet. And that's why we think Peres took him on as his personal bodyguard without hesitation. That's what we think." I will present Rubin's IDF records to anyone who wishes to see them.
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